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WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species

WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species

BIOTIC The Biological Traits Information Catalogue (BIOTIC) aims to provide scientists working within the field of benthic community ecology with an additional tool for their data analyses. Biological traits information of benthic species contained in the BIOTIC database can be downloaded and linked to benthic survey data. This may allow benthic data to be analysed not only on a taxonomic level but also on a functional level. The BIOTIC database contains information on over 40 biological trait categories on selected benthic species, together with additional supporting information, including a bibliography of literature from which the information was obtained. We would like BIOTIC to be viewed as a first source of information on which scientists can draw when conducting a traits analysis on their specific benthic datasets. Recommended citation: MarLIN, 2006. Funders Contributors

The Seaweed Site :: information on marine macroalgae Marine Science Syllabus Ms. Nichols: Instructor Textbook: An Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life, James Sumich WCB/McGraw Hill 1999 Various supplemental texts, videos, articles will be utilized to enhance the course content. Field trips and laboratories will also be utilized to provide graphic examples of material presented. Course Overview: The oceans account for 2/3 of the Earth’s surface and are vital to the maintenance of life on Earth, as we know it. . This course will provide and introduction to the flora and fauna of the marine environment. Course Outline

Census of the Diversity of Abyssal Marine Life (CeDAMar) - Welcome to the deep sea! - Home Tree of Life Web Project Ocean Biogeographic Information System OBIS Search Interface v3.0 This interface lets you search seamlessly through all datasets that were contributed to OBIS, with criteria based on taxonomy, spatial and temporal extent, or physical/chemical oceanographic environmental conditions. For more information on OBIS check Home page. The Search Interface was made possible thanks to the contributions from Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab of Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA; from Instituto de Tecnología y Ciencias Marinas of Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas,Venezuela; from Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA; and from OpenGeo. Your opinion is important; please use the 'feedback' button in the search interface or the 'Contact' tab of the main menu to help us improve OBIS data and web site.

Encyclopédie des plantes Pour aménager un espace de votre jardin, nous vous proposons notre encyclopédie de plantes ou vous trouverez en détail toutes les informations utiles pour leur culture. Plusieurs milliers de plantes sont disponibles en consultation et mise à jour régulièrement; arbres, arbustes, vivaces, annuelles, bisannuelles, plantes du potager, aromatiques, etc. Recherche dans l'encyclopédie Les plantes par thèmes Top des recherches du mois Dernieres publications Lire aussi Les plantes aquatiques pour bassin d'ornement Posséder un bassin dans son jardin est une chose magique !

MarBOL:: Marine Barcode of Life Initiative Science en faits MarLIN - The Marine Life Information Network Instants NATURE