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Budget Flying Within Europe by Rick Steves By Rick Steves When I started traveling, no one spending their own money bought one-way airline tickets within Europe. It simply wasn’t affordable. But today that kind of thinking seems so 20th century. Before buying any long-distance train or bus ticket, it's smart to first check the cost of a flight — you might be surprised. Humanising Language Teaching Magazine for teachers and teacher trainers Year 19; Issue 1February 2017 You can copy this entire edition to your computer and read it when you want. Just click here for instructions. You are also able to download every issue from 1999-2009 each in their own zip file. Editorial

Erlebnis Tours Maroc - Zagora Things to See & Do At first sight, Zagora is a dusty, single street town. However, its location and festivals save it from being just another dust-filled desert town. 10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe From the Alps to the Mediterranean, these frozen-in-time European villages will make you appreciate the beauty of taking it slow. Reaching some of these European beauties requires extra effort, yet the rewards are dazzling. Your eyes will thank you. Backpacking Jamaica On A Budget When people think of Jamaica, nine times out of ten, they think of white sand beaches, all-inclusive resorts and the need for a lot of money. However, not too many would consider Jamaica to be a backpackers destination like Central America or SE Asia. But what if we told you that it’s more than possible to enjoy this beautiful Caribbean island without taking out a loan? Would you believe us? True, Jamaica does not have much of a backpackers culture as it caters mostly to all-inclusivers, but that doesn’t mean that Jamaica is not backpack-able on a budget.

Evia, the island in Greece, beaches, nature, car rental pictures and information, hotels and apartments The beautiful nature and the pinetree forests covered mountains on the Greek island of Evia are worth a visit on its own. The Euripus channel at Chalkidi where the flow of the water can change at any moment (8 tide changes per day). The Euripus channel is 30 meters wide. Thinking Creatively with Readers How to create… a fictional character ‘Character is plot, plot is character.’ A good character is one of the most important starting points in building a good story, but creating strong, believable fictional characters relies on being able to imagine and understand other people and their lives. In our first six activities in the series, we explore how self-reflection, thinking about the things we carry and asking the right questions can be useful prompts when it comes to creating a new character for your story. Download the PDF How to write… a short story

Top 10 Underrated Cities in Europe Every year millions of tourists flock to popular European cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Milan. The average tourist knows all about the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the great shopping in Milan or Buckingham Palace in London, but there are plenty of beautiful European cities that are off the radar for most tourists. If you want a unique holiday that includes some of the less talked about places in Europe, here is our pick of Europe’s ten most underrated cities that don’t get their fair share of the limelight: 10. Bratislava, Slovakia How to Wake up to Elephants in Sri Lanka for Less Than $50 - My Life's A Movie Waking up to elephants in Sri Lanka that were literally bathing in a river outside of my last-minute-booked hotel room was seriously one of the most exciting travel moments I’ve ever experienced. It was like waking up on Christmas morning thinking you’re going to get a pony, except instead of a pony it’s a couple dozen elephants…and they’re actually there. This magical elephant bathing place in Sri Lanka is called Pinnawala, and the elephants come from the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Someone actually sent me a photo of it on Instagram, and after doing my research I decided my best bet for tourist-free photos of ellies would be to go early in the morning, which is where I got the idea to stay at a hotel right next to it.

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