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For 3dsmax. TreePainter V2 par Clovis Gay - Tutos V-ray par Matt Guetta. Voici un script qui m’a tapé dans l’oeil direct, TreePainter!

TreePainter V2 par Clovis Gay - Tutos V-ray par Matt Guetta

Du coup j’ai eu envie de rentrer en contact avec son auteur, Clovis Gay, pour en savoir plus sur ce script. Pulldownit review. The things that are most important about this tool are that dynamic engine is not based on any other well known engines.

Pulldownit review

It means that Pulldownit doesn't depend on PhysX or Bullet systems but on its unique engine. Pulldownit dynamics system has its design based on "brittle" properties between segments (structural elements of mesh objects). To control those properties Pulldownit offers its users the "stress" method. After understanding how those "stresses" work users will be able to achive very realistic looking dynamics simulations.

"Shatter It" tab. Here the fun starts. Grabviewport 2.5 by Leslie Van den Broeck. Grabviewport. Author Name: Leslie Van den Broeck 03/31 Update2: Added a Nodialog option that uses the last settings .


Enable by shift+clicking the grabviewport button 03/31: Fixed camera Deletion with zdepth and fixed version check in some places 01/20: Fixed attempting to acces deleted scene object error. Cobwebs - JokerMartini. Cobwebs 3ds Max, Featured, Products, Tools Updated 5 months ago Image credits: Martin Geupel, Branko Zivkovic, Michael Haas, Yusuf ES, Of Shadow & Light Description Check out one of my latest scripts called “Cobwebs” which helps users created suspending cables, wire bundles, bag worm nest, and cobwebs.

Cobwebs - JokerMartini

Purchase Click the button to buy now for only $2.00. After payment you will receive an email with the download link within 24 hours. MAX - the plugin database for 3ds Max. Scripts OUTILS GRATUITS. MAXScript 101. Swift-Switch (Includes V-Ray and Mental-Ray Presets) *NEW UPDATE* available. .

Swift-Switch (Includes V-Ray and Mental-Ray Presets)

Check out My Blog. Autoweight 0.055 Tutorial. Downloads - blur-dev - Blur Studio API's, Libraries and Tools. Speechbot un script pour lipsync de morph. TopoRelax for 3ds Max. Mr Options Manager. Mr Options Manager adds support in 3ds Max for Unified Sampling, Progressive Rendering, IBL, Importons and Irradiance Particles, which are hidden string options.

mr Options Manager

The script enables you to save all settings into the file so you can load in a different session or send it to network rendering (except for IBL). A description of the features are available on the mental ray help file. 2013.2 changelog: - SSS2 shaders are now unhidden by default (3dsmax 2013 only) - Added support for IBL in SSS2 shaders (3dsmax 2013 only) - Added menu for easier access to mr Manager/iray Manager 2013.1 changelog: 3ds Max and a tool for unsupported mental ray options - Jamie's Jewels. [Mental Ray] Script pour options cachées. MAXScript et VrayProxy. Ce sera le premier tuto MAXScipt du blog!

MAXScript et VrayProxy

Rien de bien prétentieux, au contraire, juste une petite intro vous permettant de gagner du temps sans forcement « vraiment » apprendre MAXScript! La Manica Lunga Library, m’a donné pas mal de fil à retordre pour une raison simple, le nombre d’objets présent dans la scène. Du coup, je me suis servi de MAXScript pour automatiser les actions simples et récurrentes de la création de la scène. Un exemple simple, la gestion de l’affichage des VrayProxy. Avant de commencer la scène, j’ai placer un certains nombre de livres à la main, forcement c’est devenu compliquer de les sélectionner pour ensuite les afficher en box étant donne que l’option « bounding box » n’est plus accessible… Comme vous ne le savez peut-être pas, je viens du Web, et la productivité se résume parfois à réduire le nombre de clics pour accomplir une tache. Maintenant que vous savez comment ça marche, attaquons la création de notre script! Tips - Maxscript.

Changsoo Eun - animBoost. Back to home animBoost v0.8 What is it.

Changsoo Eun - animBoost

Sven Fraeys Portfolio. Generateur de vagues. Free Zbrush Hair to Spline's plugin for 3D Max. 'Wayne's Poly to Splines' 3D Max plug-in (Free) Link: Well as a personal thank you to all the zbrush users that were so positive about the mudbox videos and realised they are just as useful to them, and also didn't insult me or start ww3....

Free Zbrush Hair to Spline's plugin for 3D Max

sIBL-GUI. Standalone is better.


One unified browser that is independent of any particular 3d application's product cycle. One rich interface to create your lighting rig. That was Kel Solaar's vision when he created sIBL-GUI. Standalone applicationFor 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, ...Uses PUSH methods to setup lighting in connected 3d appFreely Customizable interfaceAutomatic Online UpdateOpen Source 3d programs are evolving fast, and so do their scripting languages. That's why sIBL-GUI is a standalone Python application, available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. However, a standalone application is always a workflow disruption. HDRI News. If you haven't seen Tim's Vermeer yet, go see it! It's about using technology to make great art. It's about persistence and plowing through an insane project one day at a time. Things every photographer and 3D artist can relate to. My friend Bob Groothuis, maker of the famous Dutch Skies 360 collections, actually played a vital part in this movie and was at the movie shoot in the Vermeer museum.

He talks about this close encounter here, and he shot this panorama with Tim and all the cast and crew. Bob's been very busy. PowerPreview: High Quality Nitrous Previews. This is an updated version of my PowerPreview script for Nitrous....Here's a preview pic of the GUI and a high quality nitrous viewport showing the great quality you can achive with Nitrous Here is a link to the full screen snapshot done with PowerPreview, the timelimit was set to 90secs, but it would have been perfect quality wise already after 30-40 secs...

PowerPreview The purpose of the script is to be able to create viewport previews in the highest Nitrous-rendering quality possible. Additionally the size of the preview is NOT limited to the desktop/or 3ds Max window size. There is a hard limit at 6400*6400 currently, but that is set in the code to prevent people from killing their Max sessions by dialing insane numbers in the resolution spinners. See more details below... 3ds Max Limitation: 3ds Max has to be the foreground application, otherwise Nitrous will stop refining the viewport progressively. Heavenly Pictures - Polygon Creator. The Scene Journal. Plug-ins. Tredistudio. Super Grid « Luis Llamas. Super Grid is the ultimate reference system, based on grid helpers. Super Grid creates new grids based on your sub-elements selection. Additionally, you can create grid based in point helper objects.

You can also define an offset, flip the grid, or define an auxiliary helper point to move the grid. Once you have created the grid, you can you activate it and your coordinate system will be aligned to the grid, and new objects will be created in the new system. You can also align existing objects to the grid. Script Creation d'arbre. KabooM-MassFx. KABOOM-MassFX. Teamwork – a MaxScript Video Tutorial by ZOA. Max Script - Affiche regles des tiers. Max Script - Affiche regles des tiers. PhysX DCC. This page is home base for all of our PhysX and VisualFX tutorial and sample files. After following these tutorials and working through the sample content, you should have a good foundation of how to author PhysX and VisualFX content. The knowledge contained here will provide you, the artist, with an expanded creative palette that allows for new creative freedoms to add new kinds of physical effects to your immersive projects.

These tutorials demonstrate basic and advanced techniques that can be applied to your game production. PhysX Clothing 3dsMax The clothing tutorials for 3dsMax guide you through navigating the new UI components, setting up basic and advanced assets, and exporting to a game engine such as Unreal Engine 3. PhysX Clothing Maya The clothing tutorials for Maya also guide you through navigating the new UI components, setting up a common character asset , and exporting to a game engine such as Unreal Engine 3.

Building Generator. AWF Tools. Your community resource for 3ds MAXScript or SketchUp Rubyscript. Divine Digital - Maxscript. Power Render Terminate.