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Report: Bundy Family Unearths BLM Mass Cattle Grave Mikael Thalen | “I feel that this needs to be put out for the public to see.” Bundy supporter OWNS Chris Hayes on MSNBC: ‘We will not allow governance by gunpoint, ever’ [VIDEO] Daily Caller | Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore clashed with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes regarding rancher Cliven Bundy’s conflict with the federal government on Friday. Justice Scalia ‘Foolish’ to Have the Supreme Court Decide If NSA Wiretapping Is Unconstitutional Breitbart | D.C., Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about their views of the First Amendment.

Alternative media (U.S. political left) List of alternative media (U.S. political left) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of alternative media espousing the views of the American political left. It covers alternative media sources including talk radio programs, blogs and other alternative media sources. Iran attack on secret US agenda' - CometBird 'Iran attack on secret US agenda' Behind-the-scene efforts by the US indicate that Washington believes that the so-called threat of a nuclear Iran will only be eliminated through a war, a political expert tells Press TV. "Clearly, sanctions are currently the only available tool in the hands of Washington but behind-the-scene efforts are being made to prove that sanctions cannot mollify the threat in the long run and that the threat of the so-called nuclear Iran will only be eliminated through a war thus justified thanks to the sinister powers long at work," Middle East expert Ismail Salami wrote in an article in Press TV. He further explained that the White House has created an atmosphere that Iran is a global threat even without nuclear arms program.

Occupy: Episode Seven Cypherpunks: Episode Eight, pt.1 Occupy: Episode Seven Correa: Episode Six Begg-Qureshi: Episode Five Rajab & Abd El-Fattah: Episode Four Marzouki: Episode Three Horowitz-Zizek: Episode Two Nasrallah: Episode One Revealed: Assange pre-show full interview Hourglass: Promo One Unravelling: Promo Two Assange: Official trailer Episode Two: Teaser Warning: Assange! Controversy! Cypherpunks: Episode Eight, full version, pt.2 Cypherpunks: Episode Eight, full version, pt.1 Ibrahim: Episode Eleven Chomsky-Ali: Episode Ten Khan: Episode Nine

More Linkage between the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Khalifa » Van's Hardware Journal NOTE: A better, updated account of the linkage between the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Khalifa can be found here. This brief post is a followup to my recent Georgia Guidestones article which can be read here: The Georgia Guidestones monument is composed of three primary components: the center “Gnomen” stone, the capstone and the four “Guidestones.” Their dimensions and proportions are as follows: Capstone: 0.5m x 2m x 3m (proportions 1 : 4 : 6)Center “Gnomen” stone: 0.5m x 1m x 5m (proportions 1 : 2 : 10)Each Guidestone: 0.5m x 2m x 5m (proportions 1 : 4 : 10) Last week the official height of the awe inspiring Burj Dubai, now dubbed the “Burj Khalifa,” was revealed to be 828 meters or 2,717 feet tall, ten meters higher than expected.

U.S. Coast Guard & Hurricane Katrina, Historical Index Historical Index Overview Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters to ever strike the United States. The U.S. Coast Guard played a significant role in the planning, response, and recovery efforts of the government in three mission areas: search and rescue, marine pollution response, and the management of maritime commerce. Alternative media Because the term "alternative" has connotations of self-marginalization, some media outlets now prefer the term "independent" over "alternative". Several different categories of media may fall under the heading of alternative media. These include, but are not limited to, radical media, dissident and social movement media, ethnic/racial media, indigenous media, community media, subcultural media, student media, and avant-garde media. Each of these categories highlights the perceived shortcomings of dominant media to serve particular audiences, aims and interests, and attempts to overcome these shortcomings through their own media. Definition[edit]

Poverty in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - CometBird In November 2012 the U.S. Census Bureau said more than 16% of the population lived in poverty, including almost 20% of American children,[7] up from 14.3% (approximately 43.6 million) in 2009 and to its highest level since 1993. In 2008, 13.2% (39.8 million) Americans lived in poverty.[8] Starting in the 1980s, relative poverty rates have consistently exceeded those of other wealthy nations.[9] California has a poverty rate of 23.5%, the highest of any state in the country.[10] In 2009 the number of people who were in poverty was approaching 1960s levels that led to the national War on Poverty.[11] In 2011 extreme poverty in the United States, meaning households living on less than $2 per day before government benefits, was double 1996 levels at 1.5 million households, including 2.8 million children.[12] This would be roughly 1.2% of the US population in 2011, presuming a mean household size of 2.55 people.

Summary of what we know about operational prototypes of free energy generators (in English) Welcome to this web page on already operational prototypes of extraordinary "free energy generators". These devices generate technically useful energy without consuming any fuel or any other form of energy. So they can turn extremely important to our energy-starved civilisation. The operation of these generators is exploiting a phenomena of physics which are still unknown to our present official science - for example a phenomenon which represents a "reversal of friction" (i.e. similarly like "friction" spontaneously converts motion into heat, this "reversal of friction" spontaneously converts heat into motion). In spite that such devices sounds extremely unusual, actually several working prototypes was already build by devoted hobbyists and was proven in operation.

You should check out The information clearing house if you like Inforwars you wll love this by beatlegeuse Apr 23

Real news. Amazing frontline data, cutting edge vigilante liberated citizens standing up for the real Constitution of the United States of America. Reality news no propoganda. This is where I get my news. This is no longer a conspiracy 'theory' it is a well-planned nearly fully completed design and it's up to us to bring attention to it and get the sheeple's heads out of the clouds to realize who is really at fault in this wretchedly sacred blessed gloriously hateful yet rick world is the ZIONISTS. And..douchbags we have way too many of those and not enough really good, nice, cute guys. That's about it. by unicornivore Apr 22

Really that word conspiracy needs to be replaced. To many people are informed on different levels that we now all have conspiracys. Lets just say you are informed and hold your own views. by scottietofu Jun 17

You can also find a TON of useful and very interesting documentaries on various 'conspiracy' and 'non' on I strongly endorse it! by pashadolce Jun 16

What a great show. The world is split between those that 'get' Alex Jones and those that don't by hapkido690 Jun 7

Thx, maybe I should update my links and add a few new ones... Btw, is my Link Collection usefull for you english speaking guys? You should check out "Bitte Hinterfragen" and "Videos" too... Very interesting stuff... by theoklymenos Oct 5

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