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Des cartographies artistiques...même si toutes les cartes sont de petites oeuvres d'art !

The Underappreciated Man Behind the “Best Graphic Ever Produced” Take part in the discussion!

The Underappreciated Man Behind the “Best Graphic Ever Produced”

Color Palettes of The New Yorker - C82 : Works of Nicholas Rougeux. Going through old papers my dad gave me, I found his map of the internet as of May 1973. The entire internet. CaGIS Annual Map Design Competition. The Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) has announced their Annual Map Design Competition.

CaGIS Annual Map Design Competition

The competition is open to all map-makers in the United States and Canada for maps completed or published during the current calendar year (2016). Students are particularly encouraged to apply for the awards sponsored by the National Geographic Society and Avenza (makers of MaPublisher). La ville de l'avenir sous le crayon des collégiens - Manon Boisseau, Léopold Marchand, Thomas Brault, Claire Kjerulf, Aela Guet, Agathe Prébet, Amaëlle Kelfoun, Elsa Masson, Élise Cocault, Lisa Paimparé. Catherine Jourdan, psychologue et artiste, mène une démarche originale de cartographie subjective. Superstitions of the Middle Ages, produced in the 1930s. Le cirque européen après la seconde guerre mondiale et sa paix précaire, affiche portugaise. #WW2 #Europe #Paix #Cartoon.

(1) De Moulinsart à Célesteville, panorama des villes de BD. L'an dernier, à l'occasion du Libé des géographes, était publiée une mappemonde des lieux de fiction.

(1) De Moulinsart à Célesteville, panorama des villes de BD

Ils ne sont bien souvent pas de simples toiles de fond, mais bien des personnages à part entière de séries télé, films culte, jeux vidéo ou romans. #Expo Collectif Autrement #Verneuil/Avre 5-31/07 #art cont. Magnifique "Ne pas regarder le soleil dans les yeux" Each Week, #MapMonsterMonday Celebrates Historical Cartographic Beasts. All maps are stories.

Each Week, #MapMonsterMonday Celebrates Historical Cartographic Beasts

They tell looky-loos about the values of the cartographer, and of her intended audience. They point out disturbing histories and hopeful futures. They offer peeks into the particular aesthetic preferences of specific people in specific moments in time. And that’s why Dory Klein loves map monsters. From the 15th through 17th centuries, monsters served as delightful map marginalia, adorning wide swaths of the world still mysterious to those in Europe. Uk.businessinsider. Carriers of the New Black Plague: the dictatorial domination of individual and public opinion, 1938. [1189×755] : MapPorn. Quand Mondrian rencontre PONG, mon cœur saigne. Each Week, #MapMonsterMonday Celebrates Historical Cartographic Beasts.

Cover and pages from The Colorist, 1913, by  J.... Old map by BÜNTING -Asia secunda pars terrae in forma Pegasi. [Asia is presented as the mythical winged horse Pegasus]. Click image to | description Item category: Asia Place your bids now, auction is closing sooner than you think !.

Old map by BÜNTING -Asia secunda pars terrae in forma Pegasi. [Asia is presented as the mythical winged horse Pegasus].

Return to item description Buyers' premium The buyer pays, on top of the hammer price, a premium of 15% on the first $30,000 and 10% on the excess. Mapping Sound, by Zoë Ambrose. [This is a guest post by Zoë Ambrose*, about her visualization project Mapping Sound] The purpose of this infographic was to visualise and map sound in a way that we cannot usually see.

Mapping Sound, by Zoë Ambrose

I wanted to visually show and map the sound vibrations that a song made, in particularly the song Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys. Using a very hands-on method I created a system that allowed me to play music through a speaker and physically see the vibration patterns that this music created. I attached a bottle cap securely to the top of a speaker and filled it with liquid. In Arlington condo, couple find colorful way of putting their dining room on the map. Top 14 des cartes de villes françaises version honnête, tout de suite c’est plus clair. Étude 01 série I - Formes angulaires et arrondies. Five people who revolutionized map making. As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, very few aspects of modern life are changing as fundamentally as navigation.

Five people who revolutionized map making

Now, when you are lost, a cursory glance at HERE maps on your mobile device will tell you where you are, where you need to go and how to get there as quickly as possible in only a few seconds. Map-a-Day – October 2015 – Emerald Samurai. Paper cut leaf map of Amsterdam #map #maps. Looking at the Big Picture: Adapting Film Theory to Examine Map Form, Meaning, and Aesthetic. Looking at the Big Picture: Adapting Film Theory to Examine Map Form, Meaning, and Aesthetic Ian Muehlenhaus, James Madison University | Film and maps have much more in common than is often believed.

Looking at the Big Picture: Adapting Film Theory to Examine Map Form, Meaning, and Aesthetic

In this paper, it is argued that film offers cartographers many concepts that can be used to better understand map form, aesthetics, and meaning. After reviewing these concepts as taught in film studies and originally formulated by Kenneth Burke, this article explores how these concepts can be applied by cartographers in their map design and by map critics. Fuir Berlin en 1938 : L'odyssée familliale vue par Fritz Freudenheims 11 ans #shoah. Cartographie de l'humain : une exposition itinérante - 26/11/2015. Portraits des habitants de Blois, c’est naturel qu’elle soit itinérante !

Cartographie de l'humain : une exposition itinérante - 26/11/2015

Après l’ALCV, halte aux Provinces, avant la Quinière, Bégon et la Fondation du doute. Globemaker Peter Bellerby, the man with the world in his hands. The Philatelic Institute’s Stamp Map of the World,... This 1752 British Map Shows California as an Island. California could be an island, in all the ways that it is apart from other states.

This 1752 British Map Shows California as an Island

But for a time, it really was detached from the rest of the continent—at least in early maps of North America. Who made this map? British mapmaker George Foster created “A New and Correct Map of AMERICA” for his Royal Highnesses King George II and Frederick, Prince of Wales. The year was 1752, right around the time when Spain, France, and Britain were battling to colonize America. A Burmese Map of the World. By Frank Jacobs The oceans on this Burmese map of the world are as flat and blue as ours. That much is familiar at least. But the land masses rising from their waves are unlike anything in Western cartography.

They have no bearing on the shape and position of the actual continents, mapped with increasing precision as the Age of Discovery progressed. Nor do they resemble the sacred geography of the Jerusalem-centred T-O maps that preceded them. Commission on Map Design. Jouons cartes sur table : la géographie vaincra. Avec tout le respect dû aux autres disciplines urbaines, force est de constater que la géographie est clairement la plus captivante. Trop souvent résumée à du « coloriage de carte » et à une connaissance encyclopédique des capitales du globe, la géographie n’a malheureusement jamais vraiment reçu la reconnaissance qu’elle méritait – faisant des géographes les grands martyrs de notre siècle… Rien que ça. A Wonderfully Stereotypical 1970s Map of New York. How might a person who’s never left New York City view the rest of the world?

Perhaps with Manhattan taking up 80 percent of the U.S., the other four boroughs 10 percent, the Midwest completely nonexistent, and foreign countries reduced to vague presences somewhere across the water. That’s the view of this wonderful 1970s map lampooning a New Yorker’s self-centered geography. Jc fichet sur Twitter : "Deep dream maps show #cartography at its most beautiful MT via @CartogRRaphy... LEGO micro World Map - If you ♥ LEGO, come have a look at LEGO LOVE board - I am the French-Israeli d…

The Witcher - Interactive Animated Map. The Witcher website features a lovingly crafted interactive map of the medieval fantasy world created by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher novels and video games take place on the fictional 'Continent', mostly in the Northern Kingdoms region. This beautiful map shows what Canada's future looked like in 1955. In 1955 The Department of Citizenship and Immigration produced this colourful map (which we recently bought on eBay) highlighting ‘100 new resources that will help make Canada’s future bright and prosperous.’ As it turned out, some projections were spot on, while others were wildly optimistic.

We’ve selected a few of the 100 items and updated them below. The numbers and text in bold are taken directly from the map. Scroll down to see what happened. MI LABORATORIO DE IDEAS: australia: the world's centre. Esta es tan solo la versión vista desde otro lado (el lado detrás) del mapa explicado en detalle en la entrada anterior del blog: el mundo sin los océanos. «Beauté Congo»: l’art congolais, une créativité unique en Afrique. « C’est impressionnant, le nombre de journalistes présents. Friday Favorite: Beatrice Gilbert - Mixed-Media Map Art.

Cp_mecenat_globes_dnp. L'homme du commerce. PALMARES. Geofumadas sur Twitter : "La Cartografía de como nos ven los demás. ¡Buenísimo! The most expensive paintings sold in Europe, in one gorgeous map. Created by, a cost information site, this map shows the most expensive art works ever created by an artist of that nationality or painted in that country. The authors have created maps for other continents as well, but the European map is probably the most interesting, for its diversity of color and name recognition. Topping the list of the continent’s most expensive paintings is “Les Femmes d’Alger” (“The Women of Algiers”) by Picasso of Spain. Despite being one of Picasso’s less famous works, the painting sold in May for $179 million, a new world record — prompting commentators to ask, “Is any painting really worth $179m?” Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography. Take part in the discussion! On Seenthis, you can recommend articles, comment, discuss with your friends, follow authors...

Sign up, it’s free! Zombie-town USA. Map-of-the-internet-10-explore-this-beautiful-handdrawn-map-of-the-online-world-9098834. Vargic began the project in December 2013, using old National Geographic maps for visual inspiration and Alexa data of the most visited websites in the world to scale the different land masses. Perhaps the amazing fact is that the map was drawn free hand, directly into Photoshop. "My map is divided into two distinct parts,” Vargic explained to The Independent.

“The eastern continent, the Old World, showcases software companies, gaming companies and some of the more real-life oriented websites. " Jc fichet sur Twitter : "Jolie #cartographie d'un paysage de #maths via @ValeriePestre #strange_map... Tangram Sandbox. JERRY GRETZINGER. En 1963, Jerry Gretzinger (né en 1942, vit et travaille à Maple City, États-Unis) dessina le premier élément de la carte d’un monde imaginaire. Chaque jour ce dessin a été augmenté, étendant un monde et dessinant la physionomie d’une terre inconnue, qui donnait naissance à des villes telles que « Plaeides » ou « Ukrainia ».

Cinquante ans plus tard, le cartographe travaille toujours sur ce même document, qui s’est métamorphosé en un espace constitué de près de trois mille feuilles de papier A4. Impression de monde carte n 11 aquarelle par JessicaIllustration. Metro-style world map. Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world's leading experts. New London Model. An Illustrated Guide to Space Maps. Benjamin DANSE sur Twitter : "#cartographie : les vins de France présentés sous la forme d'une carte de métro...

Concours Carto Actualité. 'Mapping Brooklyn,' a Joint Exhibition of BRIC and the Brooklyn Historical Society, Explores the Complexities of the Borough. Logan Square: the "Brooklyn" of Chicago. A fictional map on wood. Microscopic Victorian art This image shows a microscopic work of art dating… Upside-Down Map. Dear Data: Two Designers Visualize the Mundane Details of Daily Life in Magical Illustrated Postcards Mailed Across the Atlantic. Barbara Petchenik Children's Map Competition : 2015. Carte aux fils. Pop Carte. The Essential Geography of the United States of America. La carte du monde des sexualités. Planisphère coq. Papercraft. La carte Lego de J.R. Schmidt - Pacha cartographie. La carte du monde faite en pilules. 20 maps that never happened.

Dat'art. Ward Shelley Homepage. This Roy Lichtenstein-Themed Map Makes Pop Art of The World. Stephen Walter, the artist mapping London's shifts, stories and secrets – in pictures. Jerrysmap. Paysages de papier. Fascinating Relief Maps Show The World's Mountain Ranges - Album on Imgur. 40 Creative Remakes of The World Map - Hongkiat.

Full Details for Lot 204. Design & graphisme par Geoffrey Dorne » Le site des « Beautiful Maps » ! Jerry Gretzinger a débuté cette oeuvre en 1963. Trente ans plus tard nous pouvons découvrir cette… Serial mapper sur Twitter : "Map of brazil drawn entierly from memory #cartography & Logan Square Map 22" x 28" / Joe Mills - Chicago Illustrations. Marg's hand painted map of the mediterranean.

Le-cartographe sur Twitter : "Étonnant, en 1691 Jan Goeree réalise un globe sans océan bref un météorite ! #map #carte...