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Bourse et cotations, actualités financières, bourse en ligne, comprendre l'économie et investir

Bourse et cotations, actualités financières, bourse en ligne, comprendre l'économie et investir
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Trading bots create extreme events faster than humans can react High-frequency trading is the practice where automated systems search for minor differences in price of stocks that can be exploited for small financial gains. Executed often enough and with a high enough investment, they can lead to serious profits for the investment firms that have the wherewithal to run these systems. The systems trade with minimal human supervision, however, and have been blamed for a number of unusually violent swings that have taken place in the stock market. A new paper has gone searching through historic trading for these sorts of glitches and ended up finding a lot of them—over 18,000—all of which took place too fast for human intervention to have driven them. When they generated a mathematical model of this trading, they found that they showed indications of many traders executing a similar strategy, exactly as you'd expect from automated trading systems. The primary victims of these glitches?

Free Icon Sets, Social Media Icons, Web Icons, Toolbar Icons, Icon Tools - Is the National Best Bid or Offer being Ignored? Executive Summary The NBBO lies at the heart of Regulation NMS (Reg. NMS) and is the key concept that assures investors are getting the best price when buying or selling stocks. However, due to the recent industry trend that emphasizes speed at all costs, the NBBO, in practical terms, no longer exists. There is no audit trail that can show definitively whether an investor received the best price on their trade. The regulators do not appear to understand the root of the problem because they continue to promote new regulation, when a simple and effective solution exists: enforce Reg NMS. If any new regulations are needed after enforcing existing ones, we think a minimum quote life of 50 ms makes the most sense. The Death of the NBBO As the lifetime of a quote approaches zero, the arguments for and against a minimum-quote-life rule become more interesting. We admit that was extreme, but given the hyperbole from some HFT marketing groups, we couldn't resist. Still extreme? - Liens GoogleFinance in Docs fails but JSON saves the day Just a simple Python code snippet to calculate commission on trades on two platforms that I use Lim Tan SCB Would love to see Javascript or other versions of these Usual Disclaimer: The calculations are as I understand and are 'close enough' with the actual amount billed (I think it differs a bit due to how they round some values ;/ anyway you should check with your provider for the commission due please don't blame your trading loss on the scripts provided for your convenience :) Source: #Sample Contract Value vol=1000 price=10 volprice=vol*price def commSCB(volprice): "SCB commission is fixed 0.2%" brokerage=volprice*0.2/100 clearingfee=0.04/100*volprice #no SGX trading fee GST=0.07*(brokerage+clearingfee) total=brokerage+clearingfee+GST return total print "SCB commission $",commSCB(volprice)

Student Directory FinAid - The most comprehensive website for independent information on student financial aid. Sallie Mae - The largest student loan company in the United States, offers excellent resources for the financial aid process. Federal Student Aid - Part of the Department of Education committed to making higher education available to all Americans. API Getting Started Guide | TradeKing Overview Welcome to the TradeKing API. We aim to provide an API that allows any developer to write fully featured trading and analytical applications through their brokerage account. If you’re new to working with APIs read through this document and check out the external resources we reference. You should also bookmark this site ( ) where you’ll find documentation, development tools, links to our forums and API update information. As a developer you can head down a few different paths. If you’re interested in partnering with TradeKing as a company or developer get in touch with us at . API Request Endpoint Getting Set Up Login to your TradeKing account Browse to Click "Manage Applications" This part of the site allows you to see all of the applications you have authorized to your account, as well as the applications you have created.

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