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Augment | Augmented Reality for Sales Augment is a mobile app that lets you and your customers visualize your 3D models in Augmented Reality, integrated in real time in their actual size and environment. Augment is the perfect Augmented Reality app to boost your sales and bring your print to life in 3 simple steps. Your brand deserves the best. “We were looking for a good working AR app. Sign up to Augment Manager to easily add your own 3D models and trackers and create your own Augmented Reality experiences. Your 3D models can be exported from any 3D software : 3ds Max, Sketchup, Maya, SolidWorks, Cinema 4D etc... Try for FREE Augment is a powerful visualization tool for your sales, design and marketing team. Your team members can login in the Augment app and access all your 3D models offline. Learn More With Augment for Print, bring life to your catalogs, brochures, flyers, signages, business cards, magazine ads, virtually any print content. Check our plans & pricing. See Plans & Pricing

random This is a 3dsMax manager tool, preferably for Vray users, very useful for editing architectural models created with other software (eg. ArchiCAD) and fast scene setup. Very useful tools for Selection, Rendering, Incremental Rendering, Copy/Paste objects from other scenes, Material Replacer, Animation with Moving Objects, Exporting/Importing Vray Proxy with material and so on... Z MNG VR - The manager for working with Vray ScriptSpot | Your community resource for 3ds MAXScript or SketchUp Rubyscript Download All You Want Kstudio - Architectural Visualization » //game dev log of martins upitis: BGE Candy It has been a busy week with real life stuff, so I am not progressing very fast. Last 2 days I have been working on environment reflection mapping coordinates. Blender currently have only view-space reflection coords reflect(viewvec,viewnormal); and of course that is not nearly enough for a proper IBL (Image Based Lighting) setup. So first I implemented world space reflection coordinates so the environment texture is world oriented. Same mapping techniques can be applied not only on "Reflection" coordinates, but also on "Object" and "Normal" coordinates, which means that besides doing reflection and specular reflection, the environment mapping can also be used for texturing the object or doing image-based diffuse lighting. these are the 3 environment map textures: "sphere" or "angular" map "equirectangular" or "spherical panorama" or "Blinn/Newell latitude-longitude" map "cube" map All 3 of them does the same job, but with different results.

3dsmax Archives - Klaas Nienhuis Mapmax: gis for 3ds max. Raster maps and projections Mapmax is growing into a GIS toolset for 3ds max Openstreetmap in 3ds Max Make maps in 3ds Max fast with openstreetmap Instant configurator with 3ds Max and Creating a simple configurator can be automated with realtime 3D platforms Automated 3D model conversion Process your 3D models and get them in shape for new uses End user event 2013 – Part 2 This is part two of a two part series on […] End user event 2013 – part 1 End user event 2013 This year I had the opportunity […] 3D wood texture by Jerry Ylilammi: Berconmaps Recently I’ve created some images of a wooden chair designed […]

3d max plugins Ivy generator This is a plugin “grows” ivy on 3d objects. Just place the seed next to the model, click “grow ivy” and let it do the job. If you need it not to grow around some 3d models in your scene, just freeze them. RayFire Tool gives you the ability to fragment, destroy, demolish, wreck, break down, wreak havoc, blow up, burst, detonate, explode, shoot and do other similar things you have always dreamed of to do in Max. Vray scatter VRayScatter let VRay to generate huge amount of objects in array. Autograss A plugin that enables you to create photorealistic grass instantly. RealFlow This is most probably the best tool for creating dynamic fluids and soft bodies. SolidRocks This plugin optimizes the vray settings for “faster rendering times and higher quality”. Madcar A wonderful plugin that helps you rig and animate a 4 wheel vehicle in 3ds max. Ozone 4.0 GroundWiz FumeFX Thinking Particles Roof designer

A complete IOR list Here's a long list with ior values you can use when you create various materials and liquids and much more. This is a compilation of various ior lists scattered all around the web, so there may be duplicates in the list but they're there for comparison purposes and so you can pick either ior value that fits your specific needs. I hope this long list will be useful for someone.. Transparent materials Eye, Aqueous humor 1.33 Eye, Cornea 1.38 Eye, Lens 1.41 Eye, Vitreous humor 1.34 Glass, Arsenic Trisulfide 2.04 Glass, Crown (common) 1.52 Glass, Flint, 29% lead 1.569 Glass, Flint, 55% lead 1.669 Glass, Flint, 71% lead 1.805 Glass, Fused Silica 1.459 Glass, Pyrex 1.474 Lucite 1.495 Nylon 1.53 Obsidian 1.50 Plastic 1.460 - 1.55 Plexiglas 1.488 Salt 1.516 Metals Aluminum 1.39 Copper 2.43 Gold 0.166 Mylar 1.65 Nickel 1.08 Platinum 2.33 Silver 1.35 Titanium 2.16 / Magnus

Sunflow - Global Illumination Rendering System Blank3D Visualisation | Realtime 3D and Architectural Visualisation HoHa Camera HandHeld Hello. Here is another script for the community. I was looking for a good camera shake - handheld generator for 3ds max. Couldn't find any. So I decided to write a script to make that happen. ( Didn't we all? :)) What this script does is pretty straight forward: Make the hand held effect. This script can handle both Vray camera and Normal camera, both with target or without target. It support undo, and to delete all keyframe of the selected camera. You can also animate the camera first, then apply the shake in a time range within. Usage: Pick the camera - support Free & target Normal camera, Free & target Vray Physical Camera. It currently doesn't support camera animated by path constraint. Anyone who has any idea to improve the script, please drop me a line. Tested on 3ds max 2012. ChangeLog: Ver 1.2: Change the numbers from interger to float --> enable to make smaller changes to the coordinates. Ver 1.1a: Ver 1.1: Added a checkbox to make the shake on an Animation layer. titane357's Idea.