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Educational Networking - List of Networks

Educational Networking - List of Networks In:Ning:General:Art:Classroom Networks:Conferences:Course Material:English as a Foreign Language:English as a Second Language:English Education (Pre- and In-Service):Russian Education:Georgian recruiting :French as a Foreign language :Language Learning:Leadership:LibrariesMusic:Other LanguagesProfessional Development:Science:Social Studies:Spanish as a Foreign Language:Student Organizations:Teacher Education:Technology:Virtual Environments:Visual Mapping (Mind Mapping):Vocational:Other: A listing of social networks used in educational environments or for educational purposes. Please add to this list (alphabetical by category and within categories). BuddyPress: Apprendre 2.0 - Social Network across the world about education 2.0 and learning to learning - Most of the activities are in French in this network !Students Circle Network : Connects students, schools & teachers. CourseCracker: Diigo: Elgg: Facebook: Linked In: Ning: ScolaMates: General:

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Presentation Skills Articles Enjoy our Effective Presentation Skills articles. Permission is granted to reprint articles in print or on your web site, complimentary, as long as you... 1. List of Ed Web 2.0 Apps Lifelong Learning Blog / April 2008 / List of Educational Web 2.0 Apps to Jumpstart Your... List of Educational Web 2.0 Apps to Jumpstart Your Productivity There are lots of great web 2.0 apps aimed at students. Here is a list of 25 apps to jumpstart your productivity and help you become a better student today. Become a CNC Tech Specialist with IMTT Canada Campus Location: Mississauga, Ontario Call us today: 905-908-2355 Toll free: 1-855-889-IMTT (4688) Plus – Upgrade Your Existing Skills in weeks with our Part-Time SolidWorks and Mastercam Training If you like working with your hands and are interested in a career where everyday your efforts produce something useful, getting high-quality training and becoming a qualified professional in the machine tool industry could be a rewarding and promising career path. Check out our Career Training Programs: Part-Time Professional Programs

Teachers' Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform : Shots - Health News hide captionTeachers interact differently with students expected to succeed. But they can be trained to change those classroom behaviors. Teachers interact differently with students expected to succeed. 3 for 3: Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Ed Tech Experts Choose Top Tools Which web 2.0 tools are best suited for enabling collaboration in teaching and learning? A trio of ed tech experts offer up their top three choices apiece. By Jennifer Demski07/28/10 Ten years into the new century, we’re still trying to find the web 2.0 tools that best facilitate collaboration—one of the fundamentals of 21st century learning.

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90+ Essential Social Media Resources Now you've gone and done it. You've come across a list so enormous, so useful, and so awesome, our futile attempts to describe it have been lost in the tubes of cyberspace.