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Geograph Britain and Ireland - photograph every grid square! HELM – Historic Environment Local Management. Local government have a huge role to play in the preservation and protection of our historic environment.

HELM – Historic Environment Local Management

Not only do authorities own and run large parts of our heritage, but they also have key roles to play in ensuring that is protected both through direct conservation and by making sure that new developments are built and designed to fit sympathetically into their surroundings. That is why English Heritage established HELM.

HELM (Historic Environment Local Management) provides accessible information, training and guidance to decision makers in local authorities, regional agencies and national organisations whose actions affect the historic environment. The HELM programme was set up by English Heritage in 2004 with the aim of working with key partners to provide the tools to manage change in the historic environment with increased skill and confidence. Trees and Design Action Group - Home. Styles of European garden design - a set of diagrams with links to examples of the styles drawn from the history of garden design.

Lessons from 600 Years of Street Tree Planting in Paris. Landscape architecture and the Landscape Institute. Inspiring great places: find our more about our work Last updated 27 August 2014 "Landscape architecture is rooted in an understanding of how the environment works and what makes each place unique.

Landscape architecture and the Landscape Institute

It is a blend of science and art, vision and thought. It is a creative profession skilled in strategic planning, delivery and management. Landscape architects bring knowledge of natural sciences, environmental law and planning policy. From 'Landscape architecture: a guide for clients', 2012. Kew RBG. Kenwood 28.

Kenwood 27. Kenwood 23. Kenwood 21. Friends of the Honey Bee - Friends of the Honey Bee. George W Robinson autobiographical notes. Chelsea Physic Garden 04. Chelsea Physic Garden 06. Chelsea Physic Garden 08. Chelsea Physic Garden 11. Chelsea Physic Garden 12. Parks & Gardens UK is the leading on-line resource for historic parks and gardens - Parks & Gardens UK. The Gardens Trust. The Parks Alliance. J J Sexby Municipal Parks, Gardens and Open Space. City Car Club. The costs and hassles associated with owning a car (or two) can really add up.

City Car Club

Insurance, servicing, MOT, tax, cleaning, parking permits, the list goes on… But imagine if you could have access to a choice of new cars and vans parked locally to where you live, work and study, available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Vehicles which are serviced and maintained by someone else, that you only ever pay for when you need them, not when you don’t.

That’s exactly where City Car Club comes in. Cars on your doorstep City Car Club has a large fleet of cars and vans spread in dense networks across an ever-increasing number of UK cities (browse our car locations). Reserve at a moment’s notice The cars and vans can be reserved online, by phone or using the iPhone app, any time of the day or night* and members access the vehicles with their own smart-enabled membership card. Cost effective. Lee Valley - Visit Lee Valley and enjoy hundreds of great days out across London, Essex and Hertfordshire from London 2012 venues, nature reserves, campsites and more. Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe. J J Sexby Contents list. Your garden eats carbon (so please feed it well!) Over at Cleantechnica, Sandy Dechert just posted about an encouraging study suggesting land use changes could halve the CO2 gap.

Your garden eats carbon (so please feed it well!)

And that's something we should all be paying close attention to. From the dramatic regreening of Ethiopia to encouraging farming methods that sequester more carbon, there is a huge potential for large-scale land management changes to help curb the worst effects of global climate change. Let's not forget, however, that small-scale changes can have a big cumulative impact too. Trees and Shrubs beginning with Q. RHS plants. Plants. Dragonfly Society. Have you spotted a dragonfly or damselfly and need help to identify it?

Dragonfly Society

The following tips should help you to identify most dragonflies and damselflies to species. If you do not already have a identification book for dragonflies we strongly recommend you obtain one. ID books are a brilliant resources for improving your dragonfly identification. Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Kew Archive & Herbarium. Welcome to ElephantVoices. National Geographic - since 1888.

Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative. Created in 2003 within the framework of the Global Strategy for the balanced, representative and credible World Heritage List, as a pilot activity for the identification of the sites connected with astronomy, the Thematic Initiative on Astronomy and World Heritage, aims to establish a link between Science and Culture towards recognition of the monuments and sites connected with astronomical observations dispersed throughout all the geographical regions, not only scientific but also the testimonies of traditional community knowledge.

Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative

This Initiative offers to the States Parties a possibility to evaluate and recognize the importance of this specific heritage, in terms of enrichment of the history of humanity, the promotion of cultural diversity and the development of international exchanges. Why "Astronomy" and "World Heritage" The sky, our common and universal heritage, forms an integral part of the total environment that is perceived by mankind. Implementation activities Meetings. Alliance for Clean Technologies. 5 Reasons to join Credibility The Solar Impulse Foundation’s labelling process, audited by EY and assessed by independent experts, awards the solutions meeting high standards of sustainability and profitability.

Alliance for Clean Technologies

This third-party validation helps innovations to stand out showcasing their positive impact on the environment as well as their strong business value. About – Wild Streets. Wild Streets aims to become a globally used app for the co-creation of green towns and cities worldwide.

About – Wild Streets

It aims to raise global awareness of the benefits of green cities and empowering people to get involved locally. By asking people what they really want, Wild Streets provides a tool for developers, planners, and decision-makers for the realization of truly inclusive and sustainable green urban spaces. Green Cities Webinar Series. Insights and Innovations: Advancing Net Zero - UKGBC. Share Insights and Innovations is the webinar series from UKGBC, designed to bring you the latest updates on a particular topic. 1 hour sessions, accessible on the move, webinars can be accessed live, offering a chance for discussion and Q&A, or recorded to fit around busy schedules.

Insights and Innovations: Advancing Net Zero - UKGBC

Join us for the 6th series of UKGBC Insights and Innovations where we will be focusing on the latest you need to know about Advancing Net Zero in our industry. Hear about work done to date, frameworks, guidelines, commitments as well as some examples and projects that equip participants with the key learnings to lead on delivering a net zero carbon built environment. I-Tree, Kenton Rogers. GRaBS - Adaptation Planning Toolkit. Planning for a Changing Climate Across Europe Step 1:

GRaBS - Adaptation Planning Toolkit

Tree Planting Mediums & Canopy Volume. Trees have evolved over millennia to grow in a wide variety of soil conditions. In fact, trees grow on every continent on earth except Antarctica, from the scorching African cities shaded by palms to the freezing Arctic circle with the birch, larch and willow trees that grow as far as the tree line allows. Life is sustained by the growing media available. At the tree line, which is the point at which the environment no longer can sustain tree life, the soil is either non-existent, frozen all the year round, or snow covered, which inhibits micro-biological activity.

When we consider the trees suited to our urban zones, we could choose a species from those which can establish in poor soil conditions, such as we find in heavily urbanised areas. However, we find that such trees do not give us the multiple benefits that larger, broadleaf trees do. A strong correlation between canopy leaf area and the benefit to humanity. Visitor Parking Permits Application. CREATE ELEGANT, PRACTICAL, SAFE STREETS. Friends of Bloomsbury Square. Character and Context SPG. Planning Aid for London - Publications. Accessibility Options Publications Planning Aid for London (PAL) publishes a range of leaflets and help guides to enable you to understand how the planning system works, how you can take part in it and any changes that you should be aware of.

They are written in clear, easy-to-understand English. If you would like some help with planning terms, please click here. All publications are available to download as PDF files. Help on this type of document and on downloading in general Install Adobe Reader Information on how to have PDFs read aloud or increase the size of the text. Green roof advice and expertise green roof expertise and advice. Green roof solutions by optigreen. Zephyr house terraced 05. Zephyr house terraced 32. Zephyr house terraced 10.