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Europa Film Treasures, the treasures from European Film Archives

“The Godard Years” Translated by Sally Shafto Excerpt from: Antoine Bourseiller, Sans relâche: Histoires d’une vie (Actes Sud, 2008): pp. 227-245. Reprinted in English translation with the permission of Antoine Bourseiller and Actes Sud . The years 1963-4 are a wheat field, the colour of gold, like you see in Soviet films, years of happy encounters with the icons of French cinema of that time. I was the director of the Studio des Champs-Elysées, a theatre of 250 seats, located at 15 Avenue Montaigne. I chose the plays I liked; I staged them; and I had a faithful following.

Harder Than It Looks: How to Make a Great Stop Motion Animation Ever find yourself watching a great little stop motion animation and thinking, “Hey, I could do that?” What’s that? You made one with some friends in middle school? Great! Web of Knowledge WEB OF Science Your ideal single research destination to explore the citation universe across subjects and around the world. Web of Science provides you access to the most reliable, integrated, multidisciplinary research connected through linked content citation metrics from multiple sources within a single interface. And since Web of Science adheres to a strict evaluation process, you can be assured only the most influential, relevant, and credible information is included - allowing you to uncover your next big idea faster. Web of Science connects the entire search and discover process through: Premier Multidisciplinary Content Emerging Trends Subject Specific Content Regional Content Research Data Analysis Tools

Elegy For a City: New York © <',))( Astro-Tofupraxographer 30Mar11 I'll get around to it, IPV, Just chill, foo'. Kenji, well, it can be. But it's also a pretty tough city, too, one can't be too sensitive and take anything personally out here. If one can adjust to its rhythm and its attitude, it can be great place. Greatest Film Directors Greatest Film Directors of All-Time: These honored selections are designed as a tribute to some of the greatest directors of predominantly English-language films, with suggested or recommended Best Films or 'Must-See' Films from their filmographies. Unfortunately, some of these directors have been pushed aside to make way for more recent works, but it should be noted that many of these film-makers were highly innovative mavericks and renegades who challenged the established 'system' that existed during their time. These choices are meant to encourage discussion and comparison, and to educate filmgoers about some of film history's most legendary and influential forces in film-making. The premise of honoring these film directors is based upon the debatable auteur theory -- the idea that the director is the primary 'author' or voice of a movie, and through a director's film, we see one person's way of viewing the world -- one that has the potential to change the way we see the world.

Three Free Tools for Creating Stopmotion and Timelapse Videos Creating stopmotion and timelapse videos can be a good way for students to tell a story that they have developed. Stopmtion and timelapse videos can also be helpful when teachers are trying to help students see how a lengthy process like osmosis works. While good stopmotion and timelapse videos can take a long time to create, there are some tools that can make the process a little easier. Here are three stopmtion video creation tools that are worth trying. JellyCam is a free program for creating stopmotion movies. Network Awesome Chuck Cirino began his entertainment industry career in 1974 at Blue Ridge Cable TV in Pennsylvania. He managed the programming and day to day operation of the Public Access arm of the company. In his spare time and using the equipment at hand (a Sony Portapak) he created a 6 part TV series called, Tales from the Earthfather, and a feature-length video taped movie called, The Dreamquest.

30+ Free Online Multimedia (Photo, Audio, Video) Editors We tend to rely heavily on our favorite desktop applications like Photoshop, GIMP, Audacity, Adobe Premier and so on when it comes to dealing with multimedia files. That’s fine on our desktops but what if we need to use an editor on a friend’s computer, or a public one at the workplace? That is where web applications come in handy. Web applications provide ubiquity, convenience and ease of use . Adam Curtis Biography[edit] Curtis was born in 1955 as Kevin Adam Curtis in Kent.[2] His father was Martin Curtis (10 August 1917 – January 2002), a cinematographer from Sevenoaks in Kent who worked with Humphrey Jennings.[1] His family had a left wing background.[3] Curtis attended the Sevenoaks School on a county scholarship.[4] Curtis completed a Bachelor of Arts in Human Sciences at Mansfield College, Oxford, which included courses in genetics, evolutionary biology, psychology, politics, anthropology and statistics. He started a PhD, during which he tutored in Politics, but while on the course became disillusioned with academia.[3]

22 Useful Online Chart & Graph Generators Have you ever encounter situations where you need to create a simple yet good-looking chart, graphs or diagrams and all you have is your browser? Charts are good and effective way to show relationship between entities but sometimes creating one can be pretty challenging especially when your favorite word processing software is not around. In today’s post, we want to highlight some of the best web services that allow you to create various charts and graphs online on-the-fly. Most of them are easy to use and don’t you even worry about the design. Your output will be as good as what you see in the screen shots below.

Live Music Show - Don Cherry on Organic Music Theatre (1976) The Church of the SubGenius is a "parody religion"[citation needed] organization that satirizes religion, conspiracy theories, unidentified flying objects, and popular culture. Originally based in Dallas, Texas, the Church of the SubGenius gained prominence[citation needed] in the 1980s and 1990s and maintains an active presence on the Internet. In 1996 the legal entity SubGenius Foundation, Inc. was established in Cleveland, Ohio. 20+ Tools to Create Your Own Infographics A picture is worth a thousand words – based on this, infographics would carry hundreds of thousands of words, yet if you let a reader choose between a full-length 1000-word article and an infographic that needs a few scroll-downs, they’d probably prefer absorbing information straight from the infographic. What’s not to like? Colored charts and illustrations deliver connections better than tables and figures and as users spend time looking back and forth the full infographic, they stay on the site longer. Plus, readers who like what they see are more likely to share visual guides more than articles. While not everyone can make infographics from scratch, there are tools available on the Web that will help you create your very own infographics. In this article, we’re listing more than 20 such options to help you get your messages across to your readers, visually.

Ten Terrific Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools Today, I am running a workshop about using mind mapping and brainstorming tools to help students meet some of the Common Core standards in English Language Arts. Below are some of the tools that we will be using today. On a related note, if you're interested in having me come to your school or facilitate a virtual workshop, please click here for more information. video subtitles free software list Note: This is a guest post written by Sandrina Subtitle Software: Best 3 free software for creating video subtitles – By adding subtitles to our movies or videos, we can make them available to larger audience, not only to those who understand the language in the video. However, creating and managing subtitles are not always easy. They need to be understandable and their timing has exactly to be matched with movie dialogs. At same time, they also have to be on the screen long enough so that viewers have enough times to read them. We have tested multiple subtitle creation software and chosen three best ones.