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3 Powerful Web Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos for Your Class

3 Powerful Web Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos for Your Class
October 23, 2014 Whiteboard animation videos are videos that draw themselves. They involve an animated use of images, shapes, characters, sounds and voice-overs to create a clip. This form of video production has been very popular recently and is widely used by some leading educational YouTube channels such as TED Ed and RSA Animate. Creating a whiteboard animation video is no longer a graphic designer's job. There are actually several web tools that allow you to easily put together an animated video with as simple tools as drag and drop. As a teacher, you can use these animations to create and share tutorials, presentations, step by tsp guides, and many more. 1- GoAnimate Go Animate allows you to produce your own professional whiteboard animation-style video using your mouse and your favorite internet browser on GoAnimate! Watch this video to learn more about GoAnimate Watch this video to see how Video Scribe works

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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Great iPad Apps for Creating Stop Motion Videos A couple of days ago Educational Technology and Mobile Learning published a post featuring two awesome web tools for teachers to create stop motion videos and following this article I received some requests to feature iPad apps for creating motion videos. I have curated the list below containing some of the best and most popular apps for this purpose. Check them out and if you have other suggestions , please share them with us in the comment form below. 1- Stop Motion Recorder StopMotion Recorder is toy video camera enable you to make stunning stop motion video like claymation.

Academic Presenter With Academic Presenter you can create big graphs like hierarchical graphs with different levels. In each level, you may want to add some pictures or even videos to clarify the subject and lessen your pain. Because of structural flexibility any further changes can be done without any problem. You can scroll and navigate in your graph easily both in designing phase and presentation. Your created project would be computer independent and all the resources you want will be embedded in your presentation, even videos. Also, It has its own formula editor which utilizes an embedded compiler to put a side LATEX and other commercial equation editors' difficulties.

How to create a hand drawn whiteboard animation video If you haven’t seen a whiteboard animation video yet, then I have one question for you. Have you been hiding under a rock??? Hand drawn, animated whiteboard videos are super hot at the moment, and in this post, I want to share with you how you can create a whiteboard animation video in a matter of minutes WITHOUT the need to be an artist, without sophisticated camera equipment, and without any experience whatsoever. What is a Whiteboard Animation Video? Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Great iPad Apps for Creating Stop Motion Videos 1- Stop Motion Recorder StopMotion Recorder is toy video camera enable you to make stunning stop motion video like claymation. And you can edit, share movie via Mail, 'Facebook', 'Twitter (Twitvid)', Twitter(yFrog) & 'Youtube' from your iPhone. 2- Animation Creator HD Animation Creator HD allows your creativity to come to life on your iPad or iPad Mini!

A practical guide on how to make a whiteboard animation – part 1: the setup : 31Volts [Service Design] Imagine you want to explain something to someone. Something that might be hard to transfer. Like an idea or concept. 5 Ways to Create a Stop Motion Animation User Reviewed Two Methods:Using Stop Motion SoftwareUsing Free Video EditorsCommunity Q&A If you were wondering how they create movies such as Wallace and Gromit or those funky LEGO shorts online, your search is over. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Great Resources and Tools for Teaching Using Comic Strips The use of cartoons in your teaching has several advantages : they give life to those boring and mal-crafted lesson plans, they promote students engagement, they improve students learning, they prolong students attention span, and they also enhance students communicative and linguistic competences. But when it comes to looking for the educational cartoons and comics to use in the classroom , teachers feel stalled because of the paucity of resources. This is no longer the case, with the list below, you can have free access to dozens of cartoons created specifically to serve teachers needs. We have also provided some web tools in case you want to create your own cartoons. 1- Cartoon Resources 1- Cagle Cartoons This is a great resource for cartoons about education.

12 Tools To Create Powerful Presentations About two weeks ago, I wrote an article about representing information in form of an infographic. You can read the article here: 17 Fantastic Infographic Generators! Today, in this article I would write about another form of representing information i.e. through a presentation. Create Interactive Videos on Wideo Wideo is a nice tool for creating Common Craft-style videos. You can create animated videos on Wideo by dragging and dropping clipart and text in storyboard frames. You set the position and animation sequence for each element in each storyboard frame. When you have completed your storyboards Wideo generates a video for you. This week Wideo added a new feature that allows you to build interactive buttons into each frame of your video. 17 visualisation tools to make your data beautiful You don’t need to be a seasoned data scientist or have a degree in graphic design in order to create incredible data visualisations. It has become a lot simpler to mine your data and interpret your insights in an engaging, attractive, and most importantly easy to understand way. This is a list of various different free and premium tools and platforms available which will allow you to communicate data in a variety of different formats, from interactive charts, to infographics, to maps, to word clouds. Not all will be suitable for your particular data set or your audience, but its certainly worth experimenting with a few to seek out the most relevant. Hopefully you’ll not only learn some new skills and find some new creative tools, but also learn something about your own data.

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