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Active Thermitics Made Simple. Introduction The scientific paper Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe provides, quite simply, proof that explosives were used in the destruction of the Twin Towers. Specifically, the paper positively identifies an advanced engineered pyrotechnic material in each of several samples of dust from the destroyed skyscrapers, in the form of tiny chips having red and gray sides and sharing a very specific three-dimensional structure, chemical composition, and ignition behavior.

The basis and validity of this identification can be grasped quickly by anyone with a working knowledge of physics and chemistry. They need only read the paper's one-page conclusion, and perhaps its section describing the provenance of the dust samples. But what of the reader whose strong suit isn't the hard sciences? Fortunately, the answer is no. Contents Three Features of the Red-Gray Chips 1. Three facts about the red layer are: 2. 3. Conclusion Glossary. Government Involvement in 9/11. In the summer of 2000, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a neo-conservative think tank riddled with soon to be Bush administration officials and advisors, issued a document calling for the radical restructuring of U.S. government and military policies. It advocated the massive expansion of defense spending, the re-invasion of Iraq, the military and economic securing of Afghanistan and Central Asia, increased centralized power and funds for the CIA, FBI, and NSA, among a slew of other policies that would, in the near future, be enacted upon their ascension to power.

In the same document, they cite a potential problem with their plan. Referring to the goals of transforming the U.S. and global power structure, the paper states that because of the American Public's slant toward ideas of democracy and freedom, "this process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor. " (ibid.) back to top. U.S. V.P. Nominee Jack Kemp - 33rd Degree Mason. NEW! Click here to order from our growing list of rare, scarce, out-of-print, and 'alternative history' titles! Go to this month's amazing SPECIAL OFFER! Order our amazing double-length audio cassette set on THE COMING RUSSIAN-CHINESE MARXIST NEW WORLD ORDER, and THE PLANNED SUBJUGATION OF AMERICA Order from our fascinating list of amazing, exclusive cassette sets on 'THE NEW WORLD ORDER', 'THE COMING OIL CRISIS', 'THE NEW ECONOMIC DISORDER', 'THE COMING CONTINENTAL UNION - GOODBYE TO THE CONSTITUTION!

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11, 13 and 33 - The Illuminati / Freemason Signature. By Robert Howard Updated 11/30/2001 from TheForbidedenKnowledge Website In my research regarding the Freemason’s, United States Presidents and The Masonic Power Structure I was constantly running into the number 13 and 33. This research confirmed that most of the founding fathers were Masons. It also confirmed that most of the Presidents were Masons. My first run in with 13 of course was the 13 colonies. Second was the great Seal. "The numbers 3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39. Occultists the world over believe that, once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbol(s) are created without the profane [uninitiated] knowing about it.

And, the greatest power of all is created in the symbol(s) if the uninitiated NEVER discover that the symbol exists. In the circles at the end of the hexagram points it even spells the word Mason. The Roman Numerals at the bottom of the Pyramid: MDCCLXXVI We then will take a different tact to solve the riddle. E.W. The Brahms. Revolution (NBC) - Illuminati Mind-Control Programming. NBC's new hit show Revolution presents a vivid witness to the role ritual sodomy plays in trauma-based mind-control programming. In recent posts I've introduced this show's concealed evolution / revolution combo and the featured power symbol, and there's plenty more occult symbolism and esoteric signals to be found. This post could well be considered as another installment in the series on the sodomite gateway or even the Jezebel vs Sarah series. If I had one on MK-ULTRA and media productions, it would go in that bucket along with many others I've done.

This NBC show is yet one more mass media programming and “SRA multiple support” vehicle spun out of the Bad Robot Productions machinery. Caveat: If you're a recovering SRA DID multiple you might find this contains triggers. The setting for the show is the Chicago area in a time fifteen years after a false flag event caused everything electrical to fail, on a global scale. I only watched the first two shows. Here's a big sign. How the "Wars" on Terror and Drugs Distract the Public from the Bigger Motives Behind Them. When trying to understand current events in their fuller context, it’s often more useful to look at the policies and interests that are influencing these events rather than individual cases (although the individual cases often make up “the news”).

That is because there is often a gaping chasm between the formally stated goals of a policy and its actual effects. Think of the “wars” on various nouns such as “terror” or “drugs.” Though framed in simplistic P.R. terms, these “wars” justify a variety of other actions and serve many additional interests. Massive surveillance of citizens has emerged from the “war on terror,” and a prison-industrial complex and money-laundering banks have profited from the “war on drugs.” Despite this reality, discussions about and opposition to these “wars” are often argued from the rather fictional standpoint that the stated goals are the actual goals. So when governments develop policies it is reasonable to ask: what problem does this solve? The Hidden Symbolism of "Stranger Things" - The Vigilant Citizen - Symbols Rule the World.

The immensely popular series Stranger Things puts in the forefront of popular culture the disturbing world of MKULTRA, mixed with a heavy those of fantasy and science fiction. Through its story and symbolism, the series tell a deeper truth about its subject matter, one that not many might believe or accept. We’ll look at the deeper meaning of Stranger Things. Warning: Monumental spoilers ahead!

Praised for its gripping story and stellar acting, Stranger Things quickly became a monster hit. Starring a group of Dungeon & Dragons playing kids who bike around their neighborhood while communicating on their Realistic™ walkie-talkies, the series brought a heavy dose of eighties nostalgia with a rare authenticity. More importantly, Stranger Things also brought to the forefront of popular culture a subject that has been taboo for decades: The world of MKULTRA and its horrifying practices.

Between Reality and Fiction “Something is coming. Mike’s Dungeon & Dragons campaign lasts almost ten hours. Schiller Institute- Kissinger's 1974 Genocide Plan- NSSM 200-Exposed Join Food For Peace Movement. This article appeared as part of a feature in the December 8, 1995 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, and was circuclated extensively by the Schiller Insitute Food for Peace Movement. It is reprinted here as part of the package: “Who Is Responsible for the World Food Shortage?”

By Joseph Brewda Dec. 8, 1995 On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed a classified 200-page study, “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” The study falsely claimed that population growth in the so-called Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs) was a grave threat to U.S. national security. Adopted as official policy in November 1975 by President Gerald Ford, NSSM 200 outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in those countries through birth control, and also, implicitly, war and famine.

The bogus arguments that Kissinger advanced were not original. Related Pages: Home | Eugenics and Other Evils. The Truth EXPOSED - actors in the TV "news" - All episodes for MEDIA HOAXES EXPOSED! Naomi Wolf Reveals How & Why Fake News Stories Are Created & Pushed. Why Do People Still Believe The Official Lies About Syria? The war in Syria is a conspiracy that has followed after the conspirators of 9/11 brought down the Twin Towers and started a global war on/of terror. The same presstitute media that tries to explain the disappearance of four planes and three skyscrapers with kindergarten physics is also telling jackanories when it comes to explaining the civil wars in Syria and Ukraine. The upcoming global war between the besieged and the pompous, and the threat of mini nuclear weapons finally making their appearance on the battlefield is what awaits those seeking entertainment through the media at all cost.

The western media constantly fakes the truth and serves entertainment to replace and distract from it, thus making the mind dull and the supposed entertainment boring and repetitive. Those who are constantly yapping away dressed in Gucci shoes and Armani ties cannot necessarily see the truth and are leading the world towards a catastrophe. The War on Syria is no exception. The DJNO states that the: Anatomy of the New World Order (transcript) EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a transcript of Interview 600 – James Corbett on The Mind Renewed, which was originally recorded on February 7, 2013.

Julian Charles: Hello, this is Julian Charles of Today is the 7th of February 2013, and welcome to the second in a series of interviews: “Does Anyone Really Believe In World Government?” Today, I’m fortunate to be speaking to James Corbett, who joins us from Japan. James Corbett is an alternative media investigative journalist, and the creative genius behind The Corbett Report, which is an independent, listener-supported, alternative news source, operating on the principle of open-source intelligence, which provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues all the way from 9/11 Truth and false-flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics and the central banking fraud, and more.

So James, thank you very much for coming on. JaC: Yes, of course. As Dr. AN ANCIENT HOPE That Was Meant to Be Fulfilled. “People do not love men who give them the truth, but rather men who give them illusions.”— John Greenway, THE INEVITABLE AMERICANS The physical environs themselves should demand explanation. Perched atop the US Capitol professing to be “Freedom,” is the dark goddess of the underworld, Persephone: the “destroyer of light,” symbol of deceit, despair, accusation, lies, envy, distrust, scheming, drudgery and gossip.

Were it not heartbreaking, it would be a triumph, and the presence of Persephone serves to both consecrate and confirm the tragic irony of the rituals performed beneath. Though the historical analysis of the monuments, design and intent of the architecture of our nation’s Capital is beyond the present objective, there are outstanding and carefully documented materials available. “It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. “Few would argue that with George W. (all emphases, smb) John C. WW3: How Will World War Three Affect You? Learn How To Prepare - Free Newsletter.