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DayZ Mod

DAYZ Another week for the team pushing towards a stable release. We considered releasing a version to stable branch mid week during maintenance, however there were still two serious issues to fix. The first was related to the testing architecture not being suitable for the large number of servers we were supporting on experimental, and the second related to the invisible zombies and players. Invisible players and zombies Fixing the invisible players and zombies was a product of moving to the client/server architecture but retaining some legacy aspects of the architecture. What occurred was that sometimes the straight path to a location was blocked due to desync on the server, i.e. the path on the server was different from the path on the client. Fireplaces and Emissive Improvements One key area for our survival focus has been cooking and the ability to make fireplaces. New towns in Chernarus New Weapon Content Mouse acceleration and player control Physics and Arrows Persistent Loot and objects

Benchmark Sims - Home We're excited about the release of Falcon BMS and hope that it will help revive the Falcon 4 community. We've put years of time and effort into this release and hope you enjoy it. To help get you familiar with some of the new features and enhancements, we've written a number of articles and will be adding more as time permits. What is Falcon 4.0? If you're new to Falcon 4.0, ("F4" for short), F4 is a combat flight simulator originally developed and released December 12, 1998 by MicroProse. Who are we? Benchmark Sims is one of the few remaining F4 development groups comprised of "community members". What have we accomplished? BMS has worked on an array of features and our goal with the articles is to try and bring back that same excitement the old MicroProse developer's notes gave us all years ago. Graphics 3d cockpit Terrain engine Multi-player code improvements Flight modeling and physics Artificial Intelligence Avionics Sound engine User Interface Airbase modeling Weather modeling

South Coast Bean Wars - The Ultimate DayZ Resource - DayZ Maps and more IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Digital Combat Simulator