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4x4 rental safari in South Africa

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Book your safe driving with Bushlore who offers reliability, 4x4 off road capabilities, practicality, ease of use and back up support in Southern Africa. Currently we are mainly using two vehicle manufacturers, that being Toyota and Land Rover.

Have an Intimate Discovery of Southern Africa with 4WD Rental Vehicles. Have an African Adventure of a Lifetime with Self Drive Expeditions. For the wildlife enthusiast, travels in the southern African region are an exciting proposition due to the diversity of fauna and natural ecosystems found here. 4x4 camper rentals offer an affordable and exhilarating way to immerse in the finest experiences this region provides. Popularity of Campsites There are hundreds of campsites strewn over the Southern African region, including at all leading national parks and game reserves. These campsites are situated at good locations and have all the facilities required for a comfortable and safe stay. Staying at campsites is a wonderful opportunity to get close to nature and save on expensive lodging bills.

Imagine waking up and sleeping to the sounds of the African jungle- it’s a unique experience for the adventure seeker. Reliable and Comfortable Vehicles There are a number of 4x4 camperrental agencies operating from major locations in South Africa and Namibia. Travel as You Like. Explore Namibia's Astounding Diversity with Trusted 4x4 Rental Vehicles. From the superb bush land of Etosha National Park teeming with fauna to the harsh desert environment of Namib Desert, from the coastal charms of Swakopmund to the vibrant birdlife of Caprivi Strip, Namibia is a land of stunning contrasts. It is also a camper's paradise with many opportunities for off track adventures. Self drive safaris offer an exciting and cost effective way to explore the richness of this country's natural attractions.

Advantages of Self Drive Excursions A holiday in Namibia is not just about visiting tourist attractions. It is also an opportunity to discover the culture of this amazing country. Guided tours with pre set itineraries rarely offer opportunities to explore life off the beaten track. Self drive safaris, on the other hand, are the perfect economic choice for travelers who wish to have a consummate safari experience. 4WD Rentals in Namibia On road travel can be a pleasure in Namibia as many of the roads have little traffic on them. Choosing Rental Agencies. Discover Africa’s Hidden Treasures with Exciting 4X4 Camper Holidays. Camping out in the African wilderness is an adventure of a lifetime. Southern Africa is a camper’s dream destination - there are hundreds of camping sites inside and outside national parks. Hiring a 4x4 camper rental is the most cost effective way to get personal with Africa’s natural attractions.

Intense African Experiences One of the most exciting ways to experience the cultural, physiological and biological diversity of Africa is by hiring a 4x4 rental and embarking on a self drive tour. 4x4 vehicles have robust designs and offer unparalleled access to Africa’s natural attractions, many of which are located in rugged and remote regions. Benefits of Camper Rentals Choosing a 4x4 camper rental means that you will have the freedom to design your own itinerary – spend as much time as you want at one place or head out to the next one. 4x4 camper rentals range from basic to fully loaded state of the art luxurious vehicles.

Vehicle Rental Company Services. Enjoy Nature in its True Form in a 4x4 Rental in Namibia and Johannesburg. There are several travel companies that offer 4WD vehicles for memorable expeditions into the African wilderness. A 4x4 rental in Namibia is the most suitable vehicle for exploring the attractive yet harsh Namibian wilderness. Skilled drivers can have the opportunity of taking a self-drive and face the technically challenging territory. Namibia in 4WD Vehicle Namibia has diversity in its natural settings; so, if you hire a 4x4 rental in Namibia, you can explore this intriguing country and have a rollicking time. A Johannesburg Drive A 4x4 rental in Johannesburg can take you to places not only in the beautiful city but also other parts of South Africa. Travel in a 4x4 Rental and Experience the Natural Splendour of Southern Africa.

Have an enriching experience in a 4x4 hire in Southern Africa and see for yourself the natural beauty and awe-inspiring land. Travel in the comforts of a safari camper and experience ultimate security and relaxation. Enjoy unforgettable safaris and excursions and travel into the rugged terrains and wilderness of South Africa and neighbouring countries. Explore the magical effect of this region and see for yourself how gratifying it is. Superb Campers A 4X4 rental safari camper is the ideal vehicle for gravel roads into the vast wilderness of Southern Africa.

Most of the vehicles are well-equipped with drinking water and other essentials. Visit Namibia Namibia’s iconic images showcase the truly unique desert landscape. Southern Africa Beckons Southern Africa is considered the best motorhome destination. Make the Best of Your South African Trip with Guided Self-Drive Safaris - Hire Safari, Camping and 4x4 Vehicle.

4WD Vehicle Rental for African Safari. Waterberg Wilderness Reserve - an ideal stopover on the way to Botswana.Special rates for Bushlore clients. Latest News and Articles of Interest Bushlore On Facebook: Join as a fan and see pictures of previous trips and get up to the minute news! Read More Check out these amazing pics sent from Arthur and Vera on a Bushlore safari Read More Bushlore Launches the Toyota Landcruiser 2 Berth 4x4! 10 reasons to go with 4x4 self-drive.10 most popular self-drive routes. Ever wondered how easy it is to put up a roof top tent? Phillip Bruwer shares his Bushlore experience with us Read More Featured 4x4 Vehicle: The most respected vehicle in the remote parts of Africa, The Toyota Land Cruiser. Bush Telegraph vol 4: Specials, Motorhome Launch, Botswana park fees and more.

The ecology of the Leopard in a game farming environment in the Waterberg' is a research project which has been initiated and sponsored by Bushlore. Some useful tips when crossing borders in Southern Africa Read More Special. Hire 4WD Vehicle Rental for African Safari. Going for African safari is like dream come true for many people. The continent is blessed with the amazing wildlife, landscapes, and green vegetation, which is really irresistible for any tourist. Many tourists from different parts of the world plan their African safari to spend splendid time with their family and friends. Even many geologists and photographers also find African heaven for their studies and for clicking amazing images of wildlife in their natural habitat. Before you plan for safari at Africa always book 4WD vehicle rental offered by reputed companies of Africa. Once, you book the vehicle for your African safari you can drive yourself and move at the different corners of Africa without any interference.

In the vehicles you will find everything like water, camps, and other necessary things that person require while moving in remote areas. The 4WD vehicles are also very safe as they are control by GPRS system.