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Professional Survey Edits There is an old saying that a wisely put question contains half of an answer. On the flip side there are quite a lot of mistakes that one can make creating a survey. Get a peace of mind and let our experts take your input and use it to create meaningful balanced survey following your goals and best practices. Advanced Survey Analysis Creating a great survey, properly targeting and fielding it is just 2/3 of the success. Extracting the right insights from the data is an art and a science that requires a lot of experience and skills. Our Research Specialists will slice and dice the stats for you, perform crosstab analysis to make sure you get maximum value out of your study.

Tim Macer's research technology blog The Economist recently ran an article on “Big Data” in its special report on International Banking. Its assessment of banking is of an industry surprisingly resistant to embracing the internet as an agent of change in banking practice. It reveals, counter-intuitively, that the number of bank branches has actually risen by 10-20% in most developed economies – yet most customers pass through their doors once a year rather than once a week, as used to be the case. The newspaper explains this paradox thus: banks with a denser branch network tend to do better, so adding more branches is rewarded by more business. But it’s business on the bank’s terms, not necessarily the customer’s.

Smart Alarm Clock with Artificial Intelligence by BONJOUR Risks and challenges Our team already has more than 50 years of experience in designing, producing and selling hardware devices. We already outsourced the manufacturers, developed the software, and teamed up with the best technology providers. Quipol Thousands of you have built polls to learn from and interact with the world, and I want to thank you now for your patronage, your feedback, and all the excitement that you have brought to my life. I owe you an explanation, so here it is: We’re not out of money, and we’re not out of passion—on the contrary, this journey has ended so that another one can begin. In July of 2012, I started building a new application with three other gentlemen, with the hopes of bringing a new level of simplicity, elegance, and usability to business-based education and training. I wanted to take everything I’d learned at Quipol about dead-simple workflows and ease-of-use and bring it to a market filled with products where the opposite was the rule.

[bizodo] Online Form Builder and Project Management Software Before we can continue,we need a little info from you... Please enter your valid email address below. We'll set you up with an account to store your document and use this email address to update you on activity related to it. Signup is simple,all we need is your email address... Online Community Forum Software For Customer Feedback System <a href=" title="Contact us" target="_blank">Questions? Feedback?</a> powered by <a href=" title="Olark live chat software">Olark live chat software</a> Get Satisfaction customer community platform Everything you need to create a powerful and engaging community your customers will love. FREE TRIAL A whole new way to interact with your customers.

Disease-resistant elms aim of Canadian research - Technology & Science Scientists at the University of Guelph are cloning elm trees they believe are resistant to Dutch elm disease, a fungus that has devastated the North American elm tree population. Their work features a method that is the first of its kind for replicating elms that have survived the onslaught of the European tree sickness. Dr. Praveen Saxena developed a nutrient-enriched gel to help cloned disease-resistant elms grow.

Get More Done: The Complete Introduction to Task Management Do you ever get that sinking feeling that you’re wasting your time? This guide will teach you how to manage your tasks, prioritize properly, and get a ton of important work done. Since I started writing this guide, I’ve increased my productivity by around 340%. Consumer Surveys: How it works We show your questions across a network of premium online news, reference and entertainment sites, where it gets embedded directly into content, as well as through our mobile app. On the web, people answer questions in exchange for access to that content, an alternative to subscribing or upgrading. We infer the person’s gender, age, and geographic location based on their browsing history and IP address. On mobile, people answer questions in exchange for credits for books, music, and apps.

Developing Dynamic Surveys Smart surveys that present the respondent with questions and answers specifically tailored to each individual respondent improve response rates and improve the integrity of collected data. offers the ability to create smart surveys using a simple point and click interface. Many techniques may be utilized when developing surveys that dynamically direct a respondent through a survey based on the respondent's prior survey responses. The standard example is Simple Branching. For instance, if a respondent answers 'Dissatisfied' to a question regarding support satisfaction, then show a series of questions to gather more information regarding their feedback; alternatively, skip the additional information questions.

Voice of the Customer Show Lobby links: 1 level lobby with images Today’s customers demand service when and how it’s most convenient for them—by phone or in person, on the web, via self-service or even social media. For organizations it makes it difficult to provide a consistent, effective and compelling customer experience across all communication channels. NICE Voice of the Customer solutions help organizations understand the customer perspective, act upon it, and drive customer-focus throughout the service organization. Global LNG Technology Insights and Evaluation – Small LNG Trains Regain Momentum Global LNG Technology Insights and Evaluation - Small LNG Trains Regain Momentum Global LNG Technology Insights and Evaluation from LNGReports is a complete report on liquefaction technologies. The report provides all the technical and commercial aspects of developing a liquefaction terminal. Recent trends in liquefaction technology along with industry outlook are covered. Various technology providers available along with their technologies, operational and planned projects are provided. Further, all key components in development of liquefaction process are detailed. Leading constructor profiles are discussed in detail.

Problem Solution fit canvas - innovative tool to help entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, growth hackers and marketers Problem-Solution fit Your solution If you are trying to find a new solution to an existing problem, fill in this block after you get a better overview of real situation. If you are working on existing solution (exploring growth strategies, problem with activation or solution adoption etc.), fill in this block first, and then see whether your solution is still relevant after all the blocks are filled in. Try to spot patterns and repeated keywords by listing problems and behavior, related to it.

Consumer Behavior - Consumers, Social Issues Consumer behavior is the study of the way individuals, groups or organizations make decisions with respect to the purchase, consumption and disposal of goods and services. It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics and behavioral variables in an attempt to understand people's wants. Consumer behavior study also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends and society in general. The term consumer behavior describes two different kinds of consuming entities: personal consumers and organizational consumers. FastCustomer Raises $750K So You Don’t Have To Wait On Hold Call hold deferral app FastCustomer is announcing that it has raised $750K worth of seed funding from 500 Startups, Bullet Time Ventures, Andrew Warner, Maneesh Arora,, Carnet Williams, Tom Kulzer and Henry Parry-Okeden. Attempting to finally alleviate long hold times for people who have better things to do than wait on hold (um, all of us), FastCustomer lets you register your phone number via an app and then allows you select from one of 2500 companies you’d like to call, offering to call you back when there’s a human available to talk to. The app is in the same space as Lucyphone and Fonolo but differentiates itself by streamlining the process into one click. Fast Customer CEO Aaron Dragushan tells me that since February the service has saved users over 500K minutes on hold and now has 50K users across both its iPhone and Android apps.