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Shocking Facts You Did Not Know A Minute Ago

Shocking Facts You Did Not Know A Minute Ago

Algorithms Take Control of Wall Street | Magazine Today Wall Street is ruled by thousands of little algorithms, and they've created a new market—volatile, unpredictable, and impossible for humans to comprehend.Photo: Mauricio Alejo Last spring, Dow Jones launched a new service called Lexicon, which sends real-time financial news to professional investors. This in itself is not surprising. The company behind The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires made its name by publishing the kind of news that moves the stock market. Lexicon packages the news in a way that its robo-clients can understand. An app that jams with you. A good session player is hard to find, but ujam is always ready to rock. Before ujam’s AI can lay down accompaniment, it must figure out which notes the user is singing or playing. The service is still in alpha, but it has attracted 2,500 testers who want to use the AI to explore their musical creativity—and they have the recordings to prove it. —Jon Stokes That increasingly describes the entire financial system.

Sites de rencontres ? « Cette fois, ça s’est vraiment bien passé, à tout point de vue », raconte un patient après un énième rendez-vous contracté sur un site de rencontres pour célibataires. C’est la première fois qu’il la voyait, il a passé la nuit chez elle et ils ont « beaucoup parlé ». « C’était vraiment différent, précise-t-il, mais ce qui m’a pris la tête, c’est qu’en rentrant chez moi, je me suis reconnecté sur le site pour voir mes messages, et j’ai vu qu’elle était déjà reconnectée. Elle devait déjà chercher d’autres mecs » ! Cette petite séquence montre bien l’emprise dans laquelle les deux jeunes gens semblent se trouver, non pas épris éventuellement l’un de l’autre, mais pris l’un comme l’autre dans les filets de tous les possibles à portée de clics. J’ai été frappé de constater la véritable addiction que ces sites de rencontres pouvaient impliquer chez des individus.

Ranking 37th — Measuring the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System | Health Policy and Reform Evidence that other countries perform better than the United States in ensuring the health of their populations is a sure prod to the reformist impulse. The World Health Report 2000, Health Systems: Improving Performance, ranked the U.S. health care system 37th in the world1 — a result that has been discussed frequently during the current debate on U.S. health care reform. The conceptual framework underlying the rankings2 proposed that health systems should be assessed by comparing the extent to which investments in public health and medical care were contributing to critical social objectives: improving health, reducing health disparities, protecting households from impoverishment due to medical expenses, and providing responsive services that respect the dignity of patients. Despite the limitations of the available data, those who compiled the report undertook the task of applying this framework to a quantitative assessment of the performance of 191 national health care systems.

Computers in Human Behavior - Loneliness and social uses of the Internet Abstract Loneliness has been associated with increased Internet use. Lonely individuals may be drawn online because of the increased potential for companionship, the changed social interaction patterns online, and as a way to modulate negative moods associated with loneliness. Online, social presence and intimacy levels can be controlled; users can remain invisible as they observe others’ interactions, and can control the amount and timing of their interactions. Anonymity and lack of face-to-face communication online may decrease self-consciousness and social anxiety, which could facilitate pro-social behavior and enhance online friendship formation. Keywords Internet; Loneliness; CMC; Disturbed use of Internet; Social behaviors Copyright © 2003 Elsevier Ltd. Janet Morahan-Martin is a professor of psychology at Bryant College. Phyllis Schumacher is a professor of mathematics at Bryant College.

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