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Norse Sagas. The word "saga", probably mean "What is told".

Norse Sagas

Norse sagas are similar to epic, but usually refer to works compiled during medieval Iceland. Saga is usually a narrative, either in poems or prose, dealing with historical, legendary and mythical subjects, written in Old Norse, during the 13th-14th century. The Trouble with Loki. “Wait a minute,” I said, leaning back in the nicest theater seat I’d ever sat in.

The Trouble with Loki

“If Odin and Company drive back the giants in 936 AD, and Thor and Loki are little kids at that time, how do we have myths about them?” “I swear to God,” said my friend Melissa. “If you try and make every little thing fit, you’re not going to enjoy it. It’s just a movie. Now shush.” Nobody else came to the 10 PM showing of Thor, which meant that our band of five had the whole VIP room to ourselves. Runic Divination. Thence come maidens who know much, Three from that hall beneath the tree: One was named Origin, the second Becoming.

Runic Divination

These two fashioned the third, named Debt. They established law, They selected lives For the children of ages, And the fates of men. - Völuspà Learning to Read The first step in learning to read the runes must be to get to know the runes themselves. This doesn't necessarily mean memorizing interpretations out of a book, although the literal meanings of the rune names should be memorized as a starting point. Valkyries, Wish-Maidens, and Swan-Maids. Dear Viking Answer Lady: I am a high school coach for girls' sports.

Valkyries, Wish-Maidens, and Swan-Maids

The school mascot is "the Vikings" and features a grim visaged male warrior. I'd like to have our women's sports teams be called "the Valkyries" but it occurs to me that I should find out more about the Valkyries before I do so. I'd appreciate any information you can give me on the topic. Also, if you have access to any images of Valkyries, that would be helpful as well in designing team jerseys and logos. (signed) Coaching Our Warrior Women Gentle Reader:

Ragnarök. The Myths. It is a universal truth that the myths of all cultures are the attempts of people to explain the world in which they live.

the Myths

So too, are the myths of ancient Egypt. Within the great epic myths are explained many smaller mysteries of life along the Nile. While enjoying the major epics, be sure to notice the explanations of the Egyptian universe within them. Enjoy! Manual of Celtic & Druidic Prayers and Rituals. Celtic Prayer Book May the blessing of light be on you - light without and light within.

Manual of Celtic & Druidic Prayers and Rituals

Top May the blessed sunlight shine on you like a great peat fire, so that stranger and friend may come and warm himself at it. The Many Gods of the Druid Tradition. This section of the website aims to be an exploration of the many ways that druids work with deity and of the mythology and stories which describe our relationships with the gods.

The Many Gods of the Druid Tradition

It has been said that there are as many interpretations of the gods as there are druids and to this end, these pages do not aim to seek consensus. Each druid finds his or her own path into relationship with deity and here we intend to show a celebration of this diversity. If you are inspired to contribute by sending ideas or articles or simply have a willingness to get involved, please contact us. The Gods. Major Greek Goddesses. List of legendary creatures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mead on the Moon. [featured in the Tell Me A Story column of the Raleigh, NC News & Observer, Tuesday July 20, 1999] Long ago Odin, god of wisdom, poetry and War, decided he would send the hand-some young god known as Mani to the sky.

Mead on the Moon

There he would drive the moon chariot and fill the night sky with light. Odin sent along in Mani's chariot all the things wasted on Earth. He sent misspent time and squandered wealth, broken vows, unanswered prayers, abandoned friends. Mjm202036 / Monster Girls Encyclopedia 2. Here are some more of the Monster Girls Encyclopedia: Look for more pictures to come, if this artist keeps creating and my muse keeps working.

mjm202036 / Monster Girls Encyclopedia 2

Monster Girls Encyclopedia FrontPage. 10 Disturbing Episodes from Norse Mythology. Most people have some passing familiarity with Norse mythology and legend. Even the days of our modern week are named after its gods and goddesses. Norse Mythology. Norse Mythology In Gylfaginning, Snorri Sturluson enumerates the twelve gods and the thirteen goddesses who, together with Óðin and his wife Frigg, make up the Norse pantheon.

Norse Mythology

Aettir-The Three Divisions of the Runes & Their Use in Rune Magic. While Cooper refers to the "Elder Futhark", he uses the names and meanings of the runes of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. Traditionally only the first three rune rows (aettir) of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc are used for divination, although the "extra" runes might be used for magick. Cooper discusses only the these first three rows. © 1994, D. Jason Cooper, Esoteric Rune Magic, pp. 48-63. World Mythology: Greek and Roman Mythology: Mythical Places: Olympus.

Galdr - Verbal Rune Magic. Galdr or Galdor, from the Old Norse, originally meant 'incantation'. The verb "gala" is also used for "to crow". It later came to mean magic in general. 10 Mythological Creatures and Shapeshifters. Creepy Shapeshifting is a common theme in mythology and folklore. Many legendary creatures have this ability, which is represented in a full body transformation. It enables the creature to trick, deceive, hunt, and kill humans. Throughout history many murder sprees have been attributed to the presence of these beings. As Halloween is just around the corner, this list might help to give you all some ideas for a costume if you are going to a party. The Leshy is a male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology believed to protect wild animals and the forests. 8 Overkill Punishments Dished out by Greek Gods. Celtic Twilight Otherworld - Celtic Religion Overiew.

Animals in Norse Mythology. Animals in Norse Mythology. Greek Mythology. In this section are descriptions of Greek Mythology and mythological beings described in the encyclopedia.This new section is being constructed. Achilles Adonis Agathos Daimon Amphion Amphitrite Aphrodite Apollo Ares Artemis Asclepius Asklepios Athena Atlas Bacchus Chaos Circe Cronus (or Kronos) Cybele Cyclopes Daphne Demeter Dionysus Doris Eileithyia Eirene Epimetheus Erebos Erinys Eris Eros Fates Furies Gaea (or Gaia) Gorgons Graces Hades Hebe Hecate Hekate Helios Hephaestus Hera Hercules (or Heracles) Hermes Hestia Horae Hyacinthus Hygieia Hyperion Hypmenaios Hypnos Hypsistos Jason Klotho Kore Leto Leukothea Mandulis Medea Meter Metis Muses Napaeae Narkissos Nereides Nereus Nike Nyx Okeanides Okeanos Olympus Palaemon Pan Paris Perse Persephone Phanes Phorkys Phosphoros Plutos Polydeukes Pontos Poseidon Posis Das Prometheus Psyche Rhea Selene Styx Tethys Thanatos Thea Theseus Thetis Tyche Uranus (or Ouranus) Zagreus Zeus.

Greek Goddesses.