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English for kids. Perfect English Grammar. KLM. Make your own word search puzzle. You can use this page to create your own word search puzzle with your own list of words.

Make your own word search puzzle

These puzzles are popular with different groups of people, especially teachers and students. Please enter a set of words. When you are done, hit the "Make Puzzle" button to generate a word search puzzle. Once the puzzle is displayed, you can use the "Printable HTML" or "Printable PDF" buttons to get a clean page suitable for printing with your web browser. The puzzle that is generated will remain on this server for about two months. Some users list their puzzles for all to see. If you want help with international characters, you can call up an Alphabet chart to use for cutting and pasting letters that are hard to type. Some people find this word list form too small, or want to have hidden words.

Over the years, I've received many messages from students, teachers, and parents who have used the program for school work as well as a way to give a pleasant diversion from the normal grind. 25 Best Sites for Free Educational Videos. RefSeek's guide to the 25 best online resources for finding free educational videos.

25 Best Sites for Free Educational Videos

With the exception of BrainPOP and Cosmeo, all listed sites offer their extensive video libraries for free and without registration. Academic Earth Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars. ESL-Kids - Flashcards, Worksheets, Games and Songs. Geograph Britain and Ireland - photograph every grid square! Games for Learning English, Vocabulary, Grammar Games, Activities, ESL.

National Geographic Young Explorer (Student Magazine) - January-February 2009. English Grammar Reference and Exercises. English4u. Free Books : Download & Streaming : Ebook and Texts Archive : Internet Archive.

Additional collections of scanned books, articles, and other texts (usually organized by topic) are presented here.

Free Books : Download & Streaming : Ebook and Texts Archive : Internet Archive

United States Patent and Trademark Office documents contributed by Think Computer Foundation. Topic: U.S Patent The American Libraries collection includes material contributed from across the United States. Institutions range from the Library of Congress to many local public libraries. As a whole, this collection of material brings holdings that cover many facets of American life and scholarship into the public domain.

Uploads from the general users of ARCHIVE.ORG related to Islamic culture, studies and related subjects. Free books for the  people with disabilities that impact reading. This library of books, audio, video, and other materials from and about India is curated and maintained by Public Resource. Books in this collection may be borrowed by logged in patrons. Books contributed by the Internet Archive. By Internet Archive Canada The John P. Texts eye favorite 1. Online Library - download and read ebooks for free. Listen and Write - Dictation.

Free ESL Stories and Exercises. Ressources. Livemocha - Free Online Language Learning - Free Lessons Online. English Prepositions. So what are prepositions?

English Prepositions

A preposition is a word which is used before a noun to show its connection to another word in the sentence. For example: The dog rests on the armchair. (The word "on" is used before "the armchair". We understand that the dog is on the armchair. The name "preposition" (pre + position) means "put before". Here are some more examples: She stands by the tree. The cat leans against the garbage can. Perfect English Grammar.

50 Incredibly Useful Links For Learning & Teaching The English Language - Teaching a new language to non-native speakers may be one of the most challenging educational jobs out there, so ELL teachers can use all of the help they can get!

50 Incredibly Useful Links For Learning & Teaching The English Language -

Thankfully, many excellent resources for ELL and ESL exist online, from full-service websites to reference tools and communities, all designed to make the task of educating ELL students just a little bit easier and more effective. We’ve scoured the Internet to share 50 of the best of these resources, and we hope you’ll find lots of valuable content and tools through these incredibly useful links for ELL educators. Websites Resource tools, printables, and other great stuff for ELL educators are all available on these sites. Articles & Advice Check out resource lists, journal articles, and ideas for best practices in ELL on these links. Organizations Take advantage of the great opportunities and resources available from these organizations that benefit ELL teachers. British National Corpus (BYU-BNC)

Confusing words: BIG or LARGE, HIGH or TALL. For many learners of English the slight differences between the words BIG vs.

Confusing words: BIG or LARGE, HIGH or TALL

LARGE and HIGH vs. TALL are very difficult to understand. In this post I will try to make the differences clearer and easy to remember. To achieve this, I have come up with two videos, two quizzes and two mind maps. I hope you will undestand the differences now. Online Angol Tanszék - Angol-magyar online szótár. Free Books - 23,469 Classics To Go - The Ultimate Ebooks And Audiobooks Library In Your Pocket.

Phrasal Verbs Organized by Particle. The BEST English-Learner's site on the 'Net! Free eBook Library for Kids. 50 Things To Do The First Week Of School. “Every journey begins with a simple thought.” – anonymous A new school year or semester on the horizon can be overwhelming.

50 Things To Do The First Week Of School

So much to do, so little time! However, don't fret. Most can be done during the first crucial week in class - a time when experienced teachers gracefully assess the needs of their students, create a wonderful class atmosphere and set the stage for the learning time to come. Here are my recommended things to do the first week or two back. Learning English - 6 Minute English. British Council. EngVid. Learn English - Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Exercises, Lessons. Learning English - Home.

Isabel's ESL Site: English as a Foreign/Second Language in Secondary Education. Fun practice speaking and games. EnglishCentral.