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Sharpe Three horizons a pathways practice for transformation. 3 Horizons Bill Sharpe. U.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future. The Orientation Module will be made available on September 1st.

u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future

All other Modules will be made available on September 8th. While you can complete the course at your own pace, the instructors will facilitate Live Sessions on a monthly basis -- as indicated below. Orientation Module: Schultz 2015 Manoa The Future is not Binary. Become a Futurist. A consultation can go in a number of directions.

Become a Futurist

Based on the issue you or your organization is facing, we will apply the appropriate methods to co-create transformative strategies. For example: Development of scenarios for your institution, organization, or self. Development of a CLA on your organization Applying CLA to your own life journey - creating a new future vision and supportive metaphor. Dr Sohail's consultation experience is vast and spans the private and public sectors around the globe. Metafuture. Maori Futures Covid Scenarios Kia Puta ki Rangiātea. Tpk maorifuture 2007 en. VERGE. We Want to Know the Future of the Coronavirus. Too Bad.

The best prophet, Thomas Hobbes once wrote, is the best guesser.

We Want to Know the Future of the Coronavirus. Too Bad.

That would seem to be the last word on our capacity to predict the future: We can’t. But it is a truth humans have never been able to accept. People facing immediate danger want to hear an authoritative voice they can draw assurance from; they want to be told what will occur, how they should prepare, and that all will be well. We are not well designed, it seems, to live in uncertainty. Hinesight....for Foresight. A colleague referred me to Byron Reese, the author of Infinite Progress: How the Internet and Technology Will End Ignorance, Disease, Poverty, Hunger and War.

Hinesight....for Foresight

Byron kindly sent me a copy of the book. Having just finished it, thought I’d share a few top-of-mind thoughts. As you might have deduced from the title, the author is an optimist who believes technology will solve all o ur problems. What if Covid-19 isn't our biggest threat? When eventually the coronavirus crisis begins to recede and we return to an approximation of normality – no matter how socially distanced or how much handwashing it involves – we can expect some kind of international initiative to prevent, or at least limit, the spread of future lethal viruses.

What if Covid-19 isn't our biggest threat?

As a species we are pretty good at learning from recent experience. It’s what’s known as the availability heuristic – the tendency to estimate the likelihood of an event based on our ability to recall examples. But as the moral philosopher Toby Ord argues in his new book, The Precipice, we are much less adept at anticipating potential catastrophes that have no precedent in living memory.

Futures Literacy. Why is Futures Literacy important?

Futures Literacy

FL is important because imagining the future is what generates hope and fear, sense-making and meaning. The futures we imagine drive our expectations, disappointments and willingness to invest or to change. We use the future every day. FutureMotions introductiondoc January2018. IRCC Newletter. Foresight insight and oversight. Home Page - Metafuture: Futures Studies by Sohail Inayatullah and Ivana Milojević. Foresight Certifications – The Foresight Guide. Foresight Certifications There are also a small number (at least twelve, by our count) of foresight certificate programs, ranging from five days to ten weeks in length.

Foresight Certifications – The Foresight Guide

These, as well as standalone foresight courses, are ideal entry points for most professionals interested in foresight training. U. Foresight Certificate Programs - Global Foresight. Primary Foresight Certificate Programs - Global List Foresight certificate programs are multi-day to multi-week educational seminars, usually over several consecutive days, in person or online, in primary foresight methods.

Foresight Certificate Programs - Global Foresight

They may or may not give a formal certificate on completion. What is Horizon 2020? Horizons Canada Emerging global challenges. Summary Sport Foresight Study (1)

Sport appeals to many people for different reasons. For some, it is mainly about the social life, while others like to exercise to benefit their health. For yet others it is about the performance, and finally there is a group whose main aim is to share the world of those at the top of their sport. Precisely this diversity of perspectives – summarised in the report as taking part, exercise, performance and shared experience – is what makes sport special. – barbaragrieve

Peter Bishop Future Motions Intro to Strategic Foresight. Sir Paul Callaghan Paper Sustainable Future Institute. Dr Peter Bishop Paper Sustainable Future Institute. Featured Projects. 2016 IFTF TYF Map of the Decade. GCPSE Foresight Manual. GCPSE ForesightManual online. GCPSE Foresight Brief. Strategic Foresight by UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence. GPCSE Foresight. Wellbeing EN. What's Next: Top Trends. MTIS Executive Summary. MTIS Full Report. Kedge Strategic Foresight Primer. ES Guide July 13 (2) The Futures Cone, use and history – The Voroscope. From time to time people ask me about the Futures Cone, and how it came about.

The Futures Cone, use and history – The Voroscope

Let me give a brief history of how I came across it before adapting it to suit my use of the concept. I first began using the Futures Cone diagram in 2000 when working as a foresight analyst for Swinburne University (before becoming an academic in the Master of Strategic Foresight). The text in this post is excerpted from a chapter I recently submitted to the upcoming Handbook of Anticipation, ed. Roberto Poli (Springer International). Fingers crossed for an easy road to publication. Singapore Driving Forces Cards 2035. Practical foresight guide complete. Stocktake AJASN. EU Strategic Foresight 3rd programme. Future Transport Technology Roadmap 2016. Shaping the future. About Sitra. POST PB 0027. Topics of Interest 2018 - POST Note - UK Parliament. POST - Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology Published Monday, January 8, 2018 This list sets out the topic areas identified of possible parliamentary interest under the 9 different category headings (Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Forestry, Crime, Defence, Education and Skills, Energy, Environment, Health, ICT and Robotics and Transport and Infrastructure).

Topics of Interest 2018 - POST Note - UK Parliament

Jump to full report >> Where relevant this list will inform the deliberations of the POST Board on POST's future work programme until it is updated or replaced by future horizon scanning activities. This list of issues was initially identified from academic papers and grey literature as having an impact on public policy, and then peer reviewed to focus on those topic areas of most interest, and then narrowed to those considered to be the highest priority through a workshop with parliamentary staff. Acknowledgements POSTbriefs are based on mini literature reviews and are externally peer reviewed. Sharpe Three horizons a pathways practice for transformation. Sitra's Megatrends 2017 deal with transformations of working life, the fatigue of democracy and the economy at a crossroads. Our work with future trends continues with Megatrends 2017: Nordic update.

This year’s review of the most significant future trends pays particular attention to trends that have an impact in the North. This year’s Sitra Megatrends look at future developments in terms of three large trends: In honour of Finland’s centenary in 2017, we want to highlight the megatrends affecting work, democracy and inclusion, and growth and progress that are relevant to the Nordic model. All of these are themes specifically at the core of the Nordic model’s future. Singapore Foresight 2017. Singapore Conversations for the future Vol 1. Singapore Conversations for the future vol2. View of A Partial History of Futures Thinking in New Zealand. OECD Foresight. Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) Canada Beyond 150 - Themes & Methods.

Strategic Foresight Strategic foresight helps us understand the forces shaping a system, how the system could evolve and what challenges, opportunities and surprises could emerge. It is a systematic process that surfaces and tests our assumptions and mental models about an issue and then uses our capacity to simulate and visualize how it could evolve. The objective is not to predict the future, but explore the range of plausible futures that could emerge and develop vision, strategies and policies that are robust across that range.

By exploring how issues or systems could evolve, strategic foresight ensures that we are preparing for the problem as it will be, and not solving the problem as it was. Applied in concert with design thinking, it is used to inform a project in order to develop future focused interventions. Resources. The next era of well being ideals vision and solutions. The next era of well-being. 1. What ideals will the next era of well-being address? The Nordic model will continue to be based on ideals in the future. Canada Blockchain brief. Canada WHAT IF...self driving vehicles were the new mass transit solution for cities. Canada WHAT IF...public infrastructure became smart. Canada WHAT IF...govts are challenged in courts over alleged inaction over climate change.

Canada WHAT IF... the IoT facilitated the circular economy. Canada WHAT IF... consumers took extreme measures to drive sustainable behaviour. Canada Applying Behavioral Insights to Govt Orgns. Publications. Government foresight programs. Governments of many nations have long understood that it is critical to take a structured approach to thinking about the future in order to better build prosperous societies. Below is a summary of major agencies from a select group of major countries that have an explicit remit for foresight activities.

In the next weeks we intend to significantly expand the scope of this analysis to include other nations and a broader view of future-oriented policy initiatives in the countries already covered. Australia Australia has used strategic foresight in its public sector many times including its own Commission for the Future (1985-1998). Scenario planning reports have been produced by the Australian Taxation Service, Australian Federal Police, Child Support Agency, CSIRO’s Data61, and other agencies. FOR-LEARN. A Foresight exercise usually produces both formal or tangible and informal or intangible outcomes. While formal outcomes are incorporated into products and deliverables, informal outcomes derive from the Foresight process itself. Formal or tangible outcomes. FOR-LEARN. How can foresight help to reduce vulnerability to climate-related hazards? – PLACARD interchange. Futures toolkit edition 1.