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VRay Advanced 3.20.03 for 3ds Max 2014-2016 x64 [ENG] 3ddd. Убил выходные, переработал свой плагин Profile трехлетней давности.


По сути, это расширение для свипа, представляющее собой наборы готовых профилей, но не совсем. Модификатор Profile добавляет к Sweep дополнительные возможности, такие как быстрый доступ к изменению размера профиля, его интерполяции и интерполяции пути, и просмотр текущего вида профиля. Работает в версиях: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (и выше, скорее всего.) Скрипт состоит из собственно модификатора и графической панели, которая может работать как со Sweep, так и с Profile.Судя по соотношению скачиваний и отзывов, обновление панели прошло удачно.

Sergo's script pack. Rappatools3.4 - 3ds Max Pro ToolBox. Jerry Ylilammi. Notice!

Jerry Ylilammi

The maps continue to be available here, but I’m not providing any support for them. They are open source and licensed under Apache 2.0. If you need another type of license for them please contact me via email. If you wish to have these maps on later 3dsmax versions than supported by existing binaries, I recommend asking somebody with 3dsmax SDK and few hours to spare, it usually doesn’t take much to recompile them. • Free and open source • Five new texture maps to 3ds Max • Noise, Wood, Tile, Distortion and Gradient Download binaries and source: BerconMaps_3_04. - best file hosting solution, with no limits, totaly free. Viewport Auto-Snap. Load AutoBackup File. Torrents. Log in. RefGuides for Max - Блог Хитрости 3ds Max: автоматическое выделение модификаторов в стеке. Понравилась статья?

Хитрости 3ds Max: автоматическое выделение модификаторов в стеке

Поделитесь: Гуру 3ds Max'а, Пол Нил, написал маленький, но шикарный и бесплатный скрипт Stack Tools, который я уже себе поставил для повседневного использования. Скрипты для 3D Max. Цитата Charlyxxx: Очень классный скрипт для любителей топологии, которые хотят делать отверстия правильным методом =)

Скрипты для 3D Max

Building Generator. To follow my progress on the script and view all changelogs, visit the cgtalk thread.

Building Generator

If you have feedback or suggestions for the script, don't hesitate to email me. Also, if you've found a bug, please email me a clear description of the error, as well as the settings you were using when the error occurred. Building Generator is a procedural building generator script for 3d Studio Max. The script will work in 3d Studio Max 9 SP1 and above. To run the script, click on "Maxscript-->Run Script--->Then click on the file. Windows 7 .max thumbnails в explorer - Форум Kstudio - 3dsMax Plugins&Scripts. Rus | eng Sweep ProfileСкрипт, значительно упрощающий работу с модификатором Sweep.

Kstudio - 3dsMax Plugins&Scripts

СКРИПТЫ для 3D MAX. CGPeers Beta2. Miauu's MaxScripts: miauu's Polyline. Miauu's Polyline allows you to create splines precisely with measurements and angles.

miauu's MaxScripts: miauu's Polyline

Now precision spline modeilng is easy and faster. Create splines using: - Ortho mode - it constrains drawn lines to the horizontal or the vertical- Polar Mode - it constrain your cursor movement into predefined angles - Freehand mode - create points without any constraints- Arc mode - create an arc that is a part of the current spline Use command line or dynamic input fields to enter coordinates and all other possible commands. Known Issues: In 3dsMax 2010, 2011 the measurements in the viewport will flicker. In 3dsMax 2010, 2011 Dynamic Input does not work. Miauu's Polyline ver.1.2. Miauu's Spline Deformer Soft Selection Preview. Плагины для 3D Studio MAX.

Houdini Ocean for Autodesk 3ds Max. Fragmentation Types. Untitled. Untitled. Para 3D V4. Plugins for 3dsMax 2015 - Stage Cracks. CG Daily News: script. Automap - VIZPARK. Mighty Instruments: software for procedural floor and wall textures.Mighty Instruments. Merge By Layer 0.4. Fill my bookshelves! - 3ds Max Script. Плагин IES Viewer для 3 D MAX » МИР 3D: уроки 3D MAX, 3d модели, текстуры, MentalRay, V-Ray. Max Scripts - VrayIES Пресетів. Скрипт Collect Asset » МИР 3D: уроки 3D MAX, 3d модели, текстуры, MentalRay, V-Ray. 6 script for finding and organizing missing textures in 3ds Max.

I guess for many people has happened to have problems with missing textures in their work with 3Ds Max.

6 script for finding and organizing missing textures in 3ds Max

Sometimes this occurs accidentally, in other cases can happen when rearranging files for better organization. This is also likely to happen if you get a file by email, which has not been properly archived. Whatever the reason, it is always annoying when you see the warning Missing External Files, when opening a file. It happens to me too sometimes and to save time from searching for each file, I use some scripts that I would like to share with you. Lost Textures This is the simplest of all the scripts and it just deletes all the missing textures from your materials. Change Paths Change Paths does exactly what its name means – change the directory which contains the maps for the project. File Renamer Interesting script by Australian artist Travis Williams, with which you can change the textures by simply entering the names of old and new images. Bitmap Collector. Введение в здании генератора Plus v0.106. Ads Tyson Ibele announced Building Generator Plus v0.106 for Max 9 SP1 and Higher is now available Features: -ability to create building shape from spline-ability to set per-floor splines to define the shape of each floor individually-ability to define wall facade width/density, height, floor-range-floors can be invidually previewed in viewport-buildings nodes can be given custom position input-"quick build" function allows for fast creation of building node tree please see an animated gif (3mb) showing the basic workflow involved to create a simple building, or a building with multiple floor shapes More info and discuss HERE.

Введение в здании генератора Plus v0.106

ProjectShowcase. Date Updated:: You can fast archive with projectshowcas and you can recall the scene visually archives.


Project Showcase your project is organizing a script. Creates visual archive for your 3d objects These objects quick and easy way back to the stage again able to place. we can put these objects align on any object in the scene. Random rotate and scale can do. These objects are able to place on the scene as VRayProxy or mentalrayproxy. Other Software Required: Honeycomb. Honeycomb is a free scripted geometry plug-in (for 3ds Max 9 SP1 and higher) that build procedural hexagonal tiles surface sorted in 4 shape types. Additional Info: The 4 presets surfaces (shown with offset, on the right): I think so the interface is intuitive,... ...but I made short video though.

Photo Studio Pro. Author Name: Thorsten Hartmann Photo Studio Pro (PS Pro) is a photographic exposure control tool for computer generated images. The tool is made of various mentalray shaders that are combined in a phenomenon. Since 3dsmax2014 Iray rendering is supported and Panorama renderings. The interface is designed to manage your exposure output. Sweep Profile. VRay Orthographic Rendering Camera Rig. Simple VRay camera rig to produce orthographic renderings.

Front, Right, Left, and Rear Camera positionsAdjustable Rig - X, Y, Z, radiusAdjustable Camera Settings to fit object in VFBTest Render button for preview. *.mat file to lower version. Author Name: Branko Živković. GTVFX-LIB_layerIsolate. Author Name: Gavyn Thompson Adds an option to your display quad menu to isolate by layer. Works with your object selection. Hides all layers that none of the objects in your selection belong to.


Camera Image Plane. Create Vray Camera from Perspective View. Author Name: Oliver Emley This is a script that will allow you to create a Max Standard Target Camera (Ctrl+C) at the click of a button. More importantly it will allow you to create a VRay Phycical Camera from prespect view at the touch of a button. Rapid Camera Pro. Rapid Camera is the max script that creates both the camera rig to ease camera animation process and provides an interface to control the rig animation parameters.Have free version! vCamhaxor v1.75. Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 x64 (English) ISO-образ.