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Content Curation Primer Photo by Stuck in Customs What is Content Curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information. A content curator cherry picks the best content that is important and relevant to share with their community. It isn’t unlike what a museum curator does to produce an exhibition: They identify the theme, they provide the context, they decide which paintings to hang on the wall, how they should be annotated, and how they should be displayed for the public.

Strategic Creative Development · edwardboches How the semester will go. Guest speakers are confirmed in most cases, but could always cancel on us at the last minute. January 23: The End of Us and Them The transition from Bernbach to Zuckerberg January 30: Strategy in the age of participation Fotos Rate This Compartilhe: Curtir isso: Curtir Carregando...

Engagement in the Age of the Interest GraphScoop Recently, I had more fun going to a yoga retreat than to a dinner with many of my old friends in my hometown. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, they know me, I can be myself with them, but they don’t always allow me to express all the dimensions of my personality. I have so many different passions that my friends can’t care about all of them: I am a yogi, veggie, geek. Guess what? I m not the only one but many in my entourage are not and don’t want to hear about it. Two weeks ago, I was in this yoga retreat in the middle of NAPA.

Know the News Home | Login/Register RSS / Podcasts Close Home > Get Involved > For Educators > Know the News > Remix the News storyful 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom Many critics of Twitter believe that the 140-character microblog offered by the ubiquitous social network can do little for the education industry. They are wrong. K-12 teachers have taken advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged and up-to-date on the latest technologies.

Perfil detalhado Designer de fluxos de conversação para grupos humanos, com foco em inteligência colaborativa Consultor em ativação de redes sociais e aprendizagem informal. Desenha e conduz processos de diálogo para grupos humanos, sejam empresas ou instituições. Atua em eventos, encontros e palestras como ativador de reflexões para grandes multidões, em temas locais ou globais. Curation Platforms Comparison Collaborative comparison engine Register Sign in Sign in Sign out 's dashboard Curation Platforms - The easiest way to save links online. Mini Bio Designer de fluxos de conversação para grupos humanos em empresas ou instituições que, em encontros no cotidiano, buscam autoregulação para melhores resultados e bem-estar. Fundador do Instituto InterSistêmico. Consultor de desenvolvimento humano e integração do Pátria Investimentos. Consultor para inovação no Grupo Bio Ritmo, líder de negócios em fitness no Brasil.


Redux has over the past year grown organically to become one of the web’s best places for finding great content. Based around the premise of user generated content, and the ability for users to give one another ‘props’, it could be described as a mix between BuzzFeed and Delicious. As content receives more ‘props’ it rises to the top of the pile, with individual content silos created for different topics, and popular sections within each of these silos. This is extremely useful. Where delicious tags things collectively as popular, Redux allows you to filter popular items within sub area, and follow particular topics of interest to you. by stefanoskoukliotis Jan 4

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