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The Paris Review - The Crane Wife - The Paris Review. The Devil Inside: Watching Rosemary’s Baby in the Age of #MeToo. The year 1968 saw the premieres of four films that are now cult classics, each one dancing with doom.

The Devil Inside: Watching Rosemary’s Baby in the Age of #MeToo

George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was a black-and-white B movie with a bled-out complexion. Unapologetically gruesome, its story of reanimated corpses who hunt meals of live human flesh rattled adults and left children in tears. Franklin J. Schaffner’s Planet of the Apes envisioned a future in which Homo sapiens, having destroyed its own civilization through nuclear war, is relegated to the bottom rung of a new dominance hierarchy. Looking for the Heroes: The Photography of Sheila Metzner — One Who Dresses. How do we come to construct our understanding of what fashion is?

Looking for the Heroes: The Photography of Sheila Metzner — One Who Dresses

Sure, it's cultural and social. Sheila Metzner. Sheila Metzner’s unique photographic style has positioned her as a contemporary master in the worlds of fine art, fashion, portraiture, still life and landscape photography.

Sheila Metzner

Looking at Metzner’s photographs is a captivating experience. Innocent, sensual, and sexual, each photo, regardless of subject, exhibits and elicits deep emotion. It is nearly impossible to just glance at Metzner’s photos; they beg to be studied. She says, “Photography in its most basic form is magic…This image, caught in my trap, my box of darkness, can live. Stop Calling Asian Women Adorable. In the past year, we’ve seen some improvement.

Stop Calling Asian Women Adorable

In August, “Crazy Rich Asians” was released, the first mainstream Hollywood movie with an all-Asian cast in 25 years. It was a huge commercial success, and many East Asian-Americans said they saw themselves represented in a meaningful way at the movies for the first time. For a while, it seemed that everyone I knew was streaming the Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” based on Jenny Han’s best-selling novel and with Lana Condor as the lead.

How to Make Sense of Scents. Talking about smells can feel a little like talking about dreams—often tedious, rarely satisfying.

How to Make Sense of Scents

The olfactory world is more private than we may think: even when we share space, such as a particularly ripe subway car, one commuter may describe eau d’armpit as sweet Gorgonzola cheese, another will detect rotting pumpkin, and a third a barnyardy, cayenne tang. What surprised me is that using phrases like “barnyardy, cayenne tang” is a perfectly valid, even preferred, way to write about nasal experiences. Many of the most seasoned perfume critics incline toward the rhapsodic, as do the would-be critics who gather on the Internet to wax eloquent about the things they’ve smelled. Versions of Myself.

Durga Chew Bose’s essay collection Too Much and Not the Mood “bristles with slow and tender inquisitiveness, carefully wrought anecdotes and character studies, devotion to detail, and nuanced structure in which form engages with content” (Los Angeles Review of Books).

Versions of Myself

Gigi Hadid On Motherhood and Life Beyond Modeling. Malik caught the baby.

Gigi Hadid On Motherhood and Life Beyond Modeling

“It didn’t even click that she was out,” says Gigi, gazing forward through Dallas’s alert ears as we plod through the upper fields of Harmony Hollow, the farm owned by Yolanda’s boyfriend, Joseph Jingoli, a construction-firm CEO. “I was so exhausted, and I looked up and he’s holding her. It was so cute.” She’s in a cropped North Face puffer, stretch Zara jeans, and worn black riding boots, and looks like neither a harried mother of a 10-week-old nor a paparazzi-ducking supermodel. Aesthetic Consumerism and the Violence of Photography: What Susan Sontag Teaches Us about Visual Culture and the Social Web. Ever since its invention in 1839, the photographic image and its steady evolution have shaped our experience of reality — from chronicling our changing world and recording its diversity to helping us understand the science of emotion to anchored us to consumer culture.

Aesthetic Consumerism and the Violence of Photography: What Susan Sontag Teaches Us about Visual Culture and the Social Web

But despite the meteoric rise of photography from a niche curiosity to a mass medium over the past century and a half, there’s something ineffably yet indisputably different about visual culture in the digital age — something at once singular and deeply rooted at the essence of the photographic image itself. Though On Photography (public library) — the seminal collection of essays by reconstructionist Susan Sontag — was originally published in 1977, Sontag’s astute insight resonates with extraordinary timeliness today, shedding light on the psychology and social dynamics of visual culture online. The Paris Review A-J Aronstein, Author at The Paris Review. “If I write as though I were addressing readers, that is simply because it is easier for me to write in that form.

The Paris Review A-J Aronstein, Author at The Paris Review

It is a form, an empty form—I shall never have readers.” —Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground. Cottagecore meaning: Taylor Swift, Animal Crossing, and our endless desire for calm. On Saturdays, Jesca knits.

Cottagecore meaning: Taylor Swift, Animal Crossing, and our endless desire for calm

‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ – the mantra of the Instagram era. Our social networks have a banality problem. The cultural premium now placed on recording and broadcasting one’s life and accomplishments means that Facebook timelines are suffused with postings about meals, workouts, the weather, recent purchases, funny advertisements, the milestones of people three degrees removed from you.

On Instagram, one encounters a parade of the same carefully distressed portraits, well-plated dishes and sunsets gilded with smog. Algorithmic Control and the Revolution of Desire. Featured illustration by Mirko Rastić. Last year, Stanford University published a study confirming what many of us may long have suspected: that your computer can predict what you want with more accuracy than your spouse or your friends.

Your digital footprint betrays the truth not only about what you “like” but about what you really like — or so the argument goes. But what if our digital footprints, besides revealing our desires, are also responsible for the very construction of these desires? If that were the case, we would need to display a far deeper level of suspicion towards the complex patterns of corporate and state control found in contemporary cyberspace. There is little doubt that innovations in mobile technologies are part of emerging methodologies of social control.

The Paris Review - Blog Archive We Are Built to Forget. Cottagecore Debuted 2,300 Years Ago. If there’s a style that defines 2020, it has to be “cottagecore.” In March 2020, the New York Times defined it as a “budding aesthetic movement… where tropes of rural self-sufficiency converge with dainty décor to create an exceptionally twee distillation of pastoral existence.” The Scramble to Pluck 24 Billion Cherries in Eight Weeks. It was nearing dinner time, and Israel was in the kitchen of a rented house with his wife, Guadalupe, who was cooking tortillas on a hot plate, and their 18-year-old daughter, Nayeli, who was stretching tired arms. Israel and Nayeli woke up at 2:30 that morning so that they could drive an hour and 20 minutes to a cherry orchard near the Oregon border, arriving well before the sun crested the hills to begin 10 hours of picking. They had done the same every day for 10 days, and would do the same the next day, and again and again, for weeks, until Israel’s eyes started to droop as he drove.

Each morning, Guadalupe would be up even earlier.


Arkansas: Images of the Natural State. Beirut’s Blast Is a Warning for America. This trend is not only hurting us, it’s literally killing us. The reason Trump has utterly failed to manage the Covid-19 pandemic is that he finally met a force he could not discredit and deflect by turning it into politics — Mother Nature. She is impenetrable to politics because all she consists of is chemistry, biology and physics. And she will do whatever they dictate — in this case, spread a coronavirus — whether Trump affirms it or not. The leaders of Germany, Sweden and South Korea asserted just the opposite, saying: “No, there are scientific facts independent of politics and there is the common good, and we will bow to those facts and we will serve the common good with a public health strategy.” The other day Trump told a G.O.P. audience in Cleveland that, if Biden won, he would “hurt the Bible, hurt God. Our kind of energy? Yup, it turns out there is now Republican energy — oil, gas and coal — and Democratic energy — wind, solar and hydro.

The Online Movement to #FreeBritney. Aliens Issue Statement Asserting That Sex with Them Does Not Spread the Coronavirus. OUTER SPACE (The Borowitz Report)—In a rare public statement by beings from another planet, a group of prominent aliens declared on Wednesday that having sex with them does not spread the coronavirus. In the statement, which the aliens published on Medium, the space creatures expressed concern that the dissemination of pseudoscience about sex with demons and alien DNA might cause some Earthlings to erroneously conclude that intimate relations with aliens were in some way a health risk. The Pain of the KKK Joke.

We Picked the Wrong Side. When I was in the sixth grade, I met a girl named Nicole. Reimagining Black Futures. What Is Cottagecore And Why Is It Taking Over My Instagram? It’s a tale as old as time: small town girl moves to the big city. Stanley Tucci's Life in Quarantine. 11 a.m. Things Organized Neatly. Student Art Pass. 41 Things That Make Your Home Look A Lot More Expensive For Less Than $35 On Amazon. How to Be Happy - Well Guides. For the Holidays, the Gift of Self-Care. Most of us already know that self-care is good for us. Research shows that people who practice self-care have better quality of life, are admitted less frequently to a hospital, and live longer than those who report poor self-care. While self-care is a simple concept, it can be remarkably difficult to enact. Magazine Included A Gas Stove In Sylvia Plath-Inspired Fashion Spread - NYLON. The internet has uncovered a 2017 Glamour España fashion market guide inspired by the style of poet and author of The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath that seems to trivialize her death.

Amongst the various clothing items, the magazine included a gas oven... after, in 1963, Plath ended her own life by putting her head inside a gas oven. As if the oven's inclusion wasn't bad enough, the bubblegum-pink color choice takes it even further: Anyone who has ever read Plath's work would know that she was fiercely opposed to the stereotypes expected of women at the time. Zadie Smith On Her Transatlantic Style Evolution. Slate’s Use of Your Data. On the Evolution of Fatness in Society. Truman Capote’s Grandest Affair: Inside the Black-and-White Ball. Time Is a Privacy Setting. Book covers still use the phrase “A Novel” for works of fiction.

Book Agent in the Morning, Carpenter in the Afternoon. The Physical Pleasures of Jane Austen's Persuasion. James Joyce's NSFW Love Letters. Love, Obsession, and Sophie Calle. Loitering Is Delightful. Whoopi Goldberg by Ottessa Moshfegh. The Aquarium. Age of Anxiety. Everything you need to know about love, in one episode of 'The Simpsons' Tormenting Meghan Markle has become a national sport that shames us. No Cinderella: Margo Jefferson on the real Meghan Markle. The Radical Thrill of Intimacy. Time. Before we continue... - The Lily. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Complex And What It Means For Modern Women. The Real-World Consequences of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Cliché. New Girl Recap: In Defense of Adorkability. Flick Chicks. I'm sorry for coining the phrase "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" The Bataan Death March of Whimsy Case File #1: Elizabethtown.

The Death of “the Death of” - 3:AM Magazine. Famous men and their absolutely deranged sexts. The Origin Story of Marie Kondo’s Decluttering Empire. A love letter to Diane Nguyen, the most human cartoon on TV. Meet the Man Who Introduced Jacques Derrida to America. The Scientists' Writing Group: Finding Community in a Burning World. On the Infinite Fault Lines of Contemporary Life. Does Art Originate From the Same Necessity That Gives Rise to Beehives? Abstract Art Didn't Begin with Picasso. Mcsweeneys. Paper Cut-Out Fashion Illustrations Feature Patterns Created by Nature. Separate the Art from the Artist — Michelle Hartney. 'The art world tolerates abuse' - the fight to change museum wall labels. The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM. List: Google Translate for My Asian Parents.

Mcsweeneys. To artist Maira Kalman, ironing clothes is a form of meditation — Quartzy. Yoko Ono's The Riverbed is only the latest from the relentlessly positive artist. Sufjan Stevens helped me understand God. Can Calvin Klein scent catch a 'killer' tiger? When Your First Existential Crisis Hits « New College – University of Toronto. How To NOT Have A Graduate Quarter-Life Crisis « Inspiring Interns Blog. On Subtlety. What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship. Capital - The cost of keeping Singapore squeaky clean. No more snooze button: a complete guide to waking up feeling fantastic. Haruki Murakami's advice on what to do when life looks dark — Quartzy. Here Are 11 Ways to Use Yoga for the Core. Malaysia will abolish the death penalty and Sedition Act. What is camp? The Met Gala theme, explained in words and pictures — Quartzy. Future - The benefits of having a babyface. Beyonce & JAY-Z’s “Apesh*t” Video Redefined Black Art In A Historically White Space.

Queen Curly Fry sur Twitter : "4) Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace, an Ancient Greek statue of the goddess of Victory. Beyoncé’s costuming mimics the folds of the statues drapery and positions her as Victory. She is clothed in white, imitating the stat. “French Girl Fashion" is a lie. Marie Kondo's Joyful Army. A SON SPEAKS OUT By Moses Farrow. We must listen to Soon-Yi Previn, as well as Ronan and Dylan Farrow. User Data and Cookie Consent. Slate’s Use of Your Data. Men's health is worse in countries with less gender equality.

China's Incredible Stone Pillars Inspired 'Avatar' Scenery. A Breakdown Of "By The Book" Columns Shows That Male Authors Are Four Times More Likely To Recommend Books By Men Than By Women.