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Masdar Helps Oman Prepare for the Post-Oil Era With the Gulf's First Wind Farm. The Sultanate of Oman is building the largest wind farm in the Gulf States region. The $125 million, 50-megawatt project is a joint development between Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, Masdar, and Oman’s Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAECO). Estimated to generate enough clean electricity to power 16,000 homes and mitigate 110,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, the project is also remarkable for the language used to promote it: the Gulf States are looking to a low-carbon, post-oil future. The project will consist of up to 25 wind turbines and construction will begin in the final quarter of 2015. CEO of RAECO, Eng Hamed al Magdheri, says that once online, “This project will deliver significant economic benefits. When completed, wind power will meet half of the Dhofar region’s energy needs during the winter.

Related: London Array: The World’s Largest Wind Farm Switches Online in the UK H.E Dr. Interesting stuff, eh? + Masdar Photos by reynermedia via Flickr and Masdar. SOLAR POWERED WINDOW SOCKET. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: why can’t we be more like Scandinavia? World’s First Airborne Wind Turbine to Bring Renewable Energy and WiFi to Alaska Buoyant Airborne Turbine Altaeros Energies.

Wind turbines have become airborne! An enormous helium-filled wind turbine will soon float over the city of Fairbanks, Alaska to produce enough electricity for more than a dozen families living off the grid. Designed and built by MIT startup Altaeros Energies, the turbine known as BAT-Buoyant Airborne Turbine will hover at an altitude of 1,000 feet for 18 months, catching air currents that are five to eight times more powerful than winds on the ground. Large wind farms floating over major cities may seem like something from a sci-fi movie, but the concept of airborne wind turbines is close to becoming reality. Altaeros has already built the world’s highest turbine that can generate twice the energy output of its ground-based counterpart. Besides generating power, these floating power plants can provide data coverage, cell service and local weather data and can be deployed in harsh weather conditions. Related:Altaeros Energies’ Floating Wind Turbines Tap Into Strong High Altitude Winds.

Customised log homes designed for your needs |Scandinavian Log Homes. Renovated Israeli Penthouse With Lavish Balcony Space. Most of us stuck in tall skyscrapers and apartments do not have the luxury of dreaming about an extravagant and spacious outdoor living space or balcony. Our lives are confined by the very walls that we so gleefully decorate!

Yet for one couple in Petah Tikva, Israel, the idea of living in a penthouse with a spacious deck complete with lounge area, dining space and an outdoor kitchen was simply unimaginable. The couple in their fifties turned to creative architect and interior designer Amir Golan, who transformed the once-boring penthouse into a home of dreams for the couple. While the interior of the penthouse apartment spans a bit over 150 square meters, the large outdoor balcony occupies a lavish 100 square meters and extends the living area outdoors with ease. Offering stunning views of the city skyline, it is the personal retreat that the couple turns to each day for relaxation and rejuvenation. Suburban Sydney House Offers A Tranquil Lifestyle That is Close To Nature.

The modern urban trend is to make use of every inch of available space, and most homeowners do believe that bigger is indeed better. But the last few days have shown us that all the glitz and glamour cannot match a serene retreat that allows you to once again get in touch with nature’s unadulterated goodness. If the Naked House in Ko Samui is all about spectacular views, the Ozone House in the suburbs of Sydney becomes one with the views! Its trendy black exterior allows it to blend effortlessly with the lush green treetops and Sydney’s Freshwater neighborhood.

With an unabated view of the majestic valley below, this cool home was once a simple cottage that needed an extension and revamp, thanks to the growing needs of the family. In came architect Matt Elkan, who transformed the space while keeping the cozy cottage style firmly intact. One of the key elements defining the design is the presence of spaces that encourage family activity and constant interaction with nature.

Eco-Friendly Home In Dominican Republic Promises Luxury In The Lap Of Nature. The surging wave of sustainable design and eco-conscious homes has seen architects come up with some of the most innovative and amazing homes in the last few years. Hidden partially inside the ground and following the natural contours of a beautiful hill in the Dominican Republic, this contemporary house is all about being one with nature. Designed by VASHO Studio, the house is nestled on the slope of the hill, and instead of disturbing the existing canopy, it just burrows in and enhances the appeal of the secluded niche.

In fact, one would be hard pressed to spot the house from a distance. Its green roof not only ensures that it becomes a natural extension of the picturesque outdoors, but also helps in regulating the temperature inside. Much of the residence is clad in stone and wood, while glass doors and walls have been used to provide a visual link between the indoors and the sights and sounds outside. Sustainable Style Meets Eco-Friendly Design At Atelier Akeef. Eco-conscious fashion is not a passing trend or a design fad that will blow away in a season or two. People in every sphere of life are embracing green designs with plenty of gusto and located in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin, the Atelier Akeef Store epitomizes this changing trend.

It is the first high-end menswear boutique in the locality that is completely dedicated to sustainable fashion. But there is a lot more to the store than meets the eye as the eco-friendly delights go beyond just the clothing and the accessories. Headed by Alan Sommerville and Michael Ashley, the entire store has been created using upcycled wood, sustainable clay and non-toxic colorants that not only reduce carbon footprint, but also help make the interiors a lot more energy efficient.

Walls crafted from locally-sourced clay offer great natural insulation, which ensures that the heating and cooling systems are used in a minimal fashion. People have responded really strongly to the space itself. Floating city of the future could be built off Hong Kong coast | Daily Mail Online. Floating City dreamed up by British and Asian designers showing what cities of the future could look likeWould feature farms, docks, canals, a hotel, entertainment complex and a huge floating stadium for sportsMetropolis made from hexagonal and triangular modules which attach with underground walkways and tunnels By Chris Pleasance Published: 10:12 GMT, 28 May 2014 | Updated: 12:05 GMT, 28 May 2014 The lost city of Atlantis may only be a legend, but if these designs are anything to go by then underwater towns could soon become a reality.

This incredible 'Floating City', which spans four square miles, comes with its own dock, roadways and farms to make it completely self-sufficient. It would also feature vertical gardens, a hotel, entertainment complex and a huge floating arena which could host gigs and sports matches. The Floating City has been designed by British and Asian architects and will feature its own docks, roadways and even farms meaning it will be self-sufficient. Solar Roadways - Introduction. We are excited to announce that Indiegogo has asked us to join their InDemand program: It allows teams to continue raising funds for their projects. We are very excited about this for many reasons: We've had numerous requests since our original campaign ended: "Can I still donate?

", "Can I still get a Solar Roadways perk? ", "I'd love to be a part of this movement", etc. We're still in Research & Development, so we're not making a profit yet. We received donations from 165 countries, which is a clear indication that the world is ready for the paradigm shift Solar Roadways will become. Since our original campaign, countless supporters have expressed what it means to them to help us spread the word. Click on the Indiegogo image above to see our InDemand program Solar FREAKIN' Roadways Innovation Nation - Solar Roadways Phase II Prototype Solar Parking Lot Pet Friendly!

LEDs Snow test - Heating elements (not the LEDs!) Tractor test Artist's rendition of interstate Graphic design by Sam Cornett U.S. K + S Selected to Design New “Skärvet” Neighborhood in Växjö. Stockholm-based Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects (K + S) has won first prize in a competition to design the “Skärvet” urban neighborhood in Växjö, Sweden. A starting point for Bäckaslöv, a long term vision for a sustainable community by developer Skanska, the new neighborhood will take shape along the railway line connecting Växjö to Norra Bergundasjon. Timber facades, varying in color and texture, will be anchored by ground floor commercial space and provide up to 190 residential units, elderly housing and a school, all of which will be centered around an existing, forested park. “The block is given a unique urban character, combined with a small-scale, diverse architectural timber expression,” described K+S. “Innovative, yet proven solutions, enable the spaces to be inhabited to their full potential across the hours of the day,” added K+S.

US Department of Agriculture Launches $2 Million Tall Wood Building Prize Competition. Among the changes in material technology that are constantly altering the architectural landscape, one of the most popular – and most dramatic – is the idea of the timber skyscraper. And with vocal advocates like Benton Johnson of SOM and Michael Green leading the discussion with projects like the Timber Tower Research Project, the wooden highrise is on the verge of becoming a mainstream approach. To further the conversation in the USA, the US Department of Agriculture, working in partnership with Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) and Binational Softwood Lumber Council (BSLC), has recently launched the Tall Wood Building Prize Competition, an ideas competition with a $2 million prize.

To find out more about tall wood buildings, we caught up with Oscar Faoro, Project Manager of the competition. Read on after the Break for our interview and more details on how to enter. ArchDaily: What are the advantages of mass timber buildings over conventional tall building construction? Roll with it: hire a campervan | Travel. Campers in Cornwall The vans Five lovely VW campers, ranging from a 1961 classic split-screen model called Sherbie to a 1976 bay window van called George. They're all right-hand drive too, which comes in handy on Cornwall's narrow, winding roads.

Where to go for a weekend You're so far down the toe of Cornwall by the time you've reached Menagissey (don't turn up at Mevagissey) that it would be an act of folly not to carry on west, especially with the delights of St Ives ahead. However, it's the road beyond St Ives that will have you in paroxysms of delight as you slip into Zennor (where DH Lawrence tried to set up a commune) and down a coastline with a distinctly primeval air. Stay at the lovely Secret Garden campsite in St Just (01736 788301, before cruising around the coast (giving tacky Land's End a miss) to the Old Farm at Praa Sands (01736 763221,

Contact 01209 890218, Spaceships Eco Campervan Hire Celtic Journeys. Hen & Hammock | Sustainable, inspiring garden & home products. Google Street View Enters Gombe National Park. Film: Time-lapse film of a coral reef = mind blown. They may look like scenes from an animated kids’ film based underwater, but these stills are in fact all taken from PhD student Daniel Stoupin’s mind-blowing time-lapse film, Slow Life. The film combines over 150,000 photographs taken of some of the world’s most stunning coral reefs over excruciatingly long periods of time, allowing us land-based viewers to watch the otherwise imperceptible changes on the the ocean beds, which actually happen incredibly slowly.

There’s nothing we love more than creatures that look like aliens, especially when they serve as such excellent screensaver and desktop wallpaper fodder; reminding us how small and normal and inconsequential we are every time we turn our computers on. Even better, you can read an incredibly detailed account of what the film contains over here, in Daniel’s own, far better informed words. Best watched on a giant screen, with the sound turned up LOUD. Daniel Stoupin: Slow Life Daniel Stoupin: Slow Life Daniel Stoupin: Slow Life. 8 Awkward Things You Might Do If You've Truly Gone Green. Look, I am all about going way out of my way to save the planet. But where would we be if we couldn't see our own ridiculousness? Here's some examples of the respectable, well-intentioned, and at least slightly amusing things that my fellow treehuggers and I do regularly.

You know you've become an environmentalist if... 1) You hoard recyclables until you can find the proper place to dispose of them. Because like this pug, you know where they could end up otherwise. 2) You carry so many reusable bags with you that you've become a bag lady. Or bag man. That way, you can at least have a clear conscience during checkout. 3) You'll sit in near (or total) darkness just to save a bit more electricity. Kind of like these cats, apparently: 4) You make huge leaps in conversations just so you can talk about environmental issues. You're all: "35 centerpieces?

5) You're so determined to ride your bike (or walk) places that you regularly arrive at your destination drenched in sweat. People's Climate March – NYC March. There are several different bodies that are convening to collaborate on the People’s Climate March, including local New York-area community groups, international NGO’s, grassroots networks, churches and faith organizations, and many more. You can see a list of participating organizations here. Because this is a “movement of movements” moment, the People’s Climate March is being organized in a participatory, open-source model. This means that there isn’t a central “decision-making” body or single coalition. Rather, groups and individuals are collaborating with some basic shared agreements around respect, collaboration, trust, and many are using the Jemez Principles of Environmental Justice.

This September is going to be a success because of the work we all do together – not because of any one person or organization. Take the initiative to organize your community, your school, your workplace, and your neighbors. Being The Smallest Is Very Bad In This Case. It Means You're Gonna Be The First One To Drown. About The Water Tank Project.