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LOW RES 4614 CUKT Guiding Principles for Recovery A5 1. NESTA Reframing Risk.

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Occ Paper No18. Shaping The Future July 2020 Inspiring Communities. Some Background Information on Individual Ministerial Responsibility : Institute of Public Administration New Zealand. Estonia, the Digital Republic. Up the Estonian coast, a five-lane highway bends with the path of the sea, then breaks inland, leaving cars to follow a thin road toward the houses at the water’s edge.

Estonia, the Digital Republic

There is a gated community here, but it is not the usual kind. The gate is low—a picket fence—as if to prevent the dunes from riding up into the street. The entrance is blocked by a railroad-crossing arm, not so much to keep out strangers as to make sure they come with intent. Beyond the gate, there is a schoolhouse, and a few homes line a narrow drive. From Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, you arrive dazed: trees trace the highway, and the cars go fast, as if to get in front of something that no one can see.

Within this gated community lives a man, his family, and one vision of the future. E-Estonia is the most ambitious project in technological statecraft today, for it includes all members of the government, and alters citizens’ daily lives. “Everything here is robots,” Kotka said. Other benefits have followed. Why Governments Struggle to Innovate - Eddie Copeland. Reading Time: 5 minutes “Why can’t governments and public sector organisations just be more like the private sector?”

Why Governments Struggle to Innovate - Eddie Copeland

This is a common question in the field of government innovation, and on the face of it it seems reasonable enough. After all, companies adopt new technologies to reshape and upheave entire industries. Public sector news, government learning. Resources 2017 version 07. 20160714 StrategyNZ One day Workshop Ian Ball Powerpoint. Website Notification. Joseph Nye: Global power shifts. Is the world turning against democracy? Democracy is in decline – or so a growing consensus suggests.

Is the world turning against democracy?

Paul Schuler sets out the evidence for claims that people are turning to autocratic alternatives, and asks whether they necessarily show a loss of faith in democracy. He proposes some alternative measures that could establish whether people are genuinely willing to trade freedom for a ‘solution’ to anxieties about immigration, inequality and globalisation.

Is global democracy in decline? The amount of scholarly firepower trained on this question suggests it is. The Social Science Research Council, for instance, recently commissioned a series of essays on the “Anxieties of Democracy.” Unfortunately, despite evidence from specific elections that seems to justify the concern, current research designs and survey indicators do not seem able to describe or predict the outcomes generating it. Evidence for a global decline in democracy comes in three variants. On the face of it, this evidence seems compelling. How to Measure Policy Advice. John Tamihere: I've had enough of faceless well-paid bureaucrats. By John Tamihere Who delivers government policy and who is really accountable?

John Tamihere: I've had enough of faceless well-paid bureaucrats

Value Chain & Model Queensland Public Sector Perf Mgmt Fwk. UK review of financial management in government. The Capabilities of Finance Ministries Krause. Institutional arrangements for Public Debt Management. Overview — Office of the Auditor-General New Zealand. A regular and wide-ranging assessment of the factors that could affect the Government's long-term financial position can help clarify what is important for the future of New Zealanders.

Overview — Office of the Auditor-General New Zealand

It also provides current and future governments with the information they need for long-term financial management and decision-making. Long-term financial management and stewardship requires an outlook that considers future uncertainties and plausible scenarios. It is about good planning, not perfect prediction. 2016 kiwis count ar. Guarding the Public Purse Final WEB12.11. Home - Centre for Public Impact. 12 Top Tips: How to innovate in government. System Stewardship UK. The Hidden Keys to Growth : Democracy Journal. Illustration by Sébastien Thibault On the left, to focus intently on economic growth has always carried a small taint of suspicion.

The Hidden Keys to Growth : Democracy Journal

Conservatives and libertarians pushed “growth, growth, growth” for so long that for progressives, who worried more about distribution and equality, the need for growth itself was questioned. Understanding the customer experience with government. Following a public-relations crisis, a federal provider of insurance resolved to change.

Understanding the customer experience with government

An independent task force assembled to investigate the issue declared that the agency had lost sight of its end customer, the policyholder. To make amends, the agency decided to invest in accelerating its claims process, where the controversy originated. But then new research revealed that for most of the agency’s customers, speedy claims resolution wasn’t the biggest issue; what policyholders cared most about was getting an initial infusion of cash fast and having greater transparency into and understanding of what was happening with their claim so they could better plan for when it was paid. So, the agency decided instead to significantly expand its advanced-payment program while increasing communications with policyholders throughout the process to set and manage their expectations. Yet most agencies don’t.

Government’s challenge. NESTA Innovation in the public sector. NESTA working model for anticipatory regulation. Why, what and how? Nesta after 20 years. Nesta - the innovation foundation. WEF GAC FutureGovernment SmartToolbox Report 2014. Ministers' top five bureaucracy pet peeves.