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Documentary Evolution. Mirella carrozzieri sur Twitter : "Thanks to everyone!!! #milestone #documentaryevolution #scoopit...

Panel about film, transmedia & interactive

Transmedia - interactive doc. Doc resources. Watch. DOCUMENTAIRE. Documentary Evolution. DOCUMENTAL! Nuevas tendencias, nuevos formatos. IMR_Fall14_InteractiveDocs - Documentos Google. Quel modèle économique pour le financement d’un dispositif transmédia ? Documentario e le sue declinazioni internettiane. Highlights from Tribeca Interactive. TFI LIVE Podcast - Episode #1. Poynter. As a journalist, taking good notes is crucial to keeping your facts straight.


But most writers do this simply for the purposes of the story at hand and then move on once it’s published. Login to Luke McMillan's Blog - The Rational Design Handbook: Four Primary Metrics. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.

Luke McMillan's Blog - The Rational Design Handbook: Four Primary Metrics

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. In my last post, I gave an introduction to the process of RLD and how it can be applied to designing a simple jumping puzzle. When I posted the first part of this series on Gamasutra, it sparked significant debate within the community. Although tools don’t stifle art, their effectiveness is ultimately governed by the skills and knowledge of those wielding them. In many ways, this debate has remarkable similarities to the production of music.

My Mother Has No Idea What I Do For A Living by... DOK Leipzig Net Lab. The DOK Leipzig Net Lab 2013 is a two part conference lab, which offers new insights on transmedia storytelling and production, provides a platform to exchange and network and creates the opportunity to join forces with experienced colleagues and international tutors.

DOK Leipzig Net Lab

The selected project teams get intense individual support for their cross media project, with an in-depth look at interactive storytelling and media architecture. Day one offers inspirational talks, case studies, presentations and round table meetings with international experts. This is a platform where up to 60 international media creatives meet like-minded people, build new networks, exchange ideas and share their experiences. Day two is dedicated to intense tutoring and support for the eight hand-picked transmedia projects in progress and their teams; we provide concrete support for projects in development, production or post-production stage.

Le pôle web d’Arte, avec M. Lévy-Leblond et G. Freissinier. Quoi de neuf du côté du pôle web d’Arte ?

Le pôle web d’Arte, avec M. Lévy-Leblond et G. Freissinier

Le Blog documentaire s’est rendu dans les locaux isséns de la chaîne franco-allemande pour le savoir. Quelle stratégie, quelle ligne éditoriale ? Quid du jeu vidéo ou de l’animation ? Que penser de l’archivage ou des projections de webdocs en salles ? Transmédia Naissance d’un concept entre imagination et raison. Depuis quelques mois, le concept se répand dans les directions des grandes chaînes de télévision mais aussi du côté d’opérateurs de télécommunication.

Transmédia Naissance d’un concept entre imagination et raison

À l’heure de la multiplication des écrans (TV, mobiles, ordinateurs…) et, surtout, de leur usage en simultané, l’avenir aurait pour nom « transmédia ». Le terme n’est pas encore entré dans le Larousse et sa définition même est fluctuante. Mais les phénomènes et les évolutions qu’il recouvre n’en sont pas moins bien réels. [LIVE STREAMING] Suivez en direct les Cross Video Days. Quel modèle économique pour le financement d’un dispositif transmédia ?

[LIVE STREAMING] Suivez en direct les Cross Video Days

→ On n’a pas le budget ! Que vous soyez journaliste, auteur, producteur transmedia, agence ou photographe, vous avez tous entendu un jour cette phrase qui tombe comme un couperet mettant […] CC Search. La evolución del Storytelling. At Tribeca Film Festival, ‘Storyscapes&rs... The New Digital Storytelling Series: Kamal Sinclair. L’expérience immersive du web documentaire : études de cas et pistes de (...) Qu'est ce qu'un webdocumentaire ou webdoc ? Interactive Storytelling 101 Workshop Resources · TheFaithful · Storify. POV Hackathon: Five Documentary Prototypes From a Weekend of Hacking. Sheffield Doc/Fest 2012 Report. Sheffield’s Doc/Fest is like Mecca for British doc filmmakers, compelled to make the pilgrimage for four days of networking and film screenings.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2012 Report

Aspiring documentary filmmaker and BAFTA Youth Board member Jacob Harbord reports from last month's event. Good stories over social issues Within an hour of arriving on the first day, I found myself sharing a pew with scores of industry insiders as we listened to commissioning editors from all corners of the globe pass on their vision for documentary’s future and explain what they’re looking to buy. Virtually all agreed that the emotional impact of a film was what they were most excited by, that only feelings can convey the hard facts properly, and that good stories were preferred over social issue films.

The potential of user-generated content and web projects were also hot topics, with the possibility of collating masses of material into multi-perspectival mosaics emerging as a particular point of interest. Now and Then: What Can We Demand of the Documentary. 'The Invisible War' In a recent interview with Rahul Chadha, Thom Powers — filmmaker, co-founder of the Cinema Eye Honors, Toronto and Sundance Channel programmer, general documentary savant — made clear that the strength and diversity of documentary sales at Sundance stemmed from a shift away from traditional theatrical programming.

Now and Then: What Can We Demand of the Documentary

HBO may now be this country's foremost force in documentary filmmaking, while Showtime, A&E, CNN, ESPN, Sundance Channel, IFC, and Epix are joining the fray. Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Video, among other VOD platforms, now offer more nonfiction options than all but the best art houses. If you don't live in New York or Los Angeles, small screens are often the only place to see most documentaries these days: of 2012's rich documentary slate, I saw exactly zero on a big screen.

This could be construed as the sad state of movies, yet further evidence to support the doomsday scenarios floating in the Internet's ether. Sound for documentary, Part 1: Eight fundamental concepts. The (Near-) Future of the Web Documentary. Jason Brush and Michel Reilhac Discuss the Second Screen and New Interactive Cinema at SXSW. The D-Word: Pitch This! - Developing a Pitch and Logline to Fund Your Doc. NABC: How to develop an idea Video.

Sheffield Doc/Fest Animates: Documentary Distribution Video. Crewing Timelines Video. Doc/webdoc : Synthèse subjective du Sunny Side. Pushing the boundaries of news: Why gamify investigations and current affairs? We live in an age where media is undergoing the most dramatic transformation since Gutenberg mass printed the bible.

Pushing the boundaries of news: Why gamify investigations and current affairs?

Newspapers and broadcasters around the world are trying to adapt to the digital age beset by fear that they are losing the attention of the audiences. So the questions was, could we, at Al Jazeera come up with an original, interactive, investigative story that would transform viewers into players and capture their attention? Our project started as a brainstorm about how best to tell the viewers what a real investigation is like. On screen, a TV or film audience is most likely to see a linear narrative, carefully assembled over weeks in the edit where we show the steps we took to investigate a crime. What we don’t tend to show are our many failed attempts as journalists and investigators before we get to the end. Our investigation into illegal fishing in Sierra Leone is an example in point. The god of television smiled on us. Digital Storytelling: è ancora "effetto Snow Fall"

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Digital Storytelling: è ancora "effetto Snow Fall"

The Listen Tree Project.