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Calculette Carbone Voyage. 20 Essential Apps And Websites For Digital Nomads. Living a life of perpetual travel is pretty exciting – new destinations, new cultures and new incredible people to meet and hang out with!

20 Essential Apps And Websites For Digital Nomads

However, working on the road can get pretty hectic at times. As a digital nomad I have found myself in rather awkward situations a lot – from missed deadlines due to incorrect time zone conversion to a nearly missed plane when I forgot to print out my booking and confused the time (I did catch that plane though!). Being your own boss is equally awesome and hellish. Juggling numerous tasks at once and getting things done super-fast with a terrible wi-fi connection requirea killer organizational skills and zen-like concentration.

Try using the next 20 websites and apps to make your life as a digital nomad easier, less stressful and even more exciting! 1. Trello is your go-to website to stay organized and work super-efficiently on the road. My Trello contains two sets of boards – personal and business. 2. f.lux 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Everplaces - Find the best places to sleep, eat and play. Because it's not a lonely planet Everplaces is a community where people who lovetravel, food and design share recommendations or use your Email Love from people around the world Beautiful design, you can tell the Everplaces team really wanted to make recommendations easy on the eyes.

Everplaces - Find the best places to sleep, eat and play

Done and done. I'm rather a fan of Everplaces, and I've been longing for an app that does exactly this since before the iPhone was invented. Senderismo, montañismo, deporte y medio ambiente. Best Countries For Backpacking Map. Travel Apps. 10 Free Travel Apps Every Tourist Needs To Download. 10 nuove app di viaggio gratis da scaricare. 23 Nov 2012, Posted by NBM in Liste, .

10 nuove app di viaggio gratis da scaricare

Tagged android, app di viaggio, iphone Circa un anno fa avevamo pubblicato un post con le nostre 16 app di viaggio preferite, seguito dalle cityapp che abbiamo utilizzato più di frequente. Se quell’elenco è ancora validissimo (soprattutto nel caso di WhatsApp e Instagram, Google Maps invece riposa in pace per i possessori di iPhone), a un anno di distanza abbiamo scoperto nuove app, sempre gratis, che vale la pena scaricare e tenere sotto mano prima di fare le valigie e andare. Eccole: Skype WiFi = collegarsi agli hotspot esteri con credito Skype: in pratica vi abbiamo già spiegato come funziona. Dropbox = niente più fotocopie volanti: lo sappiamo, non è propriamente una app di viaggio, noi però lo usiamo come cassetta di sicurezza per conservare fotocopie di passaporti, carte di identità, PDF di biglietti aerei, prenotazioni e, ovviamente, anche ebook, riviste e musica.

Hotel WiFi Test: Find Hotels with Fast WiFi. Brings Its Social Travel Guides To Mobile, With Full Offline Maps. says it can now put a city in your pocket, and in fact, it kind of can. The Oslo, Norway-based company is launching mobile apps so users can access its social travel guides on their phones. And you won’t have to worry about getting a huge data roaming bill or having to stand around an unfamiliar city while waiting for a map to load — before you leave for your trip, you can download the guide (including a full map) for any of the cities to your phone, then it’s stored on your phone for whenever you need it. The idea of downloadable travel guides isn’t exactly new. For example, NileGuide’s Guide to Go app includes offline access.

What’s cool, however, is that isn’t just giving you a document, but an interactive map that’s full of recommendations. The company says there are now 116 cities in the system with a total of 21,000 location descriptions. I’ve played with the app and above all, I was impressed by the speed. 26 Travel Apps That Will Change Your Life: The Perrin Report. The always-connected traveler. A new industry report, The always-connected traveler: How mobile will transform the future of air travel, identifies changing traveler attitudes to airline mobile services while also highlighting the specific, emerging mobile technologies that will revolutionize each stage of the travel experience in the future.

The always-connected traveler

These travel trends will impact the way travelers interact with the airline industry, as well as travel and tourism generally. Developed by Norm Rose of Travel Tech Consulting Inc, the study includes an assessment of airlines’ technology and mobile capabilities today, the emerging mobile technology innovations that are likely to be launched over the next one to two years, and also the advanced functionality that is set to entirely change the traveler journey as we know it, over the next three to five years. Key findings of the report include: Amadeus Mobile Solutions for Airlines - Accelerate the mobile shift Full report: Free Trip Planner and Personalized Travel Guide. Trip Calculator - Plan a Family Vacation or a Solo Trip with Evernote (Travel Series)

Room Key - Search. Book. Relax. Plnnr - plan the perfect trip, automatically! Préparer ses vacances sur Internet. Travel Websites. Viajes. 101 Things To Do Around The World. Dubious tips & essential ephemera for today's curious traveler. PoiStory. Crowdsourced Street View.