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Quilty Folk: Part #1: Learning How to Make the Baptist Fan Pattern for Hand Quilting. Someone asked about a tutorial for making the Baptist Fan Pattern for hand quilting.

Quilty Folk: Part #1: Learning How to Make the Baptist Fan Pattern for Hand Quilting

It seems pretty complicated until you break it down, then you might wonder why you haven't been stitching this pattern all along! For the formal (very structured and tidy) style of Baptist Fans, you start with a basic template. I use template plastic, but cardboard is good too--just make sure it's stiff enough to withstand repeated use. Cut your template plastic (or cardboard) in a long rectangle shape at about 1 1/4" wide and 9 or so inches long.

The Quilting Edge: There's More than One Way to Quilt a Spiral... Quilting Spirals with a Walking Foot When using a walking foot, I love the amount of control I have as I'm stitching, resulting in very even concentric circles.

The Quilting Edge: There's More than One Way to Quilt a Spiral...

Don't get me wrong, I love the wobbly free motion ones as well but depending on the project and size of the desired's nice to have a choices. Single Girl Quilt Along – Week 5. So, your Single Girl is all basted and ready to quilt.

Single Girl Quilt Along – Week 5

Yay! The (mis)adventures of two quilting friends. Charm About You.

Hired Quilting

A Quilter’s Cautionary Tale – Longarming Gone Wrong. No one likes a tale of woe, quilters most of all.

A Quilter’s Cautionary Tale – Longarming Gone Wrong

For those who have experienced it, there is nothing like that heart-stopping moment when you find that your quilt has been mistreated by the person who was supposed to love it and bring it to life. Today we learn from the experience of a friend who is currently damned to the hell of skinning two quilts that were very badly done. Now, let me be clear that there is a far margin between a botched quilt job and just not liking the way a quilter who was let to “quilt as desired” has chosen to quilt a quilt, but at a certain point calling out bad work is necessary, and learning from it is helpful to the quilting community as a whole.

In Longarm Quilting there are a whole bunch of choices to be made for each quilt: pattern, quilt piecing, thread color, stitch length, density, and batting come to mind. Each of these choices has a parameter of viable choice depending on the quilt, the quilter, and the price point. Crappy batting anyone?? The Quilter's Cache - Marcia Hohn's free quilt patterns! Thoughts on how to quilt this Around the World quilt? - Ask The Expert - How Should I Quilt This...? - APQS Forums. I wouldn't stipple in either black border.

Thoughts on how to quilt this Around the World quilt? - Ask The Expert - How Should I Quilt This...? - APQS Forums

Those are the frames that enclose the interior. Piano keys with spacing that matches the piecing would be easy and effective for the outer border. If you can get away with only SIDing the inner black border, that would make a nice frame. If you need stitching inside the inner border, a straight line down the middle would continue the graphic lines and keep the focus on the colored piecing. Taylored Stitches. Quilt Alliance. Quilt Query / FAQ Quilt Query provides expert answers to frequently-asked questions about quilts.

Quilt Alliance

The page combines our Quilt Query FAQ with questions from our Quilt Query Archive. If you have any quilt related questions that you would like to submit, that have not been covered by the experts below, please contact us. Appraising / Value You may get help from an expert in the field. Major quilt shows, held around the country, sometimes offer appraisal booths, where for a fee, quilt experts look at your quilt and tell you approximate date and will identify the pattern. You can do some detective work on your own thanks to the book Clues in the Calico, by quilt historian Barbara Brackman. Machine Quilting Frames. Sewing Tales of a Longarm Quilter. Hello my lovelies.

Sewing Tales of a Longarm Quilter

I hope you’ve all had a fab Monday. The days seem to be whizzing by. And the New Year is looming. There are some many things I would like to do before 2015 ends!!!! Patsy Thompson Designs: Free Downloads. Free Downloads The downloads below are completely free for anyone to use in their own quilting creations!

Patsy Thompson Designs: Free Downloads

To download the files to your computer, simply click on the download button link, and your browser will begin the download. ***For some of you using Internet Explorer, there may be a problem with directly downloading the drawings. You can circumvent this by right-clicking on the file, then choosing "save target as. " You can then save the file to a location on your computer.

Fast and Free, Volumes 0.5 and 1 Fast and Free, Vol. 2 Fast and Free, Vol. 3 Free Motion Fun With Feathers, Vol. 1 Free Motion Fun With Vines & Leaves, Vol. 1 Free Motion Fun With Vines & Leaves, Vol. 2 Checklist: Pre-Flight Checklist (DOC – 2.50KB) Continuous Line Quilting Designs: Machine Quilting Tips on Craftsy. When you frequently start and stop a free-motion quilting pattern, you’ll often end up with a mess of carried threads across the quilt back.

Continuous Line Quilting Designs: Machine Quilting Tips on Craftsy

A continuous line quilting design, on the other hand, allows quilters to avoid starts and stops. As the name suggests, continuous line quilting patterns flow from one element into the next, such as a flower surrounded by blades of stitched grass. Nature patterns like wildlife and foliage make up many continuous quilting patterns, but other designs may be abstract shapes or even household objects. Color Me Quilty. Machine Quilting 101:Picking a Pattern. We are up to week 6 in the Machine Quilting 101 Series!

Machine Quilting 101:Picking a Pattern

I'm very excited about today's post! If you'd like to check out the previous posts, I've added the links for easy access: Week 1: IntroductionWeek 2: Pre-basting PrepWeek 3: BastingWeek 4: Practice, Practice, PracticeWeek 5: Working your way around the quilt. Stitch Length for Quilting with a Walking Foot. By Melba Marshall (Macon, GA) What type of stitch and stitch length do I use with the walking foot? Learn How to Machine Quilt Big Projects on Your Home Sewing Machine. F.A.Q. Learn more about Leah and find the answers to all your questions about machine setup, tables, tools, supplies, fabric, and more. General questions about the project How do you come up with so many designs? Why did you start the project? Local Classes – Pile O' Fabric.

(FMQ) Free Motion Quilting

Hand Quilting. Straight Line Quilting. Machine Quilting - Topics - Quilting Daily. Free-Motion Machine Quilting Free-motion quilting is more than just a way to hold the pieces of your quilt together. Stitching lines, swirls, and motifs onto your quilt can add dimension, depth, meaning, and interest. Machine Quilting - Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series – Pile O' Fabric. This post is part of the Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series. We are going through an in depth series which will teach you everything you need to know to establish a solid quilting foundation. Click here to see all of the posts and learn more about the series. Machine Quilting Tips and Tricks. Machine Quilting. Machine Quilting: Managing a Large Quilt Sandwich.

Paula Reid - Machine Quilter. To Drop or Not Drop - That is the Question...