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Inverted totalitarianism

Inverted totalitarianism
Inverted totalitarianism is a term coined by political philosopher Sheldon Wolin in 2003 to describe the emerging form of government of the United States. Wolin analysed the United States as increasingly turning into a managed democracy (a concept which has similarities to illiberal democracy). Wolin uses the term "inverted totalitarianism" to draw attention to the totalitarian aspects of the United States governmental system while emphasizing differences between it and proper totalitarian regimes such as Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union. Inverted totalitarianism and managed democracy[edit] Wolin argues that the United States has increasingly adopted totalitarian tendencies as a result of transformations undergone during the military mobilization required to fight the Axis powers in the 1940s, and the subsequent campaign to contain the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and more recently, after 9/11, the war on terror campaign.[2] Inverted totalitarianism reverses things. Related:  Scienze sociali

TEDxZurich: Who Controls The World - OlsenBlog's blog Fri, 30 Nov 2012 05:04:20 GMT James B. Glattfelder – a researcher and trading model developer at Olsen Ltd – had the chance to speak at the TEDxZurich. Read more about James on the TEDxZurich website. Decoding Complexity: The Organizing Principles Behind our Economy It sounds paradoxical, but today it appears that we understand more about the universe than our society. While our traditional ways of thinking and problem solving have been strongly shaped by the success of the reductionist approach taken in science, the new science of complexity focuses on interconnection and co-dependence. As a prominent example, the first global economic network analysis is discussed, offering a new perspective on some relevant issues. olsen ltd, model developer, real-world systems, systems, complex systems theory, science, structure, nature, holism, cybernetics, reductionism, complex system, complexity, researcher

The Left-Right Political Spectrum Is Bogus It might be a division between social identities based on class or region or race or gender, but it is certainly not a clash between different ideas. The French Estates-General in 1789 (Isidore-Stanislaus Helman via Wikimedia Commons) Americans are more divided than ever by political ideology, as a recent Pew Research Center study makes clear. My prescription isn't civility or dialogue, which though admirable are boring and in this case evidently impossible. The arrangement of positions along the left-right axis—progressive to reactionary, or conservative to liberal, communist to fascist, socialist to capitalist, or Democrat to Republican—is conceptually confused, ideologically tendentious, and historically contingent. Transcending partisanship is going to require what seems beyond the capacities of either side: thinking about the left-right spectrum rather than from it. I'd say it's obvious that PHC is true, and that everyone knows it to be true. I'd say no one is so sure anymore.

What did democracy really mean in Athens? - Melissa Schwartzberg | TED-Ed How important is service to your government? In ancient Greece, it was extremely important. In fact, those who did not participate could be fined, and painted red! Although, it may have not been a democracy for all who lived there, all male citizens had the right to equality, freedom of speech and right to participate in governmental decisions. In fact, it was almost an expectation. Read more about the process and its importance to the citizens here. What is democracy good for? Learn more about educator Melissa Schwartzberg at her personal website and her NYU website.

La preuve en chiffres de l'indécence des grands patrons ~ <b>A Perdre La Raison</b> Juste un petit mot pour vous dire mon écoeurement de voir dans le JDD du jour 98 grands patrons jouer les pleureuses et lancer un appel à payer moins pour gagner plus. C'est assez comique je trouve, quand on sait que : Voilà c'était juste ce petit coup de gueule avec des preuves factuelles que les grands patrons n'ont pas à se plaindre puisque ce sont eux et leurs groupes qui bénéficient le plus des largesses de 10 années de droite au pouvoir. Car au final, cet appel est une critique des 10 années d'UMP au pouvoir puisque le PS n'a pour l'instant rien modifié, n'ayant pas eu le temps, en 6 mois, de le faire.

ozio produttivo: La pulsione di morte della concorrenza Attira l’attenzione anche il carattere globale e universale di tale fenomeno. E' cominciato negli Usa. Nel 1997, nella città di West Paducah (Kentucky) un adolescente di 14 anni ha ucciso a spari, dopo l’orazione del mattino, tre compagni di scuola, e altri cinque sono rimasti feriti. In Europa, questi massacri nelle scuole sono stati interpretati dall’inizio, ancora nel contesto del tradizionale antiamericanismo, come una conseguenza del culto delle armi, del darwinismo sociale e della scarsa educazione sociale negli Usa. Naturalmente, il fenomeno delle mattanze nelle scuole non si può considerare in modo isolato. Se l’atto degli assassini furiosi armati è più comune delle speciali mattanze nelle scuole, entrambi i fenomeni sono a loro volta integrati al contesto più vasto di una cultura della violenza della società, che sta inondando il mondo intero nel corso della globalizzazione. Terrorismo suicida Auto-smarrimento Traduzione by lpz

5 Things Movie Dystopias Get Wrong About Dictatorships The Hunger Games. Divergent. The Maze Runner. That gritty reboot of Cam Jansen. Dystopias populated by hot teenagers and evil adults are all the rage. But while Divergent Hunger Runners makes for entertaining drama if you're 14 and can't decide what boy to have a crush on, they're about as accurate in their portrayal of oppressive governments as a Facebook diatribe against Presidente Obummer. #5. Lionsgate The Hunger Games has the oppressed masses divided into districts based on their industrial output. But if you want to keep people loyal to a dictator or beatboxer, the last thing you want to do is give them something else to identify with. Business Insider"We're not building your village a well because Americans will drop your babies in it." It's no secret that life in North Korea is bad, just like it's no secret that life in the Hunger Games' Panem blows harder than Gale. Both governments rule through fear. Panem's fear is internal. #4. You can see the same strategy today. #3.

no-coment The World According to Trump by Bernard-Henri Lévy PARIS – The word “trump,” according to the dictionary, is an alteration of the word triumph. And because Donald Trump, the US presidential candidate, appears likely to become the nominee of the Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, we owe it to ourselves to ask in what sense and for whom he represents a triumph. One thinks of a segment of the American population angered by the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, a group that is now feeling vengeful. The Contradictions of Chinese Capitalism Introducing PS On Point. One easily gets the sense, when trying to take seriously what little is known about the Trump platform, of a country turning in on itself, walling itself off, and ultimately impoverishing itself by chasing away the Chinese, Muslims, Mexicans, and others who have contributed to the vast melting pot that the most globalized country on the planet has alchemized, in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, into prodigious wealth. Support Project Syndicate’s mission

Les communes Émergence des communes Suite à l’essor urbain et commercial, les habitants des villes ont commencé à vouloir défendre leurs propres intérêts et à gouverner leur cité par eux-mêmes. Alors qu’ils étaient assujettis au pouvoir seigneurial, les citadins étaient considérés comme des sujets du seigneur, au même titre que les paysans et les vassaux. Toutefois, les habitants des villes, de plus en plus riches, ne voulaient pas se soumettre aux mêmes règles que les paysans, puisqu’ils ne vivaient pas de la même manière. Selon eux, les règles et le fonctionnement de la ville devaient se décider par ses habitants. La grande charte (la Magna Carta) en 1215 a pour effet de limiter le pouvoir du roi (cliquer pour agrandir)Source Plusieurs villes ont alors commencé à réclamer des droits au seigneur ou au roi, dont le droit de gouverner de manière autonome. Les premières communes Les habitants des villes se sont donc associés entre eux afin de gérer les affaires de la ville, indépendamment du seigneur.

Inégalités et discriminations "Dalla parte dei teppisti" | VICE | Italia Dagli scontri del primo maggio a Milano. Foto di Stefano Santangelo. Il primo maggio me ne stavo a 600 chilometri da Milano, a guardare la diretta degli scontri che come tutti sanno hanno segnato le proteste anti-Expo. La conferma in fondo me l'hanno data quasi subito sia i commentatori istituzionali (per i quali "non è ammissibile che una vetrina importante come Expo venga insozzata da questi criminali"), sia lo stesso commissario di Expo Giuseppe Sala, per il quale "rimane una festa rovinata, è un peccato in un momento come questo con tutto il Paese raccolto intorno ad Expo." In realtà, le violenze di Milano hanno quasi immediatamente sollevato un'ondata di critiche, prese di distanza e condanne, anche (soprattutto?) Poi, nel panorama letteralmente infinito di commenti a caldo sui fattacci milanesi, è spuntato un post su Facebook di Franco Bifo Berardi, eloquentemente intitolato "Dalla parte dei teppisti". Pensi che una soluzione sia, non so, spaccare le vetrine?

creating a tyranny profit motive has no conscience La coscienza del bene e del male | Asia blog Jeff Hawke di Sidney Joerdan Quasi cinquant’anni fa (1971) Sidney Jordan pubblicava le strisce H5401 – H5498 di Jeff Hawke (ogni striscia di Jeff Hawke è identificata con la lettera H seguita da un numero progressivo). Jeff Hawke H5075-H5498 - Sidney Jordan - Ed. Milano Libri La storia narra di esploratori provenienti dalla Terra che intercettavano il segnale di un radiofaro posizionato oltre Plutone, il segnale continuo che emetteva diceva: «Non oltrepassare questo confine». La coscienza imperfetta – Arnaldo Benini – Ed.Garzanti «L’11 aprile 1961 cominciò a Gerusalemme un processo drammatico per l’eccezionalità del delitto e del problema etico che si poneva. Il suo libro sul processo (La banalità del male- ndr), uscito a New York nel 1963, suscitò in tutto il mondo un “putiferio”. Il contrasto fra il senso del bene e fare il male è un tema antico della riflessione dell’uomo su sé stesso.