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See it. Film it. Change it. Using video to open the e

See it. Film it. Change it. Using video to open the e

ushahidi Tracking the U.S. Congress Hivos Online / Home - Hivos Online, Humanistisch Instituut voor Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam - Wikipedia, the free The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI) is a declaration of the member states of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference adopted in Cairo, Egypt, in 1990,[1] which provides an overview on the Islamic perspective on human rights, and affirms Islamic Shari'ah as its sole source. CDHRI declares its purpose to be "general guidance for Member States [of the OIC] in the field of human rights". This declaration is usually seen as an Islamic response to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted in 1948. History[edit] The CDHRI was adopted in 1990 by members of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. Contents[edit] The CDHRI gives men and women the "right to marriage" regardless of their race, colour or nationality, but not religion. Article 10 of the Declaration states: "Islam is the religion of unspoiled nature. The Declaration protects each individual from arbitrary arrest, torture, maltreatment, or indignity. Religious features[edit]

untitled The right to free speech faces the strongest challenges during times of crisis. Whether or not any of us agree about each particular decision made to prevent public access to sensitive information, it is the Electronic Frontier Foundation's responsibility to chart any such efforts so that we as a society are at least aware of what is no longer available to us. This page attempts to convey the chilling effect that responses to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have had on information availability on the Internet as well as some sense of the effect on people trying to provide this information. Currently, this page tracks the following: If you know of a anti-terrorism chilling effect that should be listed here, please use our contact form Feel free to mirror this page on other websites, just please link back to the original on this page. Websites Shut Down by US Government DEA to Redirect Seized Websites The U.S. ATF Fails to Poindexcise Bomb Threat Info No URL Left Behind? U.S.

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