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Augmented Reality

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Ray-Ban Uses Augmented Reality For Their Virtual Mirror - The Future of Ads. Online shopping is quickly becoming the way that many of us look for and evaluate various products*, but there has always been a disconnect between trying something out in the store and viewing it online.

Ray-Ban Uses Augmented Reality For Their Virtual Mirror - The Future of Ads

In my Augmented Reality Post, I suggested that watches could be one of the first products to benefit from a virtual showroom to help bridge the gap between viewing and actually trying out a product, but I’ve since found out that Ray-Ban is already using augmented reality to demo their products with the Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror! The technology behind the Virtual Mirror, called FIT3D Live, is made by a company called FittingBox, and according to them, they want to be “the driving force behind this digital revolution which will dramatically change the optical industry”.

They’ve also found a way to track your face without the need for an augmented reality tracking marker, so existing reference points (eyes, nose, ears) are apparently enough to place and move the sunglasses in real time. ModiFace Launches Personalized E-Commerce Platform For Beauty Brands and Retailers. Feb. 3, 2015 ModiFace Launches Personalized E-Commerce Platform For Beauty Brands and Retailers New personalized e-commerce platform dramatically increases social engagement and conversions with just a few lines of HTML code.

ModiFace Launches Personalized E-Commerce Platform For Beauty Brands and Retailers

We are delighted to announce the launch of an e-commerce platform that personalizes online and mobile beauty shopping. The ModiFace E-Commerce platform allows for an unlimited number of products and product combinations to be simulated on both model photos and user-uploaded photos. For example, a user browsing a brand's mobile app for the latest lipstick shades can quickly visualize the lipstick on a model image, and by taking a selfie can instantly see the same lipstick realistically rendered on her own image.

We spent nearly two years evaluating the impact of product simulations on e-commerce. Prettify yourself in Panasonic's augmented reality mirror. Katie Collins Staff Writer, The majority of the IFA tech show in Berlin is focussed on the here and now and what devices and products you'll be spending your money on today.

Prettify yourself in Panasonic's augmented reality mirror

Panasonic, however, is asking visitors to cast their mind into the future and has given them a vision of how their homes may end up looking. The "home of the future" installations are on some level a slightly tired concept, with manufacturers often using them as an opportunity to get a bit sci-fi in the name of looking progressive. But that doesn't mean they're not fun to walk around -- so I did, and this time it was Panasonic's turn. That vision Panasonic has for the future home starts in the kitchen, where all cooking will be controlled from a tablet and we will have cool trays like mini fridges for keeping left-out food fresh. Most impressive though is the hob that will (if Panasonic's correct) stir your sauces, soups and stews for you to stop them sticking to the pan.

Sony Announces SmartEyeGlass - Augmented Reality Glasses. Sony has announced a brand new product akin to Google Glass, called SmartEyeGlass.

Sony Announces SmartEyeGlass - Augmented Reality Glasses

These new glasses will provide the user with an in-built 419 x 138 resolution monochrome display to enable augmented reality. The current model’s display is only able to display bright-green, which may have people dreaming on the good-old-days of the 1980’s terminals. Sony has said that its wearable device could be used to get sports performance stats in real time, see hands-free building instructions and enable the reader to receive directions when walking through a city. There's a massive augmented reality mobile game, Ingress, going on all around you - Philly. Just two years old and already one of the world’s largest augmented reality games, Ingress has a dedicated following in Philadelphia.

There's a massive augmented reality mobile game, Ingress, going on all around you - Philly

You could walk the Art Museum area and not even realize it. Developed by a division of Google, the massively multiplayer, GPS-enabled mobile game is a competition between two ever-changing teams, the Enlightened and the Resistance. Here’s the basic setup: the Enlightened believe that exotic matter, or XM, being collected will benefit the human race, while the Resistance think that XM can be used to control people. The purpose of the game is to support either the Enlightened or the Resistance by collecting XM to perform tasks and capture portals. Portals are created by the players and are physical objects outside of the game. A “Portal Wreckers” player using the Ingress app in Philadelphia. Augmented reality conference returns to Dublin. Augmented Reality. The World's Leading Augmented Reality Platform. Mattel And Google Relaunch View-Master As A Virtual Reality Headset. Untitled. The Augmented Reality App By Zappar. How augmented reality will add value to our lives.

Comments (1) IF you’re hoping to get to grips with augmented reality this year, you could do worse than have a chat with Dr James Matthews, a technology expert at PA Consulting Group in Melbourn.

How augmented reality will add value to our lives

“It’s about enhancing your vision by adding computer-generated objects,” he says. “You see the real world on your phone or a wearable device, but there might be a virtual information marker overlaid telling you about a building or area.” Dr Matthews has worked with a number of PA Consulting’s clients on projects involving augmented reality, and believes there are several areas the technology could be employed for the benefit of consumers and in industry. Preview Art On The Wall With Curioos Augmented Reality App.

Unless you’re really committed to decorating your home with museum posters, acquiring and hanging original art can be a risky and expensive undertaking.

Preview Art On The Wall With Curioos Augmented Reality App

It’s hard to know exactly how a print or painting will look once it’s hanging on your wall, and sometimes you find out you don’t like something only after you’ve made a big mistake. Several companies, such as and Saatchi Art are seeking to alleviate such uncertainty with technologies like augmented reality — letting you choose an art work and see what it looks like on your wall. The newest entrant into this arena is Curioos, a marketplace where curated artists from 80 countries sell their original work to a worldwide audience with art-challenged walls. The marketplace, originally derived from a Tumblr, currently stocks some 5,000 original works. You can order art in a variety of sizes and on different media such as fine art prints, canvas, aluminum, and acrylic glass prints.

The Zesty Guide to Augmented Reality in Healthcare. By Sarah Ruscoe To look inside the human body and fully understand how our complex systems function is an incredible feat.

The Zesty Guide to Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Medical imaging devices have made it easier than ever to present anatomy in different ways to help implement solutions clearly and effectively. With the help of technological innovation in this field, our biology has become more open and accessible. But these images can only take us so far. Signal360. Augmented Reality Without The Glasses. Augmented Reality in Retail - Retail Month at Metaio. The real time makeup app. Wikitude - The World's leading Augmented Reality SDK. How are Brands using augmented reality to engage users and drive conversion? (London) - Masterclassing. At Blippar we work with a huge number of brands on a wide variety of campaigns, and often get asked by clients at the beginning of a project what its ‘success’ might look like.

How are Brands using augmented reality to engage users and drive conversion? (London) - Masterclassing

This does, indeed, seem a pretty important question with which to launch a partnership! That said, I often tend to flip the question back on itself; rather than success, it’s more crucial to decide a campaign’s unique overall aim. Is it to engage consumers or to drive sales conversion? After all, while engagement and conversion can be synonymous, other times their meanings can be quite disparate. Often, one has to come first. Four ways augmented reality will be coming to your workplace soon. Pulling the plug on Google Glass had to be a disappointment to many people, especially those who put their heart into the Glass Explorer advocacy program.

Four ways augmented reality will be coming to your workplace soon

But I wanted to provide some good news — a report from the field that augmented reality and wearable technology is still moving ahead at a breakneck pace, although in places far away from retail stores and the Consumer Electronics show. For the past year, I have been working on a research project for the US Air Force examining best practices on technology applications to labor-intensive manufacturing processes. InsideAR 2014: Welcome Keynote Thomas Alt & Peter Meier (Metaio) Virtually Mainstream: the state of Augmented Reality in 2015. The boundaries between Virtual and Augmented reality began coalescing in 2014 with ‘Immersive Media’ being thrown around as an alternative epithet. There was plenty of CG VR, but also a good deal of 360° VR Video that has been shot. Oculus have just announced Story Studio and have premiered a four minute film called lost at Sundance.

So keep an eye out for more immersive film making which is really going to take off in 2015. Oculus had an incredible year with a mind-boggling amount of commercial activity for a piece of unreleased hardware. We all had fun hoping and praying dev-kit 2 was going to be delivered on-time with all the VR projects that had been promised to eager clients. 2nd European Augmented Reality Marketing Conference And AR Business Ex. This Is Your Brain On Meta AR. Lockheed Is Using These Augmented Reality Glasses to Build Fighter Jets. A $100 million plane pulls up in front of you, ready for the final stage of assembly. When you're done, the jet will leave the factory floor for a life of cruising at more than 1,000 mph and dodge enemy missiles. So you'd better build it right.

Until recently, Lockheed Martin needed a team of technicians with years of training to wrench on its sophisticated machines. But now, in the advanced factory where the company is building the F-35, engineers are using augmented reality glasses and educational software that provide real-time visuals during the plane's assembly, ensuring that every part on the warplane is in the right place. Lockheed is collaborating with NGRAIN on a trial in which employees wear $700 Epson Moverio BT-200 glasses, transparent glasses with a front-facing camera that uses motion and depth sensors to overlay images onto the technician's working environment. Their software allows engineers to work 30 percent faster, and with accuracy up to 96 percent.

AR Glasses by Optinvent. Cambridge News - Augmented Reality technology can add value to our lives, 23 December 2014. Matthew Gooding Cambridge News 23 December 2014 This article first appeared in Cambridge News. Enterprise Gamification Consultancy - An Overview of Gamification in Recruitment. Standard job interview questions, used by many recruiters and managers, seem to be really ill fitted to predict a candidate’s future performance.

According to professor Allen Huffcutt from Bradley University, who’s been studying job interviews for the better part of the past 20 years, identified a number of problems with the recruitment process in general and the interview process in particular. In several blogs about the gamification score we talked already in length about how unrelated to facts today’s evaluation processes for employees are. But the problem starts way early, during recruiting. The future of next-generation user interfaces. The winning idea from our Project Innovation competition, The Time Machine concept, shows how we might interact with the car of the future – so what can we expect from tomorrow’s touchscreens, gesture controls and Brain Computer Interfaces?

© Microsoft Microsoft's intelligent assist technology, Cortana Imagine a world where you can hold a conversation with your car, or overlay the windscreen with an augmented reality display that shows alternative routes, hazards, speed limits and more. Aaron Daubney took this idea one stage further for his winning entry into our Project Innovation competition: his The Time Machine concept is a vision of an artificially intelligent car that draws on these technologies to tailor every drive to your lifestyle.

Part 2: The (augmented) reality of Google Glass on your Supply Chain. Written by Jacqueline Toms (pictured, right), Director Marketing Northern Europe hybris Google Glass is on the cutting edge of redefining the future for the omnichannel platform. Augmented Reality Retail - 2014 Year in Review. Augmented Reality - Katie Ann Wilson's Resources. Augmented Reality Chemistry Blocks. Augmented Reality? Marketing Directors looking for Innovation should start figuring it out - Mass Ideation's Blog. Holo be thy name: is HoloLens the future of augmented reality? At the Windows 10 event last week, Microsoft unveiled a surprising new product – HoloLens.

Microsoft HoloLens Closing The Gap Between Augmented and Virtual Reality. Microsoft has a long tradition of spicing up relatively dull product announcements with compelling tech demos, and the Windows 10 announcement was no exception. Problem loading page. Virtually Mainstream: the state of Augmented Reality in 2015. Augmented Reality Is For Real In The Enterprise.

Google Glass got the hype, but a system used by Lockheed Martin shows how augmented reality will charge ahead in the enterprise. The Potential of Augmented Reality - Barcinno. The word “Smart” is all around. Whether we refer to Smart Cities, Smart Factories or Smart Health Systems, it is clear that smart technologies are knocking more and more on our door. The promise: connectivity, efficiency and more information. Jan 26, 2015: DHL successfully tests Augmented Reality application in warehouse. The pilot's objective was to gain insights on the technology's benefits and limitations. For three weeks, warehouse staff in Bergen op Zoom was equipped with head mounted displays such as Google Glass and VuzixM100. The augmented-reality future of medicine. Holographic-technology-a-reality-1.1808780# Optinvent. Augmented Reality Technology Promises Breakthroughs In Education.

Will Augmented Reality Make Us Masters of the Information Age? An interview with Helen Papagiannis, Augmented Reality Specialist. November Fox ★ A Multi-Dimensional Augmented Reality Novel by Esther Bertram. 40 Ideas. Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms. Reality Has Changed. Microsoft’s HoloLens and what you need to know about the next wave of Augmented Reality. Microsoft Is Building Software For The Future Where Interfaces Fade Away. Satya Nadella's Got a Plan to Make You Care About Microsoft. The First Step? Holograms. Microsoft with HoloLens Aims to Attack Google and Samsung: All You Need To Know. Hyundai Augmented Reality RevealedMill Autoquip. Augmented Reality Retail - 2014 Year in Review. Epson Moverio Augmented Reality Glasses. AR for Beginners - What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality Products & Solutions.

View The Future. Wikitude - The World's leading Augmented Reality SDK. Augmented Reality Software and Solutions by Total Immersion. Augmented Reality Takes Off. Announcing the biggest Augmented Reality Hackathon... Six Augmented Reality (AR) products that could change the way we design and build. 'Where the Wild Things Are': MagicBook bringing augmented reality to books. Augmented Reality, Green Screens, and Writing Prompts - Oh My! Google Shelves Sales of Google Glass. The Smithsonian's New App Brings Museum Skeletons and Fossils To Life. Augmented reality Archives - TermCoord Terminology Coordination UnitTermCoord Terminology Coordination Unit. The Potential of Augmented Reality - Barcinno. Lyteshot Introduces Augmented Reality, Outdoors Games of Assassin, Humans vs. Zombies, & More.

About KIIROO - Cyberdildonics and Teledildonics. Qualcomm. Fleshbot Reviews the Real Touch, a Video-Synchronized Masturbator. Fleshlight Finally Made An iPad Case That You Can Have Sex With. RealTouch: Break all the rules without breaking any promises. RealTouch: Teledildonics As Designed By Former NASA Engineer (NSFW) Robots. The New Era. Living, working and investing in the robotics society ... - Andrea Forni. Sex Culture. Augmented Reality App - Augment. Augmented Reality: Where Are We? Pepsi Max Unbelievable Augmented Reality Bus Stop. An Augmented Reality Mirror Lets You Test Makeup Without Putting It On. Zuckerberg's 3 predictions for what social networks will look like in 10 years. The future of virtual sex is like nothing you've ever felt before. The World's Leading Augmented Reality Platform. Overview. Infinity Augmented Reality Concept Video. Preview: Magic Leap promises to take augmented reality to the next level.

Place IKEA furniture in your home with augmented reality. Augmented Reality: Get Creative With Your Marketing. Sight - Augmented Reality Short Film. Artemide AugmentedReality Video Guide. How to connect a Mobile App to a Product seamlessly. Deal Free Augmented Reality, Vieweet Tower Bridge, Online in Tower Bridge, London.