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Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism: Links

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Whedonesque : Joss Whedon weblog Free Episodes Full List 5.0 SimplyScripts - TV Scripts, Teleplays and Transcripts Your Digital Video Repository (firefly parody) s Guide to The Newsgroups - PAR and PAR2 files RAR Files Introduction The RAR format is a compression format like ZIP, but is much more capable and fits well into the Usenet community. Both the RAR format and the WinRAR utility are the creation of Eugene Roshal - hence, the Roshal Archive. The RAR Story You're likely to encounter two RAR file enumeration systems during your journey through Usenet. Beginning - From WinRAR 3.0 on, the first file of the archive has an extension of .part1.rar. Middle - These are all the files that lie between the Beginning and the End. End - This is the last file of the archive and is distinguishable by the shorter file size than the rest of the parts. WinRAR - A Mighty Tool WinRAR Info Current Version Download Homepage Rating More Info Before modern binary news readers took on the role of reassembling archives, WinRAR was an essential tool for putting the multiple parts back together. So what do you do if you have downloaded an archive with 47 parts and 2 of them are missing? MediaPortal - open source media center