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Finding Accommodation in Spain. Hotels in Spain: What you need to know: karmalewis. Being a major travel destination in Europe, Spain has numerous accommodation option to satisfy a wide spectrum of travelers.

Hotels in Spain: What you need to know: karmalewis

This ranges from well-known international chain hotels to small boutique establishments, heritage hotels in converted medieval castles, monasteries and convents, to country inns, owners direct, youth hostels and campsites. The regional tourist authorities award stars to hotels based on the facilities provided. This ranges from one to five stars. Most hotels in Spain are indicated by a blue plaque with the letter H somewhere in front of the building. Lower down in the price range are the pensions and hostals, which provide correspondingly fewer facilities.

Learn the Spanish culture with Spanish movie. Spanish cinema is great way to see the evolution of Spain.

Learn the Spanish culture with Spanish movie

A first, this wasn’t merely intended to entertain the audience, but it was also a way to inform them about important news from around the world as many people did not own a TV. Good news was received with loud cheering and any bad news was received with loud booing. As society was evolving, so did the cinema. It was very typical go to the cinema with your kids and sing “¡Qué empiece ya o el público se va1” which you can translate as “Start the movie or the public will go“. Censorship came to a halt and soon we were able to see topless women on TV, something that seemed impossible for Spanish people!

Nowadays, the Spanish movies are very different, but unfortunately not very often followed by the Spanish public, probably because it doesn’t interest many of them and with American blockbusters gaining in popularity. On our journey, we’ll discuss some of the great movies of all time. Seville: A Must See Destination when visiting Spain. The first thing springing into mind about Andalusia’s main capital, Seville, is perhaps the song about it “Sevilla tiene un color especial” by ‘Los del Rio’.

Seville: A Must See Destination when visiting Spain

It’s translated as “Seville has its own special color”. I couldn’t agree more. Seville has a very special ambient, the feel of a big city as it offers museums, nightclubs and many (tapas) bars, and simultaneously that of a small town due to the friendliness of folk. Its many historic features, the river Guadalquivir running through it, its spectacular sunset behind the Giralda, its mysterious Moorish influences: they all form part of this magnificent city.

Seville is great to visit for one day, but one could easily linger and explore more than merely the main attractions and extend this visit over the course of several days. Most of the bars are open all day, so it’s easy to sit down and rest for a while. The Magnificent Giralda, Seville ~ HHV. A definite must see, the Giralda bell tower with the magnificent ‘Catedral de Sevilla’ will take your breath away.

The Magnificent Giralda, Seville ~ HHV

There is much to see on the inside, having various museums and of course the Giralda bell tower which you can get all the way up to (no stairs!). The Giralda was originally built as a minaret by Almohaden in 1184-1195. At that time, it was 76 m in height and crowned with four large golden (or copper) balls, which could be seen from 40 km distance. The Koutoubia Mosque tower in Marrakesh served as a model for the Giralda and its sister, the Hassan Tower in Rabat. The statue that was later build on top of the Giralda, is locally known as El Giraldillo, representing Faith.

Now 97.5 m tall, it stands between the ‘Catedral de Santa María’ in Seville and the ‘Patio de los Naranjos’. The Spanish commander answered with just one sentence that has been kept in the Spanish history “If so much as 1 stone is taken away from the tower, they will all be killed”. Travel to Alcázar de Sevilla. Places to Visit in your travel to Palermo Italy - NIMBLETOE. Upon arrival at Palermo, the great Goethe was moved to exclaim, “It’s easy to grasp in its overall plan, but difficult to get to know in details.”

Places to Visit in your travel to Palermo Italy - NIMBLETOE

The observation holds true even now. The labyrinthine streets reek of Moorish mystery. The city’s strange admixture of Arabo-Norman monuments holds no peer. And the entire city is a living museum and lavish baroque outpourings. The markets still evoke the Moorish roots. Come face to face with the medieval Arab-Western confrontation that yielded such magnificent results. ​Interesting facts about Italian Sculptures. Hiking Tips in France. France has nearly unlimited possibilities for hiking trips.

Hiking Tips in France

There are the forests outside Paris, the Alps, the Pyrènées, Provence and the French Riviera’s mountainous coastline, the Massif Central and the Jura and Vosges mountain ranges. Fontainebleau and Compiègne have forests that were prized by royalty and nobility for hunting wild boar. The Châteaux Fontainebleau is a beautiful, if odd composite of 500 years of architecture, from medieval to florentine styles and was made from nearby sandstone.

The surroundings are gorgeous with massive boulders strewn throughout a fern-floored forest. Compiègne – This city is just a short train ride from Paris and this forested area boasts a fabulous fortress and château, once a royal hunting lodge, used particularly by Napoleon and his nephew Napoleon III. Hike to mountaintop churches like the Chappelle St-Michel d’Aiguilhe, or use an original Roman trail to hike to the summit of Puy de Dôme. Travel to Genoa Italy. Genoa leads a dual existence .The old medieval, walled, sea hugging, city threaded by a maze of caruggis-alleys- that are bound by old buildings piercing the skies.

Travel to Genoa Italy

These parts reveal the most magnificent medieval treats- university, several museums, many elegant palaces, cathedrals to the boyhood home of the Columbus. Standing cheek by jowl is the modern city of Genoa that stretches miles along the coast and climbs the hills. It is a hectic center for international business adjoined by serene parks, and fast paced belvederes from which you can gaze longingly at the times gone by in this city beside the sea.

It’s one of the most sought after Italian destinations. Travel to Genoa on planes, trains, roads or even ferries. Some of the sights include: 10 fun car activities when driving on vacation - Sommerferie.NU ferieblog. Even short trips in the car can seem immense for children who are normally running around all the time.

10 fun car activities when driving on vacation - Sommerferie.NU ferieblog

And when the kids say ‘Are we soon there?’ For the third time, it is good to be prepared. With a little bit of preparation can the drive be much more comfortable both for kids and adults. To give your kids an image of how far there is to your destination use the parking disc to part the trip up. Move it each time you have driven 1/12 of the way. 1. French Cultural Tips ~ HHV. The French do have certain cultural differences from Anglophones.

French Cultural Tips ~ HHV

Knowing some of these differences can prevent misunderstandings and make your tour of France much more enjoyable. Good manners are an extremely important part of French culture and are rooted in long tradition. Being accustomed to certain social conventions, they do not realize that violations of these social codes by foreigners are not a sign of rudeness or poor manners, but just a cultural difference. Likewise, your idea of politeness and manners may leave you feeling insulted by people who don’t realize that your culture’s social expectations are different.

Smiling The French do not emphasize the smile like some other cultures do. Champagne-Ardennes: An excellent region for a... Picnic in France: Things you should know - NIMBLETOE. Tired of sight-seeing and wandering around France’s famed tourist spots?

Picnic in France: Things you should know - NIMBLETOE

Why don’t you try having a picnic for a change?! Picnic spots in Paris Eiffel Tower – the park in front of the famous landmark often gets crowded but is a great backdrop for your picnic.River Seine – the pedestrian only sections of the river path, especially next to St Michel and Notre Dame Cathedral, offer a relaxing picnic spot at any time of day.Jardins du Luxembourg – one of Paris’s most beautiful parks has a lake and views over the Senat parliament building. Grab some of the metallic chairs for extra comfort.Pompidou Centre – the sloping square in front of the modern art museum attracts big crowds and is a great place to stop and people watch in Paris.Parc Andre Citroen – this is a modern park next to the river with greenhouses and a balloon ride. Finding the Best Lodging in France. Home Exchange in France: Is it worth it?: karmalewis. If you saw the film “The Holiday” then you probably have a feeling for how advantageous exchanging your home can be. If you plan to stay in France for a while and you yourself live in a desirable vacation location (or you own a 2nd home in a coveted locale) then you might consider exchanging your home with someone in France who is interested in vacationing in your area.Staying in someone’s home in France lets you to live like a local (not a tourist) and can end up costing you nothing.

You will ordinarily have full use of kitchen and laundry facilities and enjoy the comforts of staying in a cozy home and neighborhood. This alternative is also considered environmentally savvy because it doesn’t require additional local resources to provide for foreign visitors. Delectable Food in Spain   One thing you have to understand is that eating times are completely different from most European countries (obviously not including the Mediterranean area). Breakfast starts at a reasonable normal time, just before work, although it seems that most take a coffee break at work around 10.30. They usually only breakfast with toast, olive oil and tomato/ ‘jamón’ or just butter.

Accompanied with ‘café con leche’. The coffee here is awesome!! Starbucks cannot repeat! Mingling with the loud Spanish crowd ~ HHV. In my four years of traveling and residing in various owners direct in Spain, more specifically Andalucía, I’ve noticed that I just can’t seem to get used to how loud the Spanish can be. In bars, restaurants and even when travelling in planes, there is that ever overwhelming sound of “rakatakata”. From my point of view, it seems that the Spanish are always just very excited. Pretty much about anything. In bars, they are excited about their conversations and the more they drink, the louder they tend to get.

In restaurants, this overexcited loudness is often combined with screaming, yelling or crying kids. Traveling to Barcelona Spain: Simple Guide. ​The Spanish wine and its Culture  Never Been to Spain? Here’s Some Guides - NIMBLETOE. If you are one of the many people who have never been to Spain, and are planning on traveling there, then you should know that there are a few different things that you are going to want to learn about. Understanding Italy’s Architecture: karmalewis. Till recently, architecture was synonymous with churches. Man had to live out his life according to the way of the Lord that he learnt on his visit to His house on Sundays. The churches for these folksy people had to be strong and simple with ample space to sit or stand (leave the jostling for the marketplace!) Understanding Italy’s Architecture: karmalewis. Italian Architecture – An aged-old Art. Colosseum in Rome Italy: Facts you need to Know ~ HHV. 6 Best Museums in Italy. 5 Must-see Churches in Italy  - NIMBLETOE.

Provence: France’s Hidden Gem. Enjoy France with Paris travel tours. Regarded as one of the most luxurious city in the world, Paris is famous for walking roads, galleries, and fashion shows. 12 great and free vacation experiences for kids in Denmark - Sommerferie.NU ferieblog. 5 Shopping Destinations to Visit in Paris ~ HHV. Exploring and Proposing in Style Paris. Places you should not miss when visiting Barcelona - NIMBLETOE.

​Top things to do in Barcelona, Spain. Trip in Spain – What to do & where to go? Enjoying your vacation in Spain is just about the most great experience you’ll have throughout your life. Holidays in Spain - Places to see and Things to do? Exploring the beauty of Marbella. Considered by many travel experts as the place where the rich and famous usually hangout, this is one of the many names Marbella in Spain is known for. 4 Must Try Adventure Activities in Europe. 5 tips for backpacking in Italy. Backpacking in Italy can present you with the adventure of a lifetime. 12 Great Tips for a Great Budget Travel in Italy ~ HHV. Vacation Now (5 Cheapest destinations in Europe)

European Road Trips: Five Ultimate Destination. Paestum: A Trip back in Time. Trip to Rome, Italy. Malaga: among the top spot to go to in Spain. Four Things to convince you to Visit Italy. Malaga, among the ideal destination to stop by in Spain. Things You Can Do in Paris minus the Crowds: karmalewis. Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Spain. Journey to Rome, Italy. Secrets of Sicily, from Villas to Volcanoes. HHV: Sicily Travel: Parks and Natural Reserves. Vacation Now (Day Trips in Rome, Where to?) ​Top 5 Adventure Travel Experiences in Europe. A lovely trip to Venice.

Best Holiday Villas in Sicily Where to? Italy – A holiday for everyone. HHV: Getting to Italy – Top tips that will come in handy. Vacation Now (Italy Travel Guide – Top things to see and do) ​Why Travel to Italy? Enjoying Italy through Holiday Homes. Sicily Holidays luxury holiday homes and villas. Owners direct Italy - Save money on your vacation to Italy. Mumbai Travel Tips: Where to Shop and Stay. Travelling to Chennai, India: Where to Eat and Drink.

Chennai Travel Tips: What to Do and Where to Go Going to... - Unique holiday home with sea view in Slettestrand at the Skagerrak. Traveling to Bangalore: Where to Eat and Drink. Saltum Strand. Cap Coudalere - Southern France - Wonderful view. Best Places in Australia to do some Hiking. Hals. Lake Como / Sorrento Peninsula / Amalfi Coast - quality holiday homes for rental. 3 Best Camping Places in Australia. 3 Best Mountain Biking Places in Australia. Summer residence on laesoe. This quality-house lies in Jegum Ferieland / Blåvandshuk. Samsø with sea view. Holiday Cottage in Øster Hurup. Hollydayhaus direct to the beach. Sun - Cheap - 50 m to the Beach - Bulgaria. Fam. House Skagen Town 115 m2, 10. pers. 5. room. DOG. Wi-Fi.+4521459950. Luxury poolhouse at Jegum/Blåvand - Westcoast. Vacation home: Bork havn,Ringkøbing Fjord.The Northsea. Comfortable house in quiet area. 5 Best Paddling Places in Australia.

Rent a holiday home. Best Gadgets to Bring for your Business Travel - NIMBLE TOE. Vacation home: Hollydayhouse at Ebeltoft (Med Spa & Sauna) 150 m til strand. ​Spending night in Antwerp. Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu’s Arts and Culture. Indian Ocean Islands: A Travel Diversity. Vacation home: Holiday cottage at Laesoe. Visiting Alcatraz: A tour into the most famous Island Prison - NIMBLE TOE. Vacation home: Farmcottage - Gudhjem at Salene Bay. Mini Guide on Exploring Melbourne. Traveling to New York in a Budget.

Vacation home: Rent a wonderfull house in Sweden. HHV: Easy Trips you can do this month (October) Vacation Now (Easy to do trips this month)