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Breakthrough Nanotechnology Will Bring 100 Terabyte 3.5-inch Digital Data Storage Disks

Breakthrough Nanotechnology Will Bring 100 Terabyte 3.5-inch Digital Data Storage Disks
Have you ever dream of 100 terabyte of data per 3.5-inch disk? New patented innovation nanotechnology from Michael E. Thomas, president of Colossal Storage Corporation, makes it real. Michael invented and patented the world's first and only concept for non-contact UV photon induced electric field poling of ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals, which offers the possibility of controlling and manipulating light within a UV/Deep Blue frequency of 1 nm to 400 nm. It took him 14 years to find a practical conceptualization that would work to advance the storage industry; 3D Volume Holographic Optical Storage Nanotechnology, for which Michael holds the patents. • Join on Facebook! This invention and patents on a technique for changing matter at the molecular level is one of the World's only new enabling technologies, having many hundreds of electro-optic applications. “In 1974 I was making 5 Megabyte disk packs - the biggest at that time in the world.

A Showcase of Workstations that’ll Make You Jealous Whether you’re a designer, developer, animator, or blogger, your workstation plays a major role in how you get things done. Some of us like a neat, clean, and inspiring workspace, while others require a crazy over-the-top hardware configuration. In this article, we’ve compiled a showcase of photos that will give you workstation envy. The thing about workstations is that even if you have a nice one, seeing another awesome setup can make you a bit jealous. About the Author Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. Related Posts 389 shares Colorful Logos for Your Inspiration We’ve rounded up some examples of logo designs that make excellent use of color. Read More 745 shares 11 Inspiring Examples of Dark Colors in Web Design Deciding when to go dark can be tricky, but the decision should always be about enhancing the content and the user experience.

Want Siri for Android? Try Vlingo [Infographic] While Siri isn’t perfect, the voice-controlled assistant is definitely an innovative feature of the iPhone 4S and it’s something that may make Android fans jealous. While we’ve seen some Siri competitors on Android before, we’ve been fans of Vlingo for a long time and the company just put out an infographic about why it offers more features than Siri. The funny thing is that both Siri and Vlingo are now connected through Nuance, as this company provides the voice-recognition technology for Apple’s iPhone 4S and it just acquired Vlingo. Still, the infographic is interesting to see and if you’re on an Android phone and want a taste of voice controls, feel free to download Vlingo here. About The Author Marin Perez Marin Perez has torture tested cell phones and smartphones for industry leaders like CNET and InformationWeek. Sell Your Old Cell Phone for Cash Buy a New Cell Phone

Birds evolving faster in Americas, study says - Technology & Science The rate of evolution of birds appears to be accelerating, particularly in North and South America, says new research based on a genetic family tree of every bird species known to man. Using a genetic map of 9,993 bird species, a team of researchers — including scientists at B.C.'s Simon Fraser University — found that the rate of bird diversification is increasing, particularly in North America, parts of Asia and South America. "We find that birds have undergone a strong increase in diversification rate from about 50 million years ago to the near present," the scientists say in a study published in the journal Nature today. Based on previous studies, the researchers expected to reach the opposite conclusion and find that the rate at which new bird species proliferate would diminish over time, in part as a result of human impacts on natural habitats. "Perhaps birds are special," said Mooers in a statement. Changing climate may play a role, researchers say

AR.Drone - How does it work? - AR.Drone specifications “Create high-quality and stable movie shots” The Director mode lets you program automaticmovements so that you can shoot great videos justlike a movie director. Choose your movement: traveling, pan, crane… Adjust speed and moves in real time to compose your video sequence Stabilization system and video post-processing to get clean smooth shots Tune camera settings such as white balance, exposure and luminosity Selection of key sequences in the video Video sharing on YouTube and AR.Drone Academy *In-app purchase on ar.freeflight Learn more Camera moves USB Stick Contains Dual-Core Computer, Turns Any Screen Into an Android Station | blog Is that a USB key in your pocket or a dual-core computer? Today, Norwegian company FXI technologies showed off a USB stick-sized portable computer prototype, complete with a dual-core 1.2-GHz Samsung Exynos ARM CPU (same as in the Galaxy S II), 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI-out and a microSD card slot for memory. Codenamed Cotton Candy because its 21 gram weight is the same as a bag of the confection, the tiny PC enables what its inventor calls “Any Screen Computing,” the ability to turn any TV, laptop, phone, tablet, or set-top box into a dumb terminal for its Android operating system. The Cotton Candy has a USB 2.0 connector on one end and an HDMI jack on the other.

Print - 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years · People will be fluent in every language. With DARPA and Google racing to perfect instant translation, it won't be long until your cellphone speaks Swahili on your behalf. · Software will predict traffic jams before they occur. · Climate-controlled jackets will protect soldiers from extreme heat and cold. · Nanoparticles will make chemotherapy far more effective. · Electric cars will roam (some) highways. · Athletes will employ robotic trainers. · Bridges will repair themselves with self-healing concrete. · Digital "ants" will protect the U.S. power grid from cyber attacks. · Scrolls will replace tablets. Your Car Will Be Truly Connected As we branch out as a species, it's quite reasonable to think that we'll send 3D printers to other planets to print habitats for humans prior to our arrival. — Dave Evans, Chief Technology Officer and Resident Futurist, Cisco Systems · Your genome will be sequenced before you are born. 10 Things That Will Remain the Same · Passwords will be obsolete.

World's smallest battery will put power everywhere | Crave Researchers have built a battery that's six times thinner than a bacterium. The microscopic power pack could be used to run all sorts of minuscule electronic devices, including sensors that spy on single cells. Does this mean we'll start seeing commercials for the Energizer bacterium? At 150 nanometers wide, the nano battery is hundreds of times thinner than a human hair and more than 60,000 times smaller than a AAA battery. How many "A"s is that? The little battery, developed at Rice University, is actually a cross between a battery and a supercapacitor. Arrays of these nano batteries could be used to power implantable medical devices, chemical and biological sensors, and microscopic wireless networks. In addition, they could be combined with tiny energy-harvesting devices . The skinnier-than-a-bacterium battery is currently a lab prototype, which means all the details aren't yet worked out.

Build your own LCD Video Projector Here are some other LCD projector plans recently mailed to me by somebody, I scanned them in for you: By the time you are done going through all this information, you should be able to build a video projector that will work as well as any one of the brand name LCD video projectors that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, for less than $300. To get started you need to know how these projectors work. Why use an LCD projector over a standard CRT/TV frensnel lens magnified projector? Choosing an LCD monitor for your projector: A decent LCD monitor which ranges in size from 2 to 5 inches diagonally, can be purchased via many internet or traditional vendors for under $100 USD. Here you will find plans, wiring diagrams, and a complete list of all parts & materials needed, with step by step instructions to guide you through the construction process. Where to buy pre-built projectors: You can buy these projectors pre-built. I did a quick search and came up with the following.

10 Futuristic Materials Lifeboat Foundation Safeguarding Humanity Skip to content Switch to White Special Report 10 Futuristic Materials by Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board member Michael Anissimov. 1. Aerogel protecting crayons from a blowtorch. This tiny block of transparent aerogel is supporting a brick weighing 2.5 kg. Aerogel holds 15 entries in the Guinness Book of Records, more than any other material. Carbon nanotubes are long chains of carbon held together by the strongest bond in all chemistry, the sacred sp2 bond, even stronger than the sp3 bonds that hold together diamond. “Metamaterial” refers to any material that gains its properties from structure rather than composition. We’re starting to lay down thick layers of diamond in CVD machines, hinting towards a future of bulk diamond machinery. Diamonds may be strong, but aggregated diamond nanorods (what I call amorphous fullerene) are stronger. Transparent alumina is three times stronger than steel and transparent. inShare28 Materials

New details of Apple's campus: Really 21st century? | Technically Incorrect When people tell you a structure is 21st century, and it really does look like something out of a science fiction movie, do you feel the slightest bit robbed? If the future was so easily predicted by Stanley Kubrick or Steven Spielberg, isn't it something of a letdown to have to live in it? I merely ask this Saturday morning question on staring, without even the first coffee, at pictures and new details of Apple's proposed Campus 2 in Cupertino, Calif. I am grateful to Apple Insider for directing me to these, released by the City of Cupertino, for they give even greater breadth to the company's vision (I have embedded the full plans below). For we are now in the phase in which Apple's plans are being reviewed. There will, though, apparently be an analysis of the environmental impact of the building (there'll be most cash in the environment, surely). Apple first revealed details of this vast circular compound on June 7. But does it really have the glory of the Guggenheim in Bilbao? Intro

projects Installing NAS4FreeApril 09, 2013 With so many of our memories and purchases existing only in the digital realm, having a reliable method of storing them is essential. We've written a guide to help you to install NAS4Free - free software which provides several methods of protecting your data by mirroring it across multiple disks. NAS4Free is very scalable product supporting both UFS and ZFS, meaning it is a great choice for Mini-ITX systems - which can vary from low power consumption Atoms up to powerful Core i7 and Xeon based systems. Installing NAS4Free Building an XBMC 12 Home Theatre PC with a Mini-ITX motherboardFebruary 28, 2013 We are long time fans of XBMC here at Here's how to do it. Building an XBMC 12 Home Theatre PC with a Mini-ITX motherboard XBMC Guide updated to version 10.0January 25, 2011 We have updated our guide to building an ION-powered HTPC using XBMC to version 10.0. Building an ION powered HTPC with XBMC Building a Green PCAugust 06, 2010 The "CAUV 2008"

How to sail around the world for free: Five ways to live the dream You don't have to be a wealthy yacht owner to sail into the sunset. CNN takes a look at five ways to travel the globe for free. Many private yacht owners offer free food and board for volunteer crew members. "It's not necessary to have sailing qualifications, it's more important to have the right attitude," said Kylie Gretener of When 84-year-old Alaskan Jo Ryman Scott (pictured) and her 86-year-old husband, Dick, joined a yacht in Greece recently, they had no previous sailing experience. But they were able to help out with some of the cooking and cleaning and had great stories to keep the crew entertained. Queen Sofia of Spain (left) -- pictured with Princess Letizia of Spain (right) and daughter Princess Leonor of Spain -- surely has no trouble finding nannies to look after her grandchildren. Greenpeace is just one environmental organization advertising for volunteers on its research vessels. Open seas Volunteer as crew Be a companion Care for kids Cook up a storm Be a friend

13-year-old's solar project generates heat if not light | Crave Who decided solar panels should be flat? A seventh-grader from New York has worked out that solar panels arranged more like tree branches may capture more light than flat panels. For real, kind of. Aidan Dwyer, 13, noticed that tree branch patterns are Fibonacci numbers, postulated that it had to do with photosynthesis, took some pretty involved measurements of an oak tree, built a PVC-pipe solar array in the same shape, built a flat solar panel, compared how much light each captured over time, and voila, he had an award-winning science experiment and a great-sounding theory: trees evolved with these patterns for good reason. He found that tree-shaped pattern is as much as 50 percent more efficient than the flat panel, depending on the time of year. Here's where the story takes an interesting turn. And even if Dwyer's experiment holds up to scrutiny, there's a lot involved in making a successful solar module. But the kid isn't necessarily barking up the wrong tree. (Via PopSci)