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Bloom's Taxonomy & Webb's DOK

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DOK_Training. Depth of Knowledge ppt. Bloom's Taxonomy vs. Norman Webb's depth of knowledge. Webb's DOK Depth of Knowledge Vs.

Bloom's Taxonomy vs. Norman Webb's depth of knowledge

Bloom's Taxonomy | Common Core PARCC Assessments and Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK) | Bloom's Taxonomy and Norman Webb's depth of knowledge PARCC The Common Core Standards are the cornerstones of the Smarter Balanced and PARCC assessments, Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (scale of cognitive demand) and Blooms Revised Taxonomy (levels of intellectual ability) are the framework and the structures that will be used to evaluate students. Assessing curriculum, developing formative assessments, evaluation curriculum, and evaluation of students knowledge at the highest levels is being shared by two progressive cognitive matrices. Depth of knowledge, and complexity of knowledge is the heart of the more rigorous assessments being implemented in 2014.

Cognitive-Rigor-Matrix. Bloom's Taxonomy/DOK - Stought IRT. Bloom's