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Techniques and Stitches

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5 Tips for Changing Colors in Corner to Corner Crochet (C2C) Sentimental Baby: The Fun Way to Learn Knitting. Joining Yarn - The Invisible Braided Join with 2 colors of yarn - Knitting and Crochet. Joining two yarns. How To: The Magic Knot (Yarn Join) - Easy Tutorial. How to Change Yarns Without Having To Weave In Ends. Knit Perfect Thumb Gussets for Fingerless Mitts / Mittens / Gloves. Bubble Wrap. Knitting Stitch Patterns: Bubble Wrap. Triple L Tweed stitch. Free Knitting Pattern Downloads from Butterfly. Butterfly stitch - KNITTING.

Simple Knitted Shrug – marni made it. Me and my shrug The inspiration for this pattern came from the need for a shoulder shrug to wear before Barre class.

Simple Knitted Shrug – marni made it

Not that I take Barre classes, but I know someone who does and she suggested a simple something to be worn before you get warm in class. This would even be good for a yoga class. For those of us who get chillier than others in a big room before the workout begins. So that was the inspiration, but the truth is I wear this shrug with a t-shirt and jeans and I love it! Feeling up to this project? If you don’t have the Adobe Reader to view PDF files you can download it free here. Materials Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Seaspray Mist I bought 6 skeins and knit double stranded. More photos: Writing the official simple shrug pattern! Progress, shown with yarn markers Blocking the knitted shrug My little one piece wonder Back side The happy knitter and her simple knit shrug. Assembly tip: Here is a video by Drops Design that demonstrates how to sew side seams for an “invisible” seam. Pinstriping: vertical columns of color, added after the knitting is finished.

Lots of photos and illustrations plus a video--Pinstriping on knitting--what is it?

Pinstriping: vertical columns of color, added after the knitting is finished.

Click any picture to enlarge Pinstriping is vertical Fake Latvian Braid. Like Fake Latvian Braid, pinstriping is added via a crochet hook and the slip-stitch, after the knitting is done. Yet, although they are the same basic technique, FLB is horizontal (and stackable) while Pinstriping is vertical (and not-stackable). Why pinstriping is great Although pinstriping is worked on a ribbed fabric, once the pinstripe is applied, the fabric looks like smooth stockinette interrupted by a single column in a contrasting color. Twist-and-Weave Color Change.

When starting a new color, most techniques leave you with loose stitches either side of the color change.

Twist-and-Weave Color Change

These not only look ugly but also expand as you work them on the next row, which can be unnerving especially if the tail looks like it might escape completely from the stitch below. You could stop knitting after a few stitches and tie a knot with the yarn tails, but that stops the flow of knitting, and the knots sometimes work their way through to the front. If you join many new colors in one area, as you might with intarsia, it can be difficult to make them neater even when you sew in the ends.

Weaving Techniques. I have finally given the weaver’s knot a try.

Weaving Techniques

A weaver’s knot joins two threads together in a knot that will secure your threads and allow you to continue weaving. Since I’ve only just started using this technique, I’m not really sure if I’ll like this more or less then my previous process of starting a new thread next to the old and then securing the yarn tails when I finish my weave. Double Knitting - Knitting Community. Double knitting is the exception to many knitting rules.

Double Knitting - Knitting Community

You can double knit a stockinette scarf, and it will lay flat instead of curling. Color knitting will be reversible, showing a negative of the image on the back of the work instead of floats. How is this possible? Double knitting produces a fabric with the right sides showing on both sides of the work. This technique is fun to do and produces a thick fabric that is ideal for winter accessories, hot pads, and there are even patterns for double knit sweaters! Weaving in Your Ends. I have some good news.

Weaving in Your Ends

And, I have some bad news. Good news first: there is no one right way to weave in your ends. So, chances are, you haven’t been doing it wrong! Now, the bad news: there are so many different ways to weave in your ends, you might not be doing it the best way either. Having options, it’s a blessing and a curse. Some of our most seasoned customers would come in to find a knitting newbie at the communal table, finishing up a project in some newfangled kind of way. Cheat Sheets for the Knitter - U Create. We’ve had quite a few requests for Cheat Sheets for Knitters — due to the popularity of our Cheat Sheets for Crocheters post.

Cheat Sheets for the Knitter - U Create

Due to the talented knitters our there who share their talents with us we bring you cheat sheets for our knitting friends… Kitchener Cheat Sheet by Knitty Hat Knitting Guide by NobleKnits 5 Basic Shawl Shapes by Laylock. Knitting Stitch Patterns: eyelet-lace-stitches. Tutorial: Blocking Acrylic Yarn. I work with Acrylic yarn a lot.

Tutorial: Blocking Acrylic Yarn

And for some reason, I feel the need to justify this to you. I'll just say that Acrylic lends itself well to the type of projects I tend to make (e.g. 8-bit game crochet, miscellaneous items that need to be durable, etc.). Furthermore, I rarely ever make any sort of garment, thereby making it not economically nor practically favorable to work with cellulose or natural fibers. Lastly, there's that small part of my 12-year-old self that sort of loves the squeaky, grossly-colored variegated yarns of mismatched and puke-styled purples and greens and says I couldn't ever possibly let go of acrylic yarns.

The Thumb Trick: Sometimes called an afterthought thumb, I first read about it in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.

The Thumb Trick:

I really like this method because it's seamless; sometimes when patterns have you place stitches on a holder and then cast on the top stitches you can get an odd seam right in the crease where your thumb meets the hand, and that can be uncomfortable. The only trouble that some people may have with this method is that you cannot immediately try on your mitten in progress, as you can with mittens where the stitches are put on holders. But if you want to you can just knit a few more rows and then pick up the stitches instead of waiting until the mitten is done, threading the waste yarn through them so you can try on your mittens as you knit.

Interweave Cable Stitch. This Free Crochet pattern teaches you how to do the Interweave Cable Stitch for crochet.

Interweave Cable Stitch

Find more crochet stitches here on the category Crochet Stitches. Buttons and Buttonholes. Buttons and Buttonholes These seem like the simplest of closures but you will want to take careful consideration of the size of your buttons relative to the size of your garment as well as the function of the button (is it decorative or utilitarian?). Repairing a hand-knit sock with a knit-in-place patch.