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Author's Comment Yes, it IS a new comic, and not just an optical illusion! I'm so sorry for my months-long absence; I've been doing a ton of work for CollegeHumor as well as working a day job, so I've been pretty much swamped for 2 months straight. Luckily, I was recently able to leave my job to pursue internet funny pictures full time, which means I have time to get back to my comic! I'm starting at one per week right now, and hopefully I'll ramp up a bit as I get back into the swing of things. For Lack of a Better Comic :: Hip Glasses For Lack of a Better Comic :: Hip Glasses
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Online Diagram & Flowchart Software | LucidChart We've redesigned the entire diagramming process to make it as easy as possible. Make flow charts, wireframes, mind maps, and org charts. Try it now Sign up free Diagramming Software Drag and drop shapes onto the canvas to startflowcharting and mapping out a process. There's no learning curve with our free flow chart software—it's easy and intuitive. Try it now Sign up free Wireframes & Mockups From static wireframes to rapid prototypes, web developers can do it all with Lucidchart's wireframe tool. Collaborate with your client and design team in real-time to cut down on iterations. Online Diagram & Flowchart Software | LucidChart
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SciFi Now - The UK's Premier SciFi, Fantasy Horror & Cult TV Website Comics Download Uncanny Comics issue 2 right now for The Flash, Green Arrow, Jack Kirby and more Pamela Anderson didn’t kill Barb Wire after all, comic to return at Dark Horse Cinema SciFi Now - The UK's Premier SciFi, Fantasy Horror & Cult TV Website
Wonder How To » How To Videos & How-To Articles Wonder How To » How To Videos & How-To Articles Why You Should Be Using Less-Refined Sweeteners Instead of Brown or White Sugar 3:30 PM — As a species, our cells are designed to use sugar for energy. Is it any wonder that as humans evolved, we grew to love the taste of sugar? Nowadays, we're the victims of our own efficiency at making foods sweeter. Now that morbid obesity and type 2 diabetes are common issues even among children, many of us are trying to wean ourselves off the white stuff and seek out h ...more How to Make Milk-Filled Cookie Cups & Shot Glasses at Home
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Celestia: Home Welcome to Celestia ... The free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. Celestia runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Unlike most planetarium software, Celestia doesn't confine you to the surface of the Earth. Celestia: Home
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We Know Awesome We Know Awesome “That’s how I got started: Driving a golf cart, then golf got in the way.” – Bubba Watson via Engadget Subscribe to the Awesome
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Movie News Blog - Get The Big Picture - Movie News | Trailers | Posters Movie News Blog - Get The Big Picture - Movie News | Trailers | Posters It only seems like yesterday that Jason Bateman was starring in one of the biggest sequel turds of all time, Teen Wolf Too, and whose own career was seemingly destined to be the male Judy Greer in any and all big studio rom-com. Then came a little TV show called Arrested Development, followed by a few choice film roles and today we are talking about Jason Bateman, movie star and now director. While the director part may have been inevitable career choice (since he has directed quite a few TV episodes from various shows) and you can certainly debate how big a star Bateman really is, the guy has parlayed his career quite well. Bad Words, Bateman’s first feature film directorial effort, is a movie that after seeing the trailers, I felt I was going to like. I just didn’t think I would like it as much as I did.
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Top 5 Tips To Get Viral Traffic From Stumbleupon Top 5 Tips To Get Viral Traffic From Stumbleupon I am going to share my personal experience regarding stumbleupon with my readers and one thing I realize after using stumbleupon, that you must show patience in every aspect either you are going to develop a social media network or to derive traffic from various web resources towards your own domain. Lets talk about stumbleupon, SU is something very valuable especially for bloggers to get viral and quality traffic towards their blogs and one thing I noticed that a number of bloggers are very impatient deriving traffic and use illegal ways. Here are the top ten highly impressive and valuable tips that I uses in stumbleupon to get a considerable number of visitors daily. 1.
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Holytaco Holytaco An Open Letter to the Wendy’s That Made Me Violently Ill Dear Wendy’s, I want to start by letting you know I understand. I do.
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Adventure Time Vlogs: Fionna and Cake Nash: WTFIWWY Live: Midvale School for the Gifted Diamanda Hagan: Hagan Reviews - Prelude to Season 5 Brad: I, Frankenstein and The Nut Job That Guy With The Glasses That Guy With The Glasses
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In every era in recent times there has been one profession that for a short while you could enter without formal training. Autodidacts in the 19th century could read the law without recourse to formal education (see Abe Lincoln). In the early 20th century it was aviation. For a short while in the 1980s and early 1990s, it was computing, thanks to the release of the Apple IIe, the IBM PC and the Mac. 12 Absolutely and Insanely Essential Utilities For Programmers
When a paint truck crashes Geekfiller - Chelsea 44 mins ago Ring Juggling Illusion Videos 2 hours ago Cloud formation above the sea Geekfill - Your daily fill for Geektastic Awesomeness
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Kevin Kelly Year 2014 My self-published book, Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities, became a best seller on Amazon last year (#15 of all books!). Crafted from the best of my blog Cool Tools, it recommends more than 1,000 of the best tools for individuals to use in making things and making things happen. The book is crammed with information, passion, and pointers. Producing the book with only 2 people was a gigantic undertaking, but the research still continues on the website. Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Boing Boing, has joined me in running the Cool Tools website.
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