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Octane Render - The Interactive Physically Based Render Engine

Octane Render - The Interactive Physically Based Render Engine
Octane Render is the world's first GPU based, un-biased, physically based renderer. What does that mean? It uses the video card in your computer to render photorealistic results fast...really fast. This allows the user to create stunning works in a fraction of the time of traditional CPU based renderers. more... octanerender™ is the world's fastest unbiased photorealistic renderer producing stunningly life-like images of the highest possible quality, making it the ultimate renderering solution for architectural visualization, product design and 3D animation rendering.

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THE NEXT INCREDIBLE LONDON ? Vous trouverez toutes les explications sur ces magnifiques images issueS du projet de film Fanciful Megalomania imaginé par Jonathan Gales, sur le toujours très bon site dpr-barcelona, dont j'ai extrait les quelques lignes ci-dessous. " The film project Fanciful Megalomania is described by its author Jonathan Gales, as some “Fanciful drawings of construction sites“. Gales is a film maker and designer based in London. ZBrush to Maya Displacement map Displacment maps. Maya. Combined, the two words sends shivers down the spine of any CG artist. It’s a topic I’ve spent countless hours trying to wrap my head around. In this tutorial we’ll look at a reliable way to use 32 bit displacement maps in Vray for Maya generated in ZBrush. Relational Geometries 2011 Each unique instance of the will be installed as an aggregation of raw, unsealed ceramic tiles. The climate, surface orientation, and potential shading by other structures will affect the ultimate growth and eventual disintegration of the wall. When installed in a shaded, colder environment, vegetation growth will spread slowly. The freeze thaw cycle of water penetrating the areas of unsealed ceramic tile will most likely cause the eventual disintegration of the wall. If installed in a warmer climate that receives optimal sunlight, the vegetation will rapidly take over the wall and cause it’s destruction.

ABOUT ANIMATION NEWS Autodesk Launched 2012 Digital entertainment creation productions.Autodesk,INC.announced new release of the company's digital entertainment creation software and middleware.The 2012 versions enable interactive work flows,help users manage completely and provide new creative tools.Autodesk products have been used to create popular movies like Black swan ,chart-topping video games such as medal of honor,prime time television commercials like the Bridgestone carma super bowl ad and hit television shows such as Glee 2012 software delivers a new accelerated graphics core,m Rigids for dynamic rigid -body simulations in the viewport and new sculpting and painting enhancements like the clone brush.Autodesk maya 2012software provides significant enhancements to the view port offering full-screen effects,editable motin trails for animation editing in the view port, as well as simulation options. Autodesk Games Middleware for common Runtime challenges.

Mantra Rendering At the back-end of any CG project is where you render all your lights, geometry, and effects. With Houdini, you can rely on a robust built-in rendering solution called Mantra or full support for a wide variety of third party rendering options. Whatever route you choose, Houdini is the ideal environment for bringing together your render layers and reliably feeding the farm.

NormalMap What is a Normal Map? A Normal Map is usually used to fake high-res geometry detail when it's mapped onto a low-res mesh. The pixels of the normal map each store a normal, a vector that describes the surface slope of the original high-res mesh at that point. The red, green, and blue channels of the normal map are used to control the direction of each pixel's normal. When a normal map is applied to a low-poly mesh, the texture pixels control the direction each of the pixels on the low-poly mesh will be facing in 3D space, creating the illusion of more surface detail or better curvature.

3DPlot - 3D math surfaces in AutoCAD Generate parametric mathematic 3D surfaces from user defined XYZ functions 3DPlot utility creates algorithmic 3D objects CADStudio 3DPlot is an AutoLISP utility for AutoCAD - it generates parametric 3D surfaces (polyline meshes) from mathematic expressions (functions, equations). You can use 3DPlot for educational purposes (math visualization) but also in the design area - e.g. for creation of attractive architectural features, interior design, product design, sconces, for art design, etc. See also 2DPlot for 2D curves. The core application contains functionality required to generate 3D objects from results of math expressions of the type f(X,Y) -- or even in a more general format [X,Y,Z] = f(U,V). Autodesk Softimage 2011 Review - SoftWareGoldNet Blog RELATED TAG : autodesk softimage 2011 discount, download autodesk softimage 2011 free, autodesk softimage 2011 bargain, softimage 2011 download, autodesk softimage 2011 used, softimage 2011 discount, 3D character animation, visual effects application Softimage software is a high-performance 3D character animation and visual effects application. Autodesk Softimage 2011 is a 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing solution optimized for artist efficiency.

Architecture 3D Illustrations Víctor Enrich recently shared with us his architecture 3D illustrations and visualizations. Over the years he has experimented with a variety of mediums resulting in these 3D creations. A full description of his work and further illustrations following the break. Normalmaps for the Technical Game Modeler Normalmaps for the Technical Game ModelerBy Ariel Chai, 15th of June 2010, all rights reserved.*Article is constant work in progress*This article is aimed towards technical modeling (such as weapons vehicles, pros, etc), and is made to give an overview of common normalmap issues, walkarounds and solutions. This article assumes knowledge of UV's, and the core idea of what normalmaps are. Theory :

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