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The Quilter's Cache - Marcia Hohn's free quilt patterns! Thoughts on how to quilt this Around the World quilt? - Ask The Expert - How Should I Quilt This...? - APQS Forums. I wouldn't stipple in either black border.

Thoughts on how to quilt this Around the World quilt? - Ask The Expert - How Should I Quilt This...? - APQS Forums

Those are the frames that enclose the interior. Piano keys with spacing that matches the piecing would be easy and effective for the outer border. If you can get away with only SIDing the inner black border, that would make a nice frame. If you need stitching inside the inner border, a straight line down the middle would continue the graphic lines and keep the focus on the colored piecing.

Traditional quilting for this type of pattern made up of many small squares is CCs. If you have one or two fabrics that you want to accentuate (like all the brown florals or perhaps the palest fabric) don't stitch CCs on those--just SID them. Another options is diagonal lines through the corners of the squares, following the paths that the different colors make.

Taylored Stitches. Quilt Alliance. Quilt Query / FAQ Quilt Query provides expert answers to frequently-asked questions about quilts.

Quilt Alliance

The page combines our Quilt Query FAQ with questions from our Quilt Query Archive. If you have any quilt related questions that you would like to submit, that have not been covered by the experts below, please contact us. Appraising / Value You may get help from an expert in the field. Major quilt shows, held around the country, sometimes offer appraisal booths, where for a fee, quilt experts look at your quilt and tell you approximate date and will identify the pattern.

You can do some detective work on your own thanks to the book Clues in the Calico, by quilt historian Barbara Brackman. Another helpful resource for quilt dates is the book Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide 1800-1960, by Eileen Trestain. If the quilt is made with mostly straight lines, it's likely a pieced quilt.

Prepared by Penny McMorris, quilt historian and author, 8/00. Machine Quilting Frames. Sewing Tales of a Longarm Quilter. Hello my lovelies.

Sewing Tales of a Longarm Quilter

I hope you’ve all had a fab Monday. The days seem to be whizzing by. And the New Year is looming. There are some many things I would like to do before 2015 ends!!!! Patsy Thompson Designs: Free Downloads. Free Downloads The downloads below are completely free for anyone to use in their own quilting creations!

Patsy Thompson Designs: Free Downloads

To download the files to your computer, simply click on the download button link, and your browser will begin the download. ***For some of you using Internet Explorer, there may be a problem with directly downloading the drawings. You can circumvent this by right-clicking on the file, then choosing "save target as. " You can then save the file to a location on your computer. Fast and Free, Volumes 0.5 and 1 Fast and Free, Vol. 2 Fast and Free, Vol. 3 Free Motion Fun With Feathers, Vol. 1 Free Motion Fun With Vines & Leaves, Vol. 1 Free Motion Fun With Vines & Leaves, Vol. 2. Continuous Line Quilting Designs: Machine Quilting Tips on Craftsy.

When you frequently start and stop a free-motion quilting pattern, you’ll often end up with a mess of carried threads across the quilt back.

Continuous Line Quilting Designs: Machine Quilting Tips on Craftsy

A continuous line quilting design, on the other hand, allows quilters to avoid starts and stops. As the name suggests, continuous line quilting patterns flow from one element into the next, such as a flower surrounded by blades of stitched grass. Color Me Quilty. Machine Quilting 101:Picking a Pattern. Stitch Length for Quilting with a Walking Foot. By Melba Marshall (Macon, GA) What type of stitch and stitch length do I use with the walking foot?

Stitch Length for Quilting with a Walking Foot

Reply. Learn How to Machine Quilt Big Projects on Your Home Sewing Machine. Class Description Finishing a bed-size quilt doesn't have to be a king-size chore.

Learn How to Machine Quilt Big Projects on Your Home Sewing Machine

Award-winning quilter Ann Petersen shows you five easy, large-scale quilting techniques. You'll learn how to finish any quilt beautifully with the same sewing machine you've always used. F.A.Q. Learn more about Leah and find the answers to all your questions about machine setup, tables, tools, supplies, fabric, and more.


Local Classes – Pile O' Fabric.

(FMQ) Free Motion Quilting

Hand Quilting. Straight Line Quilting. Machine Quilting - Topics - Quilting Daily. Free-Motion Machine Quilting Free-motion quilting is more than just a way to hold the pieces of your quilt together.

Machine Quilting - Topics - Quilting Daily

Stitching lines, swirls, and motifs onto your quilt can add dimension, depth, meaning, and interest. Machine Quilting - Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series – Pile O' Fabric. This post is part of the Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series.

Machine Quilting - Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series – Pile O' Fabric

We are going through an in depth series which will teach you everything you need to know to establish a solid quilting foundation. Click here to see all of the posts and learn more about the series. Machine Quilting Tips and Tricks. If you have chosen to machine quilt your project, you need to prepare your machine for the chore at hand. Each machine quilting technique requires a different type of presser foot and machine setting, so read through the following information carefully. If you have pin basted your quilt together, you must remove the safety pins as you approach them. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to stitch over a safety pin.

Not only does stitching over them make them difficult to remove, but it's dangerous! You could easily break your needle, sending a fragment of the needle into your eye. Machine Quilting. The WWQP How-To's Introduction For many quilters, machine quilting is a way to quilt those tops that seem to go together faster than they can be hand quilted. For others, machine quilting is a means of self expression.

Machine quilting can range from an almost invisible stitch outlining the quilt blocks to a combination of threads and stitches creating a one of a kind work of art and everything in beween. Machine Quilting: Managing a Large Quilt Sandwich. Question: For a year I have been learning free hand quilting by machine and I find it very difficult to move my work smoothly and with constant speed. Often my movement is blocked because the heavy quilt won't come over the edge of my working table. Can you give me some advice or suggestions where to find information about feehand machine quilting and what kind of sewing machine is best to do this kind of work.

Answer: I do all my quilting on a regular size Bernina sewing machine. Paula Reid - Machine Quilter. To Drop or Not Drop - That is the Question... I just received a great question from a quilter via email: "I have been sewing for years but as far as the free motion quilting I am a beginner. I just watched the video on how you use the Janome sewing machine. I really am interested in learning more about the "not dropping the feed dogs" comment. I purchased a babylock and love it, but I followed the instructions and drop the feed dogs when free motion quilting and it's really annoying that the tension is so persnickety. but if I could avoid that I think I would be in heaven. " I liked this question a lot because it reminded me of something important today - too often I assume that if I say something one time, you've all heard it and it's old news. I need a monthly reminder that new, beginning free motion quilters are finding this project for the first time every single day, and that saying something once is never enough!

I don't drop my feed dogs.