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Shocking Facts You Did Not Know A Minute Ago

Shocking Facts You Did Not Know A Minute Ago
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Watch This Remarkable Teenager Come Out to Her Whole School on MLK Day - Culture - GOOD Kayla Kearney is a senior at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa, California. She's also a lesbian, a secret she kept from her friends and family her whole life. But at a school assembly honoring Martin Luther King Jr. earlier this month, that all changed. Prior to the assembly, Kearney asked a teacher if, rather than singing a song or performing a dance routine like her classmates, she could give a speech. "Facing this reality was the most challenging thing I've ever had to do in my entire life," says Kearney, "simply because I knew that for the rest of my life I was going to face a world that told me I was wrong." We think Reverend King would have been proud of Kearney, and tried to allay her fears with one of his most famous quotes: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow - Interactive Feature Electric Clothes Physicists at Wake Forest University have developed a fabric that doubles as a spare outlet. When used to line your shirt — or even your pillowcase or office chair — it converts subtle differences in temperature across the span of the clothing (say, from your cuff to your armpit) into electricity. And because the different parts of your shirt can vary by about 10 degrees, you could power up your MP3 player just by sitting still. According to the fabric’s creator, David Carroll, a cellphone case lined with the material could boost the phone’s battery charge by 10 to 15 percent over eight hours, using the heat absorbed from your pants pocket. Richard Morgan Chris Nosenzo The New Coffee Soon, coffee isn’t going to taste like coffee — at least not the dark, ashy roasts we drink today. Analytical Undies Your spandex can now subtly nag you to work out. The Morning Multitasker Clean Hair, No Hands Tim WuAuthor of “The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires”

tpyography Let's Make Health Care About Health: My CRYSTAL Clear Stance on Vaccines (which aren't immunizations) Recently, I asked for feedback with a survey that went out in my email newsletter. If you did it, . I want to keep healthcare about health and your feedback helps me do that. One question I asked was Below is a response that caught my attention and feel it’s one that many of you may have questions regarding so I need to address it. This is going to be lengthy but I want to be with my response, and hopefully a little fun doing it. After reading it a few times, I’m trying to think who would write this. The only person it could be is . , I don’t want to leave ANYTHING out, but these are the points as to why I will never choose to vaccinate my own son and any future kids my wife and I have. Clarification needs to be created regarding I’m all for immunization. Another thing that urks me is my ‘mom’s’ comments about me leaving out stuff and therefore destroying my credibility. With building immunity, it’s a natural process. You also have a that also aids in defense. The reason? {*style:<b>

Sarcastic Fringeheads : Channel Islands : UGENA German Hackers Are Building a DIY Space Program to Put Their Own Uncensored Internet into Space There's more than one way to stick it to The Man. There's civil disobedience, subversive propaganda, political art, outright violent revolt--each possessing its own degree of difficulty and consequence. In a decidedly 21st-century twist, team of German hackers bent on fighting the powers that be has chosen a rather ambitious means of taking the power back: building a hacker-owned and -operated space program, complete with a constellation of communications satellites beaming uncensored Internet to users on the ground. The Hackerspace Global Grid was borne out of a call to action at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, where hackers of all stripes gather to mull the issues of the day as they relate to their craft. Hacker activist Nick Farr--motivated by legislation like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. Of course, building both a space program capable of placing satellites in orbit and a terrestrial network of tracking stations is easier said than done.

reklamcılıkla ilgili animasyonlar Let's Make Health Care About Health: Testimonials THANK YOU for the amazing amount of resources you provide here and on your website! Just stumbled upon it today through an article someone linked - I'm reading like a fiend and trying to soak up as much as possible! I've been becoming more and more passionate about health over the past year, with ever-increasing intensity after finding out I was pregnant. Can't get enough. Your writing style is fantastic, and I've never been more grateful that I happen to be the fastest reader I much little time!! Dr. I wanted to share this great opportunity that I have taken part in - gaining more ground on that elusive "good health"!!! It starts with the a notion that goes something like this..." It happens in usually for most people around New Years...or when big events are approaching, like a wedding or high school reunion. Why? Have you ever felt this way? - I have become more positive with my relationships - I'm less angry at other drivers - I'm sleeping better -Sue H. Dr.

Why Do People Kill? And Other Revelations Of Human Nature The Transparency Grenade by Julian Oliver (@julian0liver) – Design Fiction for Leaking Data Provocations within The Critical Engineering Manifesto (2011) state that reliance on specific technologies are “both a challenge and a threat” and that “the exploit is the most desirable form of exposure”. Julian Oliver is one of the authors of this manifesto and on reviewing his body of work, one can see that the mandate is clearly at the heart of his practice. The Transparency Grenade, Oliver’s most recent endeavour, reimagines the iconic Soviet F1 hand grenade as the chassis for a personal data-leaking device. A concerned individual with physical access to site shrouded in secrecy could simply wait for an opportune moment, pull the pin and create a ‘detonation’ of related data that would be instantly published to the web. The statement for the project describes the operation of the prototype: With this work Oliver thematically aligns himself with other practitioners of the ‘dark arts’ – artists whose work parses economies of secrecy. No, it wasn’t. There were many.

sabit karakterler Tesla - Master of Lightning: Who Invented Radio? With his newly created Tesla coils, the inventor soon discovered that he could transmit and receive powerful radio signals when they were tuned to resonate at the same frequency. When a coil is tuned to a signal of a particular frequency, it literally magnifies the incoming electrical energy through resonant action. By early 1895, Tesla was ready to transmit a signal 50 miles to West Point, New York... But in that same year, disaster struck. A building fire consumed Tesla's lab, destroying his work. The timing could not have been worse. Tesla filed his own basic radio patent applications in 1897. The Patent Office made the following comment in 1903: But no patent is truly safe, as Tesla's career demonstrates. Otis Pond, an engineer then working for Tesla, said, "Looks as if Marconi got the jump on you." But Tesla's calm confidence was shattered in 1904, when the U.S. Tesla was embroiled in other problems at the time, but when Marconi won the Nobel Prize in 1911, Tesla was furious.

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