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Google creative lab & BERG develop interactive light interfaces. Dec 20, 2012 google creative lab & BERG develop interactive light interfaces at the beginning of 2011 BERG started a wide-ranging conversation with the google creative lab, around near-future experiences of google and its products. during the discussions with them, a strong theme arised. both companies became curious about how it would feel to have google in the world, rather than on a screen.

google creative lab & BERG develop interactive light interfaces

LEGO calendar by vitamins digitally syncs to google calendar. Oct 01, 2013 LEGO calendar by vitamins digitally syncs to google calendar LEGO calendar by vitamins digitally syncs to google calendar made entirely of LEGO bricks, the cloud-based calendar by UK design studio vitamins is a wall mounted time planner that syncs up with google calendar or iCal. coded using openFrameworks and openCV, all events and schedules are synchronized to an online digital agenda, as soon as users take a picture via smartphone. the system makes the most of the tangibility of physical objects, and the ubiquity of digital platforms, providing an interactive and tactile organizer for daily life. it works by sending photographs of the calendar to a special email address, where written software scans the image, searches for the position and color of every brick and then imports the updated data directly into iCal or google calendar.

LEGO calendar by vitamins digitally syncs to google calendar

Case studies (Berg) Google Creative Lab and BERG London carve interfaces out of light. The SMSlingshot. The SMSlingshot was a great success.

The SMSlingshot

We travelled around the whole globe, showcased and exhibited in well known galleries, big museums and little art fairs. Skintimacy, entre perception et intimité. Detours: Disney researchers turn houseplants into theremin. Augmented Reality Glove Lets You Use Your iPad Without Touching It. Microsoft Augmented Reality Concept Fuses Virtual World with Reality. Microsoft researchers have created a new augmented reality concept by improving how virtual simulations react in the physical world.

Microsoft Augmented Reality Concept Fuses Virtual World with Reality

The Kinect sensor is used in a process called Kinect Fusion, which allows projections of objects to react to different surfaces. Kinect Fusion is possible with the Beamatron — a device consisting of the Kinect sensor and a projector. It's attached to a spinning head in the ceiling and allows it to take detailed maps of physical spaces. This technology projects objects anywhere in a room and allows realistic movement.

It bumps into objects such as table, chairs and walls. It's now possible for virtual objects to interact within physical spaces like never before. In a video, Andy Wilson, Microsoft principal researcher drives a 3D image of a toy car around a room with a remote control. SEE ALSO: With Augmented Reality, Wallit App Assigns Virtual Walls to Physical Places Check out the above video for more details. These Guys Turned A Rock Climbing Wall Into A Big Video Game. Indoor rock climbing is a pretty excellent sport.

These Guys Turned A Rock Climbing Wall Into A Big Video Game

It’s great exercise, it works your brain, and you can feel yourself getting better each time you reach the top. But once you’ve mastered the fastest/hardest/most creative routes up a given wall, that wall becomes… pretty boring. Perhaps a massive, virtual chain saw heading in your direction will liven things up a bit? SimX Brings Augmented Reality to the Medical Field - TechCrunch Disrupt. Street-art. Murmur. Murmur is an architectural prosthesis that enables the communication between passers-by and the wall upon which it is connected.The installation simulates the movement of sound waves, building a luminous bridge between the physical and the virtual worlds.


There is a magical effect, a mystery in the way that sound waves move. Murmur focuses on this movement, thus creating an unconventional dialogue between the public and the wall. Collaboration. Augmented Structures / Frequency. Augmented bubbles as shadows projected on the wall. Keyfleas - Interactive augmented projection by Miles Peyton (@mlsptn) Created by Miles Peyton, first year student at the Carnegie Mellon University, Keyfleas is an experiment in interactive augmented projection.

Keyfleas - Interactive augmented projection by Miles Peyton (@mlsptn)

Inspired by the work of Chris Sugrue where light bugs crawl out of the screen and onto the viewer’s hand, Miles has used Processing and Box2D to create an augmented projection on the keyboard. As the user types, the “fleas” swarm around the pressed key, avoiding the letters. Miles describes the experience as “It’s okay if you feel something nibbling at your fingers.” Although I had several ideas for contexts in which an augmented projection could exist, most of them amounted to arbitrary particles careening across a surface. No poetry, no narrative. Revel: Programming the Sense of Touch. AIREAL: Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air. 3D Printed Interactive Speakers. This app turns your selfies into augmented reality GIFs. The future isn't filtered, it's chaotic – at least, that's the premise behind camera, a new app that launched earlier this month.

This app turns your selfies into augmented reality GIFs

Described as an "augmented reality camera", the free-to-download app lets you record video GIFs and layer colourful visual layers on top of the image. It's already built a steady following from its New York launchpad, where it was first conceived by internet collage community, which has close connects with other digital collectives like DIS and #BeenTrill#. "We were missing tools to gather pieces from our physical surroundings – like pencils and stones that you might have laying on your desk, or drawings that you make on paper," co-founder Nick Dangerfield told us.

AR[t] 1 by AR Lab. ROOM RACERS: Mixed Reality Gaming (Nov 2010 version) Karolina Sobecka. All the Universe is Full of the Lives of Perfect Creatures. In this interactive mirror, viewer’s movement and expressions are mimicked by an animal head which is overlaid on the viewer’s reflection.

All the Universe is Full of the Lives of Perfect Creatures

The resulting effect invites inquiry into issues of self-awareness, empathy and non-verbal communication. ColAR augmented reality colouring book. Apr 02, 2012 colAR augmented reality colouring book the ‘colAR’ application turns colouring book pages into custom 2D and 3D animationsleft: blank colouring book page, © bruce mahalski right: animation of coloured-in kiwi, © tech media network developed by the human interface technology lab new zealand (HITlabNZ), ‘colAR‘ is a computer program that transforms colouring book pages into animated 3D models. the project features a series of mini-applications, each dedicated to a particular colouring book whose printable pages are downloaded alongside the program. children and other users colour in the pages normally, but can then scan their work with a web camera. upon focusing in on a recognizable page, the program features an animated version of the coloured-in characters onscreen. the 3D scene can be rotated to be viewed from different angles. the developing team is comprised of adrian clark, andreas duenser, elwin lee, katy bang, and gabriel salas.

colAR augmented reality colouring book

InFORM dynamic shape display augments physical interaction. Nov 13, 2013 inFORM dynamic shape display augments physical interaction inFORM dynamic shape display augments physical realityall images courtesy tangible media group. Virtual gender swap with the oculus rift by beanotherlab. Jan 21, 2014 virtual gender swap with the oculus rift by beanotherlab virtual gender swap with the oculus rift by beanotherlaball images courtesy of the machine to be another. Glassified: An intelligent ruler with embedded transparent display. EyeRing. Digital Airbrush.

MAS S65: Science Fiction to Science Fabrication. Sensory fiction is about new ways of experiencing and creating stories. Traditionally, fiction creates and induces emotions and empathy through words and images. By using a combination of networked sensors and actuators, the Sensory Fiction author is provided with new means of conveying plot, mood, and emotion while still allowing space for the reader’s imagination. These tools can be wielded to create an immersive storytelling experience tailored to the reader. To explore this idea, we created a connected book and wearable. Pepsi brings packaging to life with augmented reality. We showcase a lot of gorgeous examples of packaging design on Creative Bloq, from just about every industry imaginable. Jaguar Concept Windshield Shows Off Augmented Reality in the Car. The self-driving car trend is gradually picking up momentum, but there are other game-changing innovations coming to the auto industry that have nothing to do with surrendering control of your car to a robot.

Jaguar Land Rover's new Virtual Windscreen concept wants to provide drivers with an interactive virtual display on the car's windshield, delivering a kind of augmented-reality experience. Land Rover's New Invention Lets You See Through Your Car's Hood. Image: Land Rover. This Augmented-Reality Sandbox Turns Dirt Into a UI. Developed by a team of researchers at UC Davis, these augmented-reality sandboxes let kids learn while getting their hands dirty. Photo: Rhys George.