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The world's most popular open source database

The world's most popular open source database
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Workbench 5.2 MySQL Workbench is a unified visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs. MySQL Workbench provides data modeling, SQL development, and comprehensive administration tools for server configuration, user administration, backup, and much more. MySQL Workbench is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Design MySQL Workbench enables a DBA, developer, or data architect to visually design, model, generate, and manage databases. It includes everything a data modeler needs for creating complex ER models, forward and reverse engineering, and also delivers key features for performing difficult change management and documentation tasks that normally require much time and effort.Learn More » Develop MySQL Workbench delivers visual tools for creating, executing, and optimizing SQL queries. Administer MySQL Workbench provides a visual console to easily administer MySQL environments and gain better visibility into databases. Visual Performance Dashboard Database Migration

DFI - Apache Overview at Maatkit Sphinx - Free open-source SQL full-text search engine Which Sphinx version are you? Let us help you pick. Beta release. Now with complete JSON support, GROUP <N> BY extensions, HAVING clause, online ALTER, ATTACH into existing RT indexes, even more ranking signals, English and German moprhology, RLP Chinese segmenter support, and more! Please note that some features might not be production stable. If you managed to hit a bug in Sphinx Beta release please submit all the details to our Bug Tracker. What is a Sphinx Beta? most features are production-quality stable;most features come with additional improvements or fixes;newly added features did not have any known major bugs at the time of release;newly added features might be incomplete and/or less tested. Core indexing and searching functionality does, of course, fall into the "existing features" category and should be rock solid at all times. Download Sphinx Beta now! Generally recommended release. “Sphinx Stable Release” means that: Download Sphinx Stable release now!

Conectar MySQL con .NET Parte 1 | Slipkfata Blog Se preguntaran por que quiero hacer esto, en primera para demostrarles que podemos hacer todo desde el entorno de visual y en cualquier lenguaje incluido en esta herramienta. Lo que vamos a hacer es conectar una base de datos de MySQL Server con Visual Studios 2008.NET en especifico usando C#, para esto primero tenemos que descargar el conector necesario para que estas dos herramientas se puedan comunicar, este conector lo podemos descargar desde la pagina de MySQL, exactamente en el siguiente link: Una vez hecho esto esperamos a que termine de descargarlo. con esto abremos descargado el archivo, este archivo lo descomprimimos e instalamos. Una vez descargado el archivo lo instalamos, al terminar la instalacion ya podremos trabajar con bases de datos MySQL en Visual Studio.NET. // Referencias MySQL using MySql.Data; using MySql.Data.MySqlClient; Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando...

Tutorial - Perf Wiki Linux kernel profiling with perf Introduction Perf is a profiler tool for Linux 2.6+ based systems that abstracts away CPU hardware differences in Linux performance measurements and presents a simple commandline interface. Commands The perf tool offers a rich set of commands to collect and analyze performance and trace data. The list of supported commands: Certain commands require special support in the kernel and may not be available. Events The perf tool supports a list of measurable events. Another source of events is the processor itself and its Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU). The perf_events interface also provides a small set of common hardware events monikers. Finally, there are also tracepoint events which are implemented by the kernel ftrace infrastructure. To obtain a list of supported events: An event can have sub-events (or unit masks). Hardware events PMU hardware events are CPU specific and documented by the CPU vendor. Counting with perf stat Modifiers multiple events

CentOS Rational Relational: Emulating The Missing RENAME DATABASE Command in MySQL I'll approach this topic from another direction. I had to perform a task which required moving tables between schemas on the same MySQL server. One way of doing this would be: Dumping the original table to disk.Creating new empty table on the target schema.Importing table from disk into the target schema. But, a simpler way exists! As long as two databases are on the same file system, you can use RENAME TABLE to move a table from one database to another:RENAME TABLE current_db.tbl_name TO other_db.tbl_name; Which works almost instantaneously and does what it is supposed to do. Using this command, it is easy to emulate the missing RENAME DATABASE command. Create the new schema.Perform a query to generate the move commands from the source to the target schema:SELECT CONCAT('RENAME TABLE ',table_schema,'.' Some notes: If you're using InnoDB foreign keys, worry not. The move command also moves the .idb files between the database directories, if you're using innodb_file_per_table. Hope this helps.

Creating MySQL UDFs with Microsoft Visual C++ Express Some time ago, I announced the MySQL UDF Repository. In short, the MySQL UDF Repository tries to be a one stop place to obtain high quality LGPL licensed libraries containing MySQL UDFs, including documentation and binaries. Since the announcement, our Google Group has grown to a 22 members (including a number of MySQL employees and prominent community members), and we've gained a few interesting new UDF libraries: lib_mysqludf_preg A library authored by Rich Waters providing PERL compatible regular expressions. lib_mysqludf_xql A library authored by Arnold Daniels with many useful functions to map and export relational data from MySQL to XML. Another thing that we see happening now is that people are starting to ask for windows binaries. I want to make a start now by explaining how to create and run MySQL UDFs on Windows using the Express Edition of the popular Microsoft Visual C++ IDE. Preparation Installing Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition Installing the Microsoft Platform SDK USE test; .