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Blender Open Material Repository

Blender Open Material Repository
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SKETCHUP TEXTURE Free Textures Download. Over 3500 Free HQ Textures. Download. No registration Blender 3D Design Course Blender 3D Design Course Note: Added new Lesson #13 - NURBS Surfaces / Meta Objects - April 27, 2013 Note: Added new Lesson #14 - Rigid Body Dynamics- June 1, 2013 Students: This course is also available for downloading to your iPhone or iPad via Tufts University iTunesU. (Install the iTunesU app / Search Colleges and Universities - Tufts University / Subscribe to "3D Design - Blender"). The video tutorials are also available on my Vimeo channel (Blender Video Tutorials - Neal Hirsig) Instructors: If you are an instructor and would like to download the 3D Design Blender 2.6X content (Syllabus, Video Tutorials, PDF Tutorials, Projects and Exercises), send me your name, e-mail address and the name of your school or institution. Neal Hirsig Syllabus Blender Cheatsheet Project 1A - Jewelry Project 1B - Robot Project 2A - The Way Things Work Project 2B - Wind Sculpture Project 3A - Architecture Project 3B - Reality 3D Project 4A - Animal Planet Project 4B - Set Design Links

Good Textures - Royalty free seamless textures and photos Texture Mate Everyday 3D This Christmas, at Tool we wanted to create a small interactive experience to share with our friends and clients. Since lately I did experiment with compositing WebGL objets on a video [1, 2] I thought this is a cool technique that we can use. The idea was simple enough: we would shoot a Christmas tree in a nicely decorated room and composite-in a gift box that the user can interact with while watching the video. All this is rendered with WebGL – the video runs in the background and the 3d interactive content on top, both layers are matched in perspective and movement. To achieve this effect I had to use quite a lot of different pieces of software. Here’s a breakdown of what it took to build it: Cinema4D. It’s a trial and error technique and adjusting the details can be quite a challenge. Mocha. Using 2D tracking means that we only track movement on the XY plane. Once the tracking is done and tweaked, Mocha allows to export the tracking data into a text-based format. Unity3D. FFMpeg.

Blender 3D Architect - Using Blender 3D for Architectural Visualization : Ble... openfootage Vectory Diary - High Quality Patterns The use of patterns in art and design projects are varied and well known. There are many sources from where you can find free raster or bitmap patterns, but there are not much when it comes to good high quality free vector patterns. So, in this post, we have listed a compilation of good quality and useful free illustrator vector patterns for download. To edit the patterns in Adobe Illustrator, you can access the Patterns in the Swatches panel.You can customize existing patterns and design patterns from scratch with any of the Illustrator tools. 100 free seamless vector pattern swatches (also as symbols) for Adobe Illustrator CS and higher. 20 seamless pattern swatch for Illustrator. . for free. About The Author: Tony Soh Hi.

Blank3D Visualisation | Realtime 3D and Architectural Visualisation

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