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Car Sharing, an alternative to car rental and car ownership – Zipcar

Car Sharing, an alternative to car rental and car ownership – Zipcar

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Airbnb's growing pains mirrored in New York City, where half its listings are illegal rentals by Skift Apartment rental site Airbnb’s revolutionary simplicity has made it easy for tens of thousands of people to both list and discover lodging options in private residences and book them easily, quickly, and safely. But a basic search on for New York City lodging demonstrates that more than half of the available bookings on the popular vacation rental website are likely illegal according to New York State law. Hosts of these units are subject to fines ranging from $1,000 for a first offense to $20,000 for repeated violations, according to a New York City Council bill passed in October.

Luxury Car-Sharing Service HiGear Launches “Swap Club,” Allowing Vehicle Owners To Trade Cars Luxury car-sharing service HiGear is announcing a new product called “Swap Club,” which will allow its existing car owners the opportunity to swap cars among each other in exchange for HiGear points. To participate in the “Swap Club,” vehicle owners will either need to accumulate points by renting out their cars on HiGear or they can optionally purchase points via HiGear’s website. Now live in the Bay Area and L.A., HiGear differentiates itself from car-sharing competitors like RelayRides, Getaround, Zipcar and others, by specializing in “high-end” luxury vehicles only, like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Tesla. The company will begin to roll out its new “Swap Club” service to select members next week for testing purposes, says CEO Ali Moiz. The feature should serve as an added incentive for vehicle owners to rent out their own cars on HiGear, as doing so means more points that can be used towards swaps – swaps which, given enough points, will be free.

How Data Can Enable Business Disruption: Traditional Retailers Must Take Note Of The Sharing Economy Recently, I talked with the CEO and founder of reBuy about the shifting dynamics in the retail sector as a result of digitalization. The use of data has evolved to the point where data has become the enterprise’s most critical business asset in the age of the customer. The business model of reBuy reCommerce — the leading German marketplace for secondhand goods — can help CIOs understand how the intelligent use of data can significantly disrupt a market such as retail. The case of reBuy offers interesting insights into how the wider trends of the sharing and collaborative economy affect retail. If you can buy a good-quality used product with a guarantee for half the price, many people will not buy the product new.

DriveNow: BMW / Sixt Joint Venture - car sharing The BMW Group and Sixt AG are planning a unique and innovative car sharing venture. With effect from April 2011 onwards – initially in Munich and later in Berlin – the two companies intend to join forces in offering a modern mobility concept under the brand-name DriveNow; this new product will combine vehicles and service of the highest quality with simple, flexible usage. DriveNow is the first car sharing concept to place an emphasis on efficient premium vehicles and comprehensive service. Vehicles may be hired and dropped off wherever the customer needs them, thus clearly differentiating DriveNow from products offered by other competitors. Sixt AG and the BMW Group intend to bundle their car sharing activities in the DriveNow joint venture, in which each company will hold a 50 percent stake. Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of the BMW AG for Sales and Marketing stated: “As a mobility provider, the BMW Group is not simply an automobile manufacturer.

The New Sharing Economy Technology is connecting individuals to information, other people, and physical things in ever-more efficient and intelligent ways. It’s changing how we consume, socialize, mobilize— ultimately, how we live and function together as a society. In a global economy where the means of production are becoming increasingly decentralized, where access is more practical than ownership, what do the successful businesses of the future need to know? What’s changed about our psychology of sharing?

Second AirBnB Trashed Apartment Horror Story Emerges: 3 Ways To Address Growing Concerns AirBnB has been dealing with quite a bit of negative publicity as the story of a California woman, whose apartment was ransacked, robbed and trashed, circulated on popular blogs and mainstream media sites. While the investigation into that case continues, it seems the whole apartment ransacking facilitated by AirBnB thing isn’t a one off incident, as previously implied by the company. The meth pipe found in the ransacked apartment of an AirBnB apartment owner. A suspect in a separate apartment ransacking incident was arrested for possession of meth. TechCrunch is reporting that a man named Troy Dayton encountered similar problems when renting his apartment out via AirBnbB:

Cheap Car Rentals - Rent Car from Your Local Car Hire Companies Why you'll love renting cars on Car Rental? Great deals Independent rental companies tend to offer much better rates wh Read more » Independent rental companies tend to offer much better rates which are more tailored to your needs and circumstances without any unwanted expenses. Transparent price policy We hate hidden costs. Report: Sharing is the New Buying, Winning in the Collaborative Economy The Collaborative Economy Movement Changes Business This report offers critical insight for big brands who are grappling with the emergence of the Collaborative Economy, and for the startups that are driving this growth. For those new to the term, the collaborative economy is a powerful, if nascent, movement in which people are getting the things from each other, it’s a combination of trends like the sharing economy, maker movement, and co-innovation. That means that people go to a site like LendingClub to get funding for their new project, rather than a traditional bank. Or, they may go to a site like Etsy or Shapeways to get custom made goods, or go to a site like eBay to buy pre-owned goods, instead of buying new products from retailers. In each of these cases, the crowd is self-empowered to get what they need from each other. This report contains the following:

Meta-currency - Rheonomy - Eric Harris-Braun In her beautifully insightful book, The Nature of Economies, Jane Jacobs suggests that we must broaden our understanding of economics in the context of the flow processes of the natural world. Near the end of the book one of her characters asks the question, “What are economies for?” One of the other characters answers: “… To enable us to partake, in our own fashion, in a great universal flow” 50 Ways to Crowdsource Everything This is a blog post by Drea Knufken. Image: Wayne Large/Flickr Want something done quickly and well? Sic the swarm on it. Airbnb Is A Brilliant Business Model Guys, Honestly, this make money online thing is not hard. Like, at all. And over the next several days, I will be breaking down this apparently scary topic into bite sized chunks that you can hopefully understand.

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