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Blender Open Material Repository - download blender materials/shaders for free!

Blender Open Material Repository - download blender materials/shaders for free!

K-MODDL & Tutorials & Reuleaux Triangle - StumbleUpon If an enormously heavy object has to be moved from one spot to another, it may not be practical to move it on wheels. Instead the object is placed on a flat platform that in turn rests on cylindrical rollers (Figure 1). As the platform is pushed forward, the rollers left behind are picked up and put down in front. An object moved this way over a flat horizontal surface does not bob up and down as it rolls along. The reason is that cylindrical rollers have a circular cross section, and a circle is closed curve "with constant width." Is a circle the only curve with constant width? How to construct a Reuleaux triangle To construct a Reuleaux triangle begin with an equilateral triangle of side s, and then replace each side by a circular arc with the other two original sides as radii (Figure 4). The corners of a Reuleaux triangle are the sharpest possible on a curve with constant width. Here is another really surprising method of constructing curves with constant width:

BlenderArt Magazine Preparing Blender Files for 3D Printing - Shapeways This tutorial was written by Shapeways community member Jeff LaMarche. Introduction Okay, I've been fighting the good fight with Blender for a few weeks trying to convert some models I originally created for rendering into a printable file. Finding non-manifold edges If you have a model created from several objects or meshes, first make sure that each individual mesh is manifold (water-tight). Any vertices that get selected when you press that key combination are non-manifold vertices that have to be fixed. If there are three or four attached polygons that it says are non-manifold, but says there is already a face, try deleting the face and, if necessary, recreating it. Tip: hide geometry to focus on the non-manifold areas One trick that makes things easier is to select non-manifold, then press ctrl+ several times to increase the selection. Cleaning up: join meshes using Booleans Once you've got all your meshes manifold, make sure that every mesh is its own object. Finally, export to STL.

Free Textures and ZBrush Brushes ZBrush Brushes Set 1 We have 138 brushes to use with ZBrush, completely free! Simply click on the brush you wish to download and save it to your computer. Import them into ZBrush, or open the brush up in Photoshop in which you can actually drag the texture layer around to find a better area of texture or to save several brushes with the same type of texture but still slightly different. Download Set One: Click here to DOWNLOAD all the .PSD and .JPG files at once. 24mb (.ZIP) Set Two: Click here to view set two Set Three: Click here to view set three Please help us keep this site free and show your continued support by donating if you can, we'd appreciate very much!

abcteach -- Free Printables, Interactives, Custom Documents, Clip Art, and Games Box of Goodies I’ve realized that the only way to create realistic outdoor scenes is by adding lots and lots of nature elements. Things like trees, flowers, bushes, rocks etc. are essential in making the scene look “believable”. But I also know that creating these things by hand takes a very long time. Which is why I’ve done the hard work for you :) The Box of Goodies! Inside this box of goodies you’ll find 9 nature models that you can keep. As well as this you’ll find a collection of grass reference photos that will help you to better create it in blender. Eg. What will you do with yours? Drop your email address in the box to the right and I’ll send the Box of Goodies your way.

VFX / Sound Driven Motion, Bake and Unbake Here is a follow up to my previous experimental post (Perfume) that is more or less related to sound, motion, and animation.CREATIVE AUTOMATION Recently, I am into topics where we can drive or automate or trigger certain actions. It is not really new, but we do have more technology these days that allow us to further develop whatever ideas that we may already have in the past but stuck. Things like: Kinect Motion Capture, Augmented Reality and AR Glass, Mobile Devices, 3D Printers, 3D Scanner, Arduino, etc. They are all available. It is as if nowadays, we are applying more and more "Game Environment" automation into "Real World". Those areas are really interesting to me. And of course, since this blog is about Blender, I want to see some kind of real-time setup using Blender happening on my own personal computer. I remember many years ago, I researching on how to do this kind of audio-driven animation using Maya (MIDI Driven). And then there is Houdini. It cannot be any easier than this.

IED Visual Communication 60 Free Illustrator Brushes Adobe Illustrator has many powerful tools and unique features. And one among them is Illustrator's Paintbrush Tool (B). The brushes can be applied to paths and strokes, they are great for creating stunning stroked designs in seconds. And, the best part about Illustrator's brushes is that they are vectors and can be completely modified to suit your needs by changing their colors, stroke width, weight, and more. Let's take a look at a large selection of Illustrator brushes available on the web! Introduction In this article, you will find a huge compilation of excellent and stunning sets of free Illustrator Brushes on the web, such as: floral flourishes, swirls, foliage brushes, sketch brushes, watercolor brushes, chains, ropes, beautiful border brushes, Christmas themes, snowflakes, beads, gem brushes, and more. You can find more about how to use brushes in Illustrator in our post titled, "A Comprehensive Guide: Illustrator's Paintbrush Tool and Brush Panel." 1. 2. 3.Teardrop Foliage 5. 6.

Tutorials Beginner GIMP Quickies Use GIMP for simple graphics needs without having to learn advanced image manipulation methods. Simple Floating Logo This tutorial walks through some basic image and layer manipulation techniques. Layer Masks An introduction to using layer masks to modify the opacity of a layer. Basic Color Curves A first look at the Curves tool and adjusting color tones in an image. Photo Editing Digital B&W Conversion Detailed conversion tutorial for generating a B&W result from a color image. Luminosity Masks Using multiple layer masks to isolate specific tones in your image for editing. Tone Mapping with ‘Colors/Exposure’ Using high bit depth GIMP’s ‘Colors/Exposure’ operation to add exposure compensation to shadows and midtones while retaining highlight details. Programming Basic GIMP Perl Learn how to write simple perl scripts using the gimp-perl module (GNU/Linux users only). Automate Editing Using GIMP Python to automate a workflow. All (Legacy) Tutorials List