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Techniques and Stitches

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Crocheted Bobble Edging Tutorial. Today I am posting a tutorial on how to make a very simple crocheted bobble edging.

Crocheted Bobble Edging Tutorial

I mentioned before that I wanted to play around with ideas for edging off Nani's Hexagon blanket and I wanted something that reflects her happy, quirky personality. The hexagon blanket is being made (and here I assure you...I have stuck to the goal of doing two hex's every day until it is finished...yes, yes, I know the year is only 4 days old :) .....) in hectic, bright colours, because that just what Nani is like! So, without further is the tutorial... A-C Knitwear Shop – Arnall-Culliford Knitwear. Yarn Jargon Cheatsheets.pdf. (802) Pinterest. Wicker Stitch Pattern 1, knitting pattern chart, Squares, Diamonds, Basket Stitch Patterns. Icelandic Bind Off - Step by Step. There is not much information as to how the Icelandic bind off has got its name.

Icelandic Bind Off - Step by Step

Was it invented in Iceland? Or is it the bind off that Icelandic knitters use most often? How to Join Knit Pieces with Flat Single Crochet. Learn How To Read Knitting Charts Plus Pattern For Blanket (4 Beginners) My journey with yarn. Knit Purl 2: King Charles Brocade - Easy To Knit. WEBS Yarn Store Blog » Tuesday’s Tip: Easy Knitted Plaid. February 5th, 2013 This week, Sara Delaney shows us a clever and simple way to create beautiful plaid fabric with your knitting!

WEBS Yarn Store Blog » Tuesday’s Tip: Easy Knitted Plaid

Knitting plaid fabrics can seem like a daunting task when you consider that they could involve not only two or more colors but intarsia work as well. And how do you keep the tension even in an intarsia section that is only one stitch wide? Why not skip the intarsia all together with some cleverly placed purl ravines and the use of a crochet hook! Work the horizontal stripes of your plaid normally and wherever you’d like to have the vertical stripes just work a purl stitch in that vertical column of stitches.

Once you’ve finished knitting the piece you can go back with your crochet hook, and slip stitch a line of stitches into the vertical purl ravine. 349 Best ...mosaic knitting patterns... images. Knitting Charts Fish Patterns 53+ Ideas For 2019. How to Knit Beads Into Any Project with Video Tutorial. Today, let’s learn how to Knit Beads into any project!

How to Knit Beads Into Any Project with Video Tutorial

This knitting technique works great for pretty much any knit stitch pattern. Simply using a crochet hook, this is a really easy way to quickly add beads to your work. (132) DIY Learn How To Hand Paint Dye Yarn with Kool Aid Easy Tutorial - Dyed KoolAid Kool-Aid Rainbow. Teaching Kids to Knit - How Wee Learn. How to make an invisible knot to join two yarn tails. - The Blog - US/UK. What we like the least as knitters is having to join one yarn ball to another with bothersome knots, which later show on our projects.

How to make an invisible knot to join two yarn tails. - The Blog - US/UK

That’s why in the We Are Knitters blog we’ve been teaching you different ways to join yarn tails: 1, 2 and 3. Today we are adding a new method to your repertoire, and they look great when we knit with them. This kind of knot is known as the “weaver’s knot”, is it a sign? Friday Links: Knitting Techniques Edition – 10 10 Studio. I know I've mentioned time and again things I think all knitters should know.

Friday Links: Knitting Techniques Edition – 10 10 Studio

So instead of having you go google crazy I did ya'll a favor and listed my favorites right here. Actually, I did myself this favor because now when I want to remember how to do something I don't have to go google crazy. Hashtag - Knitting Stitches. Flat-knitting, mosaic, multicolor, slip-stitch-knitting, Note On RS rows, slip stitches with yarn in back.

Hashtag - Knitting Stitches

On WS rows, slip stitches with yarn in front. Pattern Cast on a multiple of 12 sts, plus 3. Color A, cast on a multiple of 12, + 3 and Knit one row. Row 1 (RS): Color B, K1, *K6, SL1, K1, SL1, K3; rep from * to last 2 sts, K2. Mosaics and Mazes – After my recent attempt to resurrect my single bed color changer and frustration with my 910 behaving “flaky” when reading mylar sheets drawn using template marking pencils (perhaps, because over time of some of the marks flaking off the surface of the mylar, with changes their density as a result), I went back to the idea of using my punchcard machine.

Mosaics and Mazes –

I pulled out an old friend, illustrated in my post , had forgotten about my other post and actually came up with a second alternative for starting to knit with 2 carriages. Here is a bit more description: I began with a card punched with repeats that are single rows in height, and would normally have to be elongated for use with a color changer. Since 2 carriages are used, starting side does not necessarily matter. With COR, color 1, carriage set to KC, card set on row 1 but not locked, but rather, set to advance normally. The first carriage then is moved to the opposite side of the bed (in this case the left). Minnesota Knitters' Guild. We are nearing the end of our year-long community service project — time for the final push to get your squares completed!

Minnesota Knitters' Guild

Squares will be collected through the December, 2009 meeting and will then be pre-sorted into afghan combinations so they are ready to sew together at the January, 2010 meeting. Remember that Guild members are eligible for a prize drawing if you submit a completed square, and are eligible for a second drawing if you complete at least 12 squares! Yarn must be machine washable, and any pattern is acceptable as long as it produces an 8″ x 8″ square. You may also make multiple squares of the same design. Super Scarf II and Mosaic Knitting. I haven't written much about it, but I did make a second SuperBowl scarf.

Super Scarf II and Mosaic Knitting

In fact, it looks like this scarf didn't even make it to my current projects list in the sidebar. Oops! Well, I have been working on it on and off since early April. (15) Pinterest. Pocket Full of Posy Blanket. Do you love color so much you want them all? Welcome to the club! Our Pocket Full of Posy Blanket uses every single Pocket Posy in our 18-color collection, like picking one of each flower from a garden of delights! A two-color brioche stitch shapes this garden’s rows with its lofty raised rib and furrows of color.

One of this stitch pattern’s fascinating distinctions is that, on one side of the fabric, the main color comes forward, and on the other side, the contrast colors do… Subtle but satisfying! Brioche Stitch: Two-Color Brioche + Fixing Mistakes. Brioche knitting with two-colors is a simple multicolor technique that creates a beautiful fabric of ridges and valleys… The exciting color play of Fair Isle or intarsia without the bother of tangled balls of yarn and pesky tails! Brioche fabric is truly as lofty and fluffy as its namesake, the light and buttery brioche bun. Magic Loop. Weaver’s Knot. Amazed knitter's patterns: Double knitting - how I do it. Now – as promised – here’s my description of the way I do double knitting, which I used to knit the pattern from the tablet-weaving book.

I used my own yarn, and two needles size 4mm. In double knitting you simultaneously knit two layers of fabric. They can be separate layers or intersect, like in this example, where the same pattern appears on front and back of the work piece, with colours inverted. Because you knit two layers, you have double the amount of stitches on your needle than you would have if you knitted just one layer as usual. Tutorial: Getting Clean, Straight Edges on a Knitted Tube Scarf. Nice, clean edges. Optional fringe can be added. I love the double thickness of a tube scarf but getting the ends nice and neat is a challenge. Mitered Square Magic! Download the Tutorial in PDF Format here. Or just review it online below!! Mitered squares are one technique that is part of modular knitting.

In modular knitting squares, strips, triangles and other pieces are knit separately and then joined together to make garments, or household items. Mitered squares can be used to make rugs, bags blankets pillows and on and on! How to Join Yarn for Scrap Projects. Studioknitsf. Knit Stitch Patterns for Absolute Beginning Knitters. Picking up stitches along a selvedge. Getting live loops where there are none requires you to pick up stitches. But what does "picking up stitches" mean? Part of it depends on WHERE you are picking up stitches. Per the below diagram, one common type is picking up along a vertical edge. Knitting Cast On and Knitting Bind Off Techniques. Foot Sizing Survey Results; Contest!

Last year, I ran an email survey: I asked knitters to measure the feet of their friends and family, asking for the following data: I got nearly 400 replies, providing meaningful data for foot lengths 8.5-11 inches, foot circumferences 8 to 11 inches. Disclaimer: although I received replies from all over the world, most of the data I received was from North American knitters. Learn How to Join in New Yarn When Knitting...without Becoming Unraveled!: 11 Steps. Flowers in a Row. Small Pine Trees. Knitted in a multiple of 18 sts, + 11 and a 16-row repeat. Row 1 - right side: K1, * yo, p3, S2KP, p3, yo, k9; rep from * to last 10 sts, yo, p3, S2KP, p3, yo, k1. Pinterest. Buttercups. Repairing a hand-knit sock with a knit-in-place patch. Change Colours And Weave In Ends As You Go. Wrap and Turn Short Rows. Garter Stitch Seams Invisible Join How-tos With Photos. Garter Stitch Seams Invisible Join WOW Tips Here!

WOOL AND THE GANG. Butterfly Stitch. How to Join Knit Pieces with Flat Single Crochet. JL Yarnworks: Tutorial: Jogless Join. Anyone who knows me in a "knitterly" way, knows that I *love* knitting in the round. All about Blocking Hand Knits - L Knits. There are still a lot of knitters who think that blocking is a cure-all for sloppy knitting.

It isn’t. 5 Tips for Changing Colors in Corner to Corner Crochet (C2C) Sentimental Baby: The Fun Way to Learn Knitting. Joining Yarn - The Invisible Braided Join with 2 colors of yarn - Knitting and Crochet. Joining two yarns. How To: The Magic Knot (Yarn Join) - Easy Tutorial. How to Change Yarns Without Having To Weave In Ends. Knit Perfect Thumb Gussets for Fingerless Mitts / Mittens / Gloves. Bubble Wrap. Knitting Stitch Patterns: Bubble Wrap. Triple L Tweed stitch. Free Knitting Pattern Downloads from Butterfly. Butterfly stitch - KNITTING. Simple Knitted Shrug – marni made it. Me and my shrug The inspiration for this pattern came from the need for a shoulder shrug to wear before Barre class. Not that I take Barre classes, but I know someone who does and she suggested a simple something to be worn before you get warm in class.

This would even be good for a yoga class. For those of us who get chillier than others in a big room before the workout begins. Pinstriping: vertical columns of color, added after the knitting is finished. Twist-and-Weave Color Change. Weaving Techniques. Double Knitting - Knitting Community. Weaving in Your Ends. Cheat Sheets for the Knitter - U Create. Knitting Stitch Patterns: eyelet-lace-stitches. Tutorial: Blocking Acrylic Yarn. The Thumb Trick: Interweave Cable Stitch. Buttons and Buttonholes.

Repairing a hand-knit sock with a knit-in-place patch.