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Educational Networking In:Ning:General:Art:Classroom Networks:Conferences:Course Material:English as a Foreign Language:English as a Second Language:English Education (Pre- and In-Service):Russian Education:Georgian recruiting :French as a Foreign language :Language Learning:Leadership:LibrariesMusic:Other LanguagesProfessional Development:Science:Social Studies:Spanish as a Foreign Language:Student Organizations:Teacher Education:Technology:Virtual Environments:Visual Mapping (Mind Mapping):Vocational:Other: A listing of social networks used in educational environments or for educational purposes. Please add to this list (alphabetical by category and within categories). BuddyPress: Apprendre 2.0 - Social Network across the world about education 2.0 and learning to learning - Most of the activities are in French in this network !Students Circle Network : Connects students, schools & teachers. CourseCracker: Diigo: Elgg: Facebook: Linked In: Ning: ScolaMates: General: Art: Libraries

210 Websites To Help Teachers Make Learning Fun The 90-Second History Of Education 9.77K Views 0 Likes Well here's an insanely detailed infographic to peruse. It's the history of education and details the past, present, and future. TWITTER ANALYSIS: 40% of Tweets Are Pointless Babble With Twitter being such a hot trend right now, research firms have been anxious to study how people are using the social platform, and analyze trends in aggregate view. One such company, data analytics provider, Pear Analytics, set out to study the contents of our tweets to determine if, in fact, we're all just sharing mindless babble, or if there was something more intellectual going on. Their findings aren't all that favorable to those of us with lofty views of Twitter, because as it turns out, 40.55% of tweets are pointless babble.The Pear Analytics group took 2,000 tweets in English from the public timeline over a time span of two weeks, with 200 tweets captured each half-hour from 11am - 5pm CST daily. They then categorized tweets into six different types: news, spam, self-promotion, pointless babble, conversation, and pass-along value. The clear winner: pointless babble tweets, with over one-third of all studied tweets fitting into the "I'm eating a sandwich now" category.

7 Fantastic Free Social Media Tools for Teachers The possibilities for social media tools in the classroom are vast. In the hands of the right teacher, they can be used to engage students in creative ways, encourage collaboration and inspire discussion among even soft-spoken students. But we've already made our case for why teachers should consider using social media in their classrooms. What about the how? Even when people say they want to incorporate social media, they don't always know the best ways to do so. It's especially daunting when those efforts can affect the education of your students. To help, we've collected seven of the the best classroom tools for incorporating social media into your lesson plans. EDU 2.0 is a lot like online course management systems Blackboard and Moodle, but with a couple of distinct advantages. The founder of software company The Mind Electric, who has roots in education, self-funded the development of EDU 2.0 in what the site describes as a "labor of love." 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Testing Tools | Testing Web Sites A warm welcome to our Testing Tools Directory – a comprehensive list of 311 website testing tools and software applications across 19 categories to thoroughly test your website. Now comprising 311 website testing tools and applications, we have organised the directory into 19 categories including usability testing, browser compatibility, split testing, performance testing and site monitoring. This directory will continue to grow as more website testing applications are added and hopefully you will find the testing tool or tools that you are looking for here. Above all, I would like to make it easy to find the rest testing tools for the job in hand and so I hope this directory achieves that. If there are any testing tools that you feel should be included within this directory then please do let me know. I hope that you found the Testing Tools Directory useful and look out for more website testing applications, which will continue to be added to the directory.

8 Ways Technology Is Improving Education The Education Tech Series is supported by Dell The Power To Do More, where you'll find perspectives, trends and stories that inspire Dell to create technology solutions that work harder for its customers so they can do and achieve more. Don Knezek, the CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education, compares education without technology to the medical profession without technology. “If in 1970 you had knee surgery, you got a huge scar,” he says. “Now, if you have knee surgery you have two little dots.” Technology is helping teachers to expand beyond linear, text-based learning and to engage students who learn best in other ways. Its role in schools has evolved from a contained “computer class” into a versatile learning tool that could change how we demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess progress. Despite these opportunities, adoption of technology by schools is still anything but ubiquitous. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. These eight technologies are redefining education.

Google, OpenDocs, Apple, Others Also in Danger from i4i Last Updated Aug 13, 2009 8:01 AM EDT As I mentioned last night, as part of a patent infringement suit that was brought by i4i, a federal judge has issued an injunction preventing Microsoft from selling Word. But this isn't an issue just for Microsoft, and the implications could be wide spread, should i4i ultimately prevail. Things are hardly set in stone yet, and the injunction would receive a stay should Microsoft appeal, and you can make book that it will. If the CAFC affirms the lower court, then it may not just be Microsoft that is patently in trouble. Patent expert and popular IP blogger Dennis Crouch, an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Law, points out that OpenOffice could be in trouble as well. © 2009 CBS Interactive Inc..

100+ Online Resources That Are Transforming Education Yury Lifshits is working on algorithms and prototypes of new services at Yahoo! Research. Before that he was teaching university courses in the U.S., Germany, Russia and Estonia. Education technology has become a busy space in recent years. With so many startups on the scene, it is easy to get lost. 1. The education system of the 20th century is built around institutions: schools, colleges, academies and universities. We've now seen the first online high schools (Keystone School), colleges (University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, The Open University, University of the People), certification programs (, enterprise training programs (, art schools ( and test preparation programs (Top Test Prep, GrockIt, Knewton, RevolutionPrep, TutorJam, BrightStorm). 2. To build a new educational institution, one needs to assemble a lot of pieces. Another important area is analytics and reporting systems ( 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Facebook’s New Privacy Features: A Complete Guide Facebook’s been evolving right before our very eyes. It started back in March, when Facebook rolled out a new homepage design and redesigned Facebook Pages . At the same time, they started announcing changes to open up the platform: public profiles , profile fans , public status updates , real-time search , and earlier this morning, Facebook Lite . All of this is part of a process we sometimes describe as Twitterification . That’s why we have written this guide to Facebook’s most recent changes to profiles, status updates, and privacy features. Profiles In terms of privacy, there have been two major changes. The other major change to profiles, announced in June, is the ability to have profile fans . Status Updates Status updates have also changed. You’ll also notice that there’s a custom setting. The change brings it more in line with Twitter, which is public by default. Realtime Search As we covered in-depth yesterday, Facebook is currently rolling out realtime search . What’s Next?