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Napa Vacation

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Best Napa Valley Wineries on Silverado Trail - Local Wally's Napa Tourist Guide. Most people visiting Napa Valley stay on the main Highway 29. That's understandable as the highway is lined with big name wineries all in a row. But parallel to Highway 29 is The Silverado Trail, the road less traveled but certainly no less rewarding for those looking for scenic travels and great wineries along the way. From small boutiques to famous names, wine caves to wine pairings, The Silverado Trail is the other Napa.

Don't get lost! Follow along in Google Maps! Family Winery with the kids. Wine tasting doesn’t have to be a grown folks–only affair.

Family Winery with the kids

These kid-friendly Northern California wineries pair stellar sips with hiking trails, bocce ball and even an barnyard petting zoo—a guarantee that every member of the family will get to soak up all that Wine Country has to offer. Larson Family WineryThe Larson Family Winery is located on 70 acres of Sonoma land, where the family used to host large crowds for the Sonoma Rodeo in the ’40s and ’50s.

Fast forward to 1977, when Tom Larson planted some Chardonnay grapes where the horses used to roam. The winery opened in 1984 and the rest is history. If you visit these days you’ll see the rodeo’s influence—there are lots of different animals to see and pet and a laid back, family-first attitude to enjoy. Larson Family Winery 23355 Millerick Road Sonoma, Ca 707-938-3031 Online: Bartholomew Park WineryBartholomew Park Winery is one of Sonoma’s best kept secrets.

Things to Do in Napa with Kids. They may not be able to partake in the grape, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t enjoy a trip to Napa.

Things to Do in Napa with Kids

As long as you limit the number of tasting stops (always a good idea when carpooling a load of little ones, obviously) and throw in some activities just for them, the whole family can enjoy a day or a vacation in wine country. At the base of the valley lies Napa itself, a former drive-by town that in recent years has transformed into a destination in itself. Downtown’s best stops are clustered around a bend in the river, so take a walk along the paths or over the bridges to stretch the legs after the first bit of driving. You may even want to duck into one of downtown’s tasting rooms (we love Bounty Hunter, as well as the bargains at the Oxbow Wine Merchant to get the day started off right. Visiting Napa Valley with a toddler. Visiting Napa Valley with a toddler Posted by Jeannie Carriere on January 24, 2011 · 5 Comments My husband and I had been to Napa a couple times before our daughter was born and really loved it.

Visiting Napa Valley with a toddler

We loved the scenery, visiting wineries, eating amazing food and exploring fun shops. There is something about the refined yet chill atmosphere in the Valley that really helps you relax. Now that we have moved from the East coast to a mere 2 hour drive from Napa, we have been determined to take advantage of it. About staying Napa: If you’ve been to Napa in the past you, like us, probably skipped over the city of Napa itself and focused on Yountville, St. Where to stay Westin Versa (Napa, CA) (detailed review) Clean, modern and very comfortable.

Downtown Napa With Kids. We were guests of the Avia Napa on this trip.

Downtown Napa With Kids

I received no other compensation beyond the room, and the hotel did not require that I express a particular point of view. We paid our own way at the Scientopia Discovery Center and The Little Gourmet and those businesses did not know that I would be blogging about my experiences. It is always tricky to drag the kids out of a new hotel room - they want to fully explore every nook before heading out for a new adventure. Still, with nightime quickly approaching, we decided to head out and explore. Our first stop was the Scientopia Discovery Center. Scientopia is part hands-on science museum, part playspace. There were a wide variety of activities, from climbers to a grocery store, to a puppet theater and life-sized Lincoln Logs But my favorite part were the hand-made hands on science experiments. The owner practically had to kick us out at closing time! The menu itself was divided into kids and grownup entrees.

Filed Under: travel-stories. A Day in Napa Valley With Kids. We paid our own way at each of the businesses described in the post.

A Day in Napa Valley With Kids

None of the businesses knew that I would be blogging about my experiences. Whenever I accept a free product or service for review, I will always let you know. When most people think about the Napa Valley, they think about a very grown up vacation in the heart of California's Wine Country. Winery visits, gourmet meals, and spa visits are the usual agenda. This area is beautiful, and it seems like a shame to pass it up just because we have kids along, so our challenge was to find ways to enjoy Napa as a family.