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19 Factors That Impact Compositional Balance

19 Factors That Impact Compositional Balance
Imagine a boulder leaning too far over the cliff’s edge. Seeing that boulder you think it should come crashing down the mountainside. It’s out of balance and you feel the tension of the impending crash. A similar feeling happens in your visitors when the composition of your design is visually out of balance. In a couple of previous posts I talked about visual balance and in each I briefly mentioned the idea of visual weight in order to achieve visual balance. There’s more to visual balance than I mentioned in those previous posts and I thought the topic deserving of its own post. Composition 8 by Kandinsky (above) is a study in visual weight, direction, and balance. What is Visual Balance? Visual balance (PDF) results from 2 major factors, visual weight and visual direction. Consider the image below of a small block and a large block on a lever. You likely see the larger block as being much heavier than the smaller block. Optical Center Objects and elements balance around a point. Summary

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Doug Jack ordinarily Extraordinary everyday Doug Jack, Crayon Creator Art fully redefined! 10 Reasons Your Web Design Sucks Good web design is a difficult thing to achieve. A good web design is not only eye appealing, it’s usable, intuitive, simple in hierarchy yet complex enough to keep the user interested. The perfect balance of fonts, colors, whitespace and content can lead to a great looking design that keeps your visitors coming back for more. A bad web design, however, can send your users running from your site. When working on a web design, there are a number of places that many designers begin to go astray.

It’s easy to fall into bad habits, and by definition they are annoying. She may not be able to help you stop biting your nails, tailgating or knuckle cracking, but Angela Nicholson, our head of testing continues her ongoing series on avoiding classic camera mistakes by offering some advice about breaking bad photo habits to help you create more interesting images. So kick the spoilers out of your portfolio and use these tips to start boosting your hit rate! Breaking bad photo habits: 01 Lens hood on the wrong way round Composition assignments & tips for better graphic design Composition, or how we place visual elements on a page, is a defining element that can make or break a design. I’ve scoured the web to come up with a list of resources, specifically assignments, explanations, tips and tutorials on the subject of composition. May they serve as inspiration for graphic and web designers like myself who are looking to refresh their skills or want to get back to the basics and have some fun. Even in front of nature one must compose. – Edgar Degas

Viewpoint: How creativity is helped by failure Image copyright Istock When it comes to creating a great work of art, practice makes perfect, writes Matthew Syed. A design college in the United States has just started a new exhibition about creativity, which will run till January. It is called "Permission to Fail". The curator asked a group of 50 prestigious designers and illustrators to send in their mess-ups, rough drafts and preliminary sketches so that they could be put on display. Now, this may seem like an odd thing to do.

Imaging the paintings under the paintings of the Old Masters Public release date: 29-Mar-2011 [ Print | E-mail Share ] [ Close Window ] Contact: Michael Bernstein 714-765-2012 (Meeting, March 27-31) 202-872-6042 (Before March 27) My Design Process: Everything You Need to Know A recent How Magazine article dealing with the creative process led me to think about my own process. From what I can remember, I never went about trying to create a creative process for myself. I simply tried various techniques over the years and have come back to the ones that have consistently worked for me. For the most part, I start every creative project with words. To me, in the end, you are trying to put certain words and concepts into the mind of the person viewing a particular design solution.

Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 Review: Digital Photography Review Review based on a production Canon EOS 100D / Rebel SL1 running version 1.0.0 Note: We've used European (EOS 100D) and North American (Rebel SL1) versions of this camera. Most of the product photos are of the 100D version, but we'll refer to the camera primarily as the Rebel SL throughout this review. There are no functional differences. Canon has long hinted that another path to competing with mirrorless entries from Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic lay in the miniaturization of its familiar SLR design.