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Costco Car Rental under spouse's name - Los Angeles Forum. My hubby and I are visiting sunny california in November for a weekend. We plan on booking a rental car (we usually use costcotravel), but we recently discovered that because he is a Roadstar under our provincial car insurance he has free rental car insurance. I am the primary Costco card holder and will be with him at all times, (my mom has the 2nd "free" card), but do not have this coverage (just Mastercard, which I heard isn't as good). I have booked many times via Costco car rental and it was easy and painless, and I know spouses are always covered in California anyway, but it is nice to know both of us can drive.

That is one caveat of the Roadstar insurance is that my husband must be driving as the PRIMARY driver, and the costco website does let me enter him as the driver. Thoughts? Car Rental Hidden Costs. So you think you've gotten a great deal on your rental car -- but unfortunately, netting that fabulous $14.99-a-day rate doesn't guarantee you a cheap rental. Instead, you may find the price skyrocketing as your bill is rung up at the rental counter. Sales taxes, airport surcharges, insurance, licensing fees -- by the time all the extra charges are added onto your bill, you may find yourself suffering a severe case of sticker shock ... and paying double that seductive base rate (or worse). On a trip to Italy a few years back, I rented a car with a base rate of about $110 for three days.

The final total? Including insurance, mandatory theft protection, a 20 percent tax, an underage driver fee, a surcharge for not filling the gas tank, and a few other "mystery" charges written on our bill in illegible Italian, I paid about $380 -- more than a 200 percent increase over the base rate. Ouch. How can you avoid being nickel and dimed to death? The bottom line? Save Gas and Money. Car Rental Hidden Costs. The First 10 Minutes of Your Car Rental. If most auto accidents occur within one mile of the departure or destination site, then most car rental auto accidents must occur within a few hundred feet of the car rental parking lot. We've all done it -- hopped into the rental vehicle, started it up and headed out into the streets. Then, in the midst of airport traffic with buses bearing down on you and taxis nearly swiping you, you're trying to read utterly illogical signage as you start groping for knobs, headlights, windshield wipers, window controls, defroster/heat controls or the radio seek button.

As you get your bearings, you find yourself making every error of every bad driver you've ever hated. To safely find your way into the big bad world in your next rental car, follow this guide. Find Cheap Car Rental Deals Check for scratches, dings or tears. Start the car. Find and turn on heat/air-conditioning. Nine Ways to Keep Your Car Safe on the Road Consult a map, whether paper or via your phone or a GPS. Fix your mirrors. 1. 2. Car Rental Savers (@CarRentalSavers) | Twitter. Car Rental Savers, car rental coupons and car rental discounts!

Cheap Car Rentals - Do I really need car rental insurance? When renting a car, I never know whether to take the extra insurance offered by the rental company. Do I really need this, or are they just trying to fleece me? I have some car rental coverage through my credit card, but I don't know if it's enough. Would you please shed some light on this? - Nancy in Vancouver You're not alone; many of us are unsure about insurance. How many times have we all seen - or been - the person in line at the rental car agency calling our auto insurer or credit card company to check our coverage? Most of us don't have enough money to pay for the damages we might cause while driving, so a certain amount of insurance coverage is mandatory. "But I find that in some cases, you're triple-covered, especially if you've rented a car with a credit card, and you have your own car back home with a comprehensive enough policy," says Milevsky, who is also the author of Your Money Milestones: A Guide to Making the 9 Most Important Financial Decisions of Your Life.

Budget Rent a Car under fire for damage bills. More customers of Budget Rent a Car are feeling ripped off and misled after a B.C. franchise group sold them accident “coverage,” then billed them thousands of dollars — full price — for damage to their rental vehicles. “I think it’s not fair,” said Korean student Soohyun Shim, who rented a vehicle from Budget in November.

He said he was shocked to later find the coverage had significant conditions, which were in the fine print, but not explained. “They didn’t tell me about that. Just they told me if car was damaged I could cover it, within $300 [maximum].” Shim, a Korean student, rented a vehicle to drive from B.C. to Alberta to visit the Rockies, while he and his girlfriend were in Canada temporarily, studying English. At the downtown Vancouver Budget office, Shim said the agent told him if he paid an extra $100 for what’s called a loss damage waiver, he would be “covered” if he had an accident. Lack of understanding “I was satisfied, because I bought the insurance... Money now refunded. Rental Car Discounts. Looking for a car rental discount? On this page we’ve compiled lots of tips and tricks, plus there are links to pages that provide dozens of rental car discounts, coupons and codes that can potentially save you a hundred dollars or more on a one-week car rental!

General Advice on Car Rentals Rental Car Codes, Coupons and Discounts Do You Need a Rental Car? Jump to: Walt Disney World At Walt Disney World, if you are staying on Disney property the extensive Disney Transportation System can get you to any of the Disney resorts, parks, water parks and Downtown Disney by bus, boat or Monorail. If you want to get from resort to resort at Disney World (for instance, to attend a dinner show such as the Hoop Dee Doo Revue, which is at Ft. By the way, if you will be renting a car and you own a GPS navigation unit or are considering purchasing one, click here for information that will make getting around Disney World even easier. Disneyland At Disneyland, everything is very compact.

Insurance. Avis Car Rental (Avis) Vehicle Types & Rental Tips. There are many different rental agencies that offer various types of cheap rental vehicles. Sometimes agency classification systems vary but they are usually similar in many ways. Here is an example of the different classes of cars available by most rental agencies. * These makes and models or ones that are similar. When making a reservation for a cheap rental car, it is important that you know what type of vehicle will best suit your needs. Refer to the above chart to help you make your selection. Before You Rent Make sure you know the type of vehicle you need and for how long you want to rent it. Internet Resources Many companies often offer web-only discounts so take advantage of them whenever possible. Discounts When booking your reservation make sure to look for discounts available to major national organizations, frequent-flyer programs and credit card programs to which you belong.

Get All the Details Once you have made your online reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Beware: California car rentals. OK, I went ahead and called MasterCard services. First, the plastic must be associated with an actual credit card account--not a debit card (or pre-paid-with-cash card) with a MC logo on it. You should also call your credit card to check if your account gets Collision Damage Waiver service if it is used while renting your vehicle. If it does, you simply decline the CDW from the car rental agency, and then use that MasterCard when the rental places a hold on that card until you return the vehicle. (I was never able to obtain a straight answer or not on the issue of whether or not you also have to PAY for the rental with that same card (Enterprise, for example, will allow you to pay for your rental with another card, such as your debit with a MC/Visa logo on it).

I think it should be OK, especially if you return the vehicle incident free.) The matter of liability protection is equally as important as comp/collision (CDW) because, ultimately, someone has to pay. Code Search Tool. Car Rental Coupons and Discounts - AutoSlash.