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Viime aikoina suomalaiset ovat saaneet seurata eduskunnassa käytävää kiivasta keskustelua ns. pikaluotoista, eli tutummin pikavipeistä. Lähes aina vipeistä puhuttaessa saadaan aikaan jonkin asteisia erimielisyyksiä, ja harvasta pikavippeihin liittyvästä asiasta ollaan samaa mieltä niin eduskunnassa kuin myös vippiyritysten edustajien keskuudessa. Yksi harvoista asioista, joista ollaan molemmilla puolilla samaa mieltä, on että pikalainat ovat hyvin harvoissa tapauksissa syynä ylivelkaantumiselle. Tätä puoltavat myös tilastotiedot, joiden mukaan vain alle yksi prosentti luottotietoihin merkityistä maksuhäiriömerkinnöistä aiheutuu pikavipeistä. Selvästi pikavippejä useammin maksuhäiriömerkintöjen syynä ovat selvästi suuremmat kulutusluotot. Tässä kohtaa tuleekin muna vastaan kana ilmiö – kumpi oli ensin?

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All Documentaries Welcome to the Must Watch section. It is our understanding that for a truly democratic society to exist, there must be a free flow of easily accessible information. For the most part (not including heavy censorship in China), the Internet has allowed for this free flow of information to everyone and anyone with access to the internet and it is imperative that this right continues to be protected. Unfortunately, the principle of free flowing information does not exist in the mainstream media because our governments continue to allow large corporations to consolidate the entire media industry. For this reason, many facts, perspectives, and opinions do not make it to our televisions, movie theatres, newspapers, and radio stations. The documentaries below epitomize the importance of free flowing information and the lack of it in mainstream media.

Watch Free History Documentaries Online Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told This is a potentially controversial docu-drama about Adolf Hitler, showing his life growing up, and his reign of Germany through WW2. Most historical documentaries show Hitler as the mad leader behind the slaughter of countless people, and while that part is true, the story behind his life, through defeat in the trenches WW1, his desire to[...] Watch Documentary Online Now

3 Ways To Make Your Writing More Meaningful Writing skills are more important now than ever thanks to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). There is a renewed emphasis on writing skills that will be assessed at every grade level. The key is to make it fun by incorporating some fun activities into their writing to keep them interested and having fun while they learn and improve their writing. Make It Social Of all movies, “Jackass 2.5″ is first released straight to the Internet Steven Soderbergh is being followed by a Jackass. Soderbergh, the acclaimed director of such hits as “Erin Brockovich”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, and “Traffic”, tested the traditional delivery method of Hollywood films by debuting the low-budget 2006 movie “Bubble” simultaneously in theaters, on HDNet, and four days later on DVD. Soderbergh’s experiment was a far cry from the usual practice of debuting a major film in theaters first. One slight deviation has been films released straight to DVD, but those are usually low-budget, low-brow entertainment. Now Paramount Pictures is releasing what it says is the first studio-backed feature film to premier online.

Watch Free History Documentaries Online Who doesn’t love a great magic show? From card tricks to cutting people in half the power of magic is phenomenal. If you’re anything like me, just watching Criss Angel and other famous magicians, gives me anxiety in a really thrilling manner. But where did it all start? The Picture of the Napalm Girl - Part 1 and 2 Phan Thi Kim Phuc and Huynh Cong Ut, the photographer Phan Thi Kim Phuc was fleeing the horrors of a napalm attack that destroyed her village and seared the skin from her body. Within days, her picture was in newspapers all over the globe and the haunting image came to symbolize the inhumanity of war.

How Math Is Taught In South Korea As we all know from the results of The Learning Curve 2014, released by Pearson, South Korea’s education system has all rights to be called the best one in the world. Their ability to prepare young people for the workplace in the modern world is something we all should use as the example to follow in our country. Koreans themselves are not impressed with the education system they have, but nevertheless, it does not change the fact this system and its students have been ranked exceptionally high in science, reading and math. Just take a look at the handy infographic below. Taking into account some of the factors that influence such a success of South Korea, there’s definitely something we could learn from them to improve the US education system in general and our math teaching in particular.

12 good library videos that spoofs movies or tv Are libraries really the "next Big Pop Culture Phenomenon" ? We have all read about the old spice libraries viral videos (and spoofs) of course. There's also, Librarians Go Gaga: 9 Of The Funniest Library Videos.But perhaps the easiest way to get a hit viral library movie would be to spoof a tv show or movie.Here I list some interesting library video spoofs I have come across.1. List of Major Video Search Engines and Summaries of Each. The Online Video Marketing Guide ReelSEO ► Video Search ► List of Major Video Search Engines and Summaries of Each. List of Major Video Search Engines and Summaries of Each. Warlords (2005 British Documentary Series/WWII) Warlords (2005 British Documentary Series/WWII) Picture: C+ Sound: C+ Extras: D Episodes: B- With no end of DVDs on WWII in sight, Warlords (2005) is a very informative and sometimes amusing documentary mini-series from England that shows how uneasy everything was. Of course, the Allied vs. Axis leaders are obvious, plus we know how Hitler betrayed Stalin as expected.

Top 5 Tips For A Blended Classrooms What is a blended classroom? The blended classroom learning model combines face-to-face teaching with technology enhanced instruction. This includes having students use Apps, QR codes, websites, surveys, and videos integrated into the lesson. Effectively and efficiently blending the classroom with these technologies can increase student engagement, motivation and build a sense of community as students collaborate more together. The business world has also shifted into a digital community, and to help prepare students for their future careers, many schools are now a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) school.

Free Movie Downloads -The Best Sites for Free Movie Downloads Here are the top places on the Web to find free movies, videos, TV shows, and all sorts of great free multimedia. Please feel free to add your own favorite site to this list. Free Movies Top Ten Sites for Free Full Length Movies: Yes, it's possible to find full-length movies on the Web. Video & Audio Room Donations[Make a donation and collect the BONUSES!]- I have noticed that I have had to neglect some things in life that are very important to me and others, while working hour after hour on my website. Therefore I ask you, kind visitor, for a donation, so I can spend the same amount of time, and more, on research, and less time trying to manage my finances. -- by Wes Penre, Jan 01, 2006 - Videos

Watch Europe Documentaries Online. Download Europe Documentaries Documentary & Trailer. Watch Free movies Find dvds, torrents & documentary feature films. Highlighted Movie Learn about historical examples of western governments covertly attacking their own civilians for political motives. Do the bombings of New York and London have any similarities to these events and why would leaders have a motive to terrorize their own civilians? The history of the Final Solution phase of the Nazi Holocaust, particularly within the most infamous of the death camps. The third episode, "Factories of Death", looks at the increasing efficiency of the exterminations at Auschwitz and Treblinka, and the widening field of capture for Jews, including France and the British Channel Islands. The history of the Final Solution phase of the Nazi Holocaust, particularly within the most infamous of the death camps.