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Infowars The Negro Intellectual The Real News Network Tim DeChristopher: The "drill now, think later" mentality posing massive threat to our future Greg Wilpert: Chavez makes deal as part of warming relations with Pres. Santos of Colombia Protest continues against Supreme Court ruling in favor of controversial bill as recall campaign intensifies. Doha Debates: An overwhelming majority of Arabs are betting on reformist movements across the Middle East Honduran capital's "Marcha de las Putas" becomes latest site for international movement against blaming victims for sexual violence Bob Pollin: There are many ways states can deal with crisis without cuts to services Jeannette Wicks Lim: Research shows that living wage legislation will not significantly reduce the number of jobs New Internet Name Rule Opens Door to Huge Changes VOA News Breaking: Supreme Court Sides with Wal-Mart in Sex Discrimination Class Action Associated Press Missing Iraq cash 'as high as $18bn', Unaccounted reconstruction money is three times the reported $6.6bn.

Those Laboring Days In the 1980s and 90s, even a klutz like me could find work as a manual laborer. I painted houses, washed windows and cleaned apartments and offices. At my first house painting job, I propped a ladder upside down against the wall, don’t laugh, and was not let go. Once I was so hungover, I had to climb down from the ladder five or six times to throw up, and still wasn’t fired. My boss, Joe LeBlanc, just laughed it off. Joe was a Canadian who had gone South to join the US Army. Like us all, Joe had his rough spots, but he was a very good man, I’m convinced, because he treated his workers well, and was willing to hire goofs or even fuckups. Any man who’s willing to be boss to such a lame roster is OK in my book, but like I said, times were good then, and everyone could find work. Now, Joe wasn’t running a charity, but a regular business, and we didn’t loaf and do drugs on the job. Last week, I popped into McGlinchey’s just before noon, and found it nearly empty. “Well, you’re here!”

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