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Fortress Europe

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They can't sail for Europe - so what's happening to migrants trapped in Libya? Migrants walk towards a detention centre near the Libyan coastal town of Garabulli in July 2017 (AFP) The Surman detention centre, home to hundreds of desperate refugees, is nothing more than a concrete block.

They can't sail for Europe - so what's happening to migrants trapped in Libya?

It sits near a secondary road in western Libya, some 60 kilometres from Tripoli and close to Sabrata and Zawiya, two cities whose wealth is now built on illegal oil trafficking. A guard stands outside the single padlocked door, the only entrance to the official facility. He refuses to give his name amid fear for his own safety but agrees to give Middle East Eye access. Men pray at the centre in Zawiya (Alessio Romenzi/MEE) Inside are about 250 women and 30 children, all huddled on the ground, side by side, occupying every possible space.

Next to each mattress there are a few items, including soap and combs. Jandra, in her mid-20s, escaped from poverty in Ivory Coast to seek out a better future in Europe. Why Bangladeshis Are Taking Boats to Italy — Refugees Deeply. Portugal’s Openness to Refugees Makes Demographic and Economic — Refugees Deeply. Refugees will repay EU spending almost twice over in five years - report. UN's Michael Møller Reveals 17 Facts That Will Change Your Understanding Of The Refugee Crisis. Volunteer/Donate - Calaid-ipedia. Rara, who’s legal order is it? (Article as pdf) Last Thursday in ‘Andere Tijden’ [TV documentary ‘Other Times]: Roemersma [former Rara = Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action] vs.

Rara, who’s legal order is it?

Duyvendak [former activist]. Roemersma from Venezuela, and Duyvendak here in The Netherlands. And then this question pops up: What do you think about the fact that Korthals Altes [at the time Minister of Justice] called the arsons of Rara terrorism? Roemersma , surprised, could not conclude any different than to say this was and is nonsense, and that nowadays you can be labeled a terrorist much faster than in earlier times. Now, who’s legal order is it, I have asked myself once again. For instance, take the ‘immigration’ policy. Expansion of the powers of the immigration police: a plan coming from Albayrak (previous state secretary of immigration) just like the above. Obviously, we the white privileged Dutch with a passport are not bothered by all this injustice so we could state that this legal order is indeed ours, it just is not ‘theirs’. Where is the Dutch rebellion? (Article as pdf) Last week African refugees massively stormed the Spanish enclave Melilla in Morocco, occupied territory in fact, just like the whole of the US has been snatched away by fortune seeking Europeans.

Where is the Dutch rebellion?

I remember the images of bleeding people climbing the barbed wire fences from the previous time. It is a bad sign that people keep trying it, over and over again and at the risk of their lives. But why not? Their lives were worthless anyway, just as the lives of all those people that try to reach the European continent in sinking sloops. In the same week, on Saturday June 21, the death of a 41 year old Tunisian in a deportation prison in Vincennes, near Paris, led to protests of the imprisoned undocumented people. Europe was ablaze, it seemed for a moment.

Waarom we onze grenzen juist open moeten gooien. De Britse econoom Philippe Legrain pleit voor wereldwijde vrije migratie.

Waarom we onze grenzen juist open moeten gooien

Dat is ethischer, en zal zelfs bijdragen aan de economische groei van de ontvangende landen. Fortress Europe. Open Up, Europe! Let Migrants In. Photo LONDON — THOUSANDS of people drown trying to reach Europe — an estimated 1,250 did so in April alone.

Open Up, Europe! Let Migrants In

By denying desperate people the opportunity to cross borders legally, European governments are driving them to risk death. What if Europe — or the United States — took a different approach: allow people to come and go freely? Defenders of the “Fortress Europe” policy are adamant: If Europe abandoned immigration controls, it would be swamped with foreigners and our economies and societies would collapse. It’s a deep-rooted fear, as if immigrants were the barbarians at the gates. But most people don’t want to leave home at all, much less forever, and many people can’t. Consider the evidence. One might have anticipated many people doing this, since average incomes in Sweden were more than eight times higher than those in Romania.

Open doors tend to be revolving ones. The newcomers raised Israel’s working-age population by 8 percent over just two years, and by 15 percent over seven. World Exposed - De inhumane prijs van Fort Europa - Monique Samuel. Er vindt een humanitaire ramp plaats op de kabbelende azuurblauwe golven van de Middellandse Zee.

World Exposed - De inhumane prijs van Fort Europa - Monique Samuel

Gisteren las ik in de Volkskrant het korte bericht dat zo’n 150 vluchtelingen onder wie veel vrouwen en kinderen, zijn verdronken tijdens hun overtocht naar het Italiaanse eiland Lampedusa. ‘I'd rather die at sea than stay there’: migrants on crossing the Med. Emmanuel, 24, Ivory Coast There was too much violence in Ivory Coast.

‘I'd rather die at sea than stay there’: migrants on crossing the Med

You can’t live there. All my friends have left. My parents divorced and didn’t look after me.