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Lugher Texture

Lugher Texture
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Blog - Blender HDRI setup You can download complete tutorial project file from here Preparing test scene 1. Remove default scene and create UV sphere. Go to tab Tools and choose Smooth. HDRI environment setup 1. Shadow Catcher 1. Backplate 1. Fabric Hello, welcome to my texture blog. It been going for three years now and features lots of seamless textures (or tileable if that’s how you prefer to say it) that I have made. They are free to download and you can use them for whatever purpose in your projects. All I ask is that any credit and link back here to my blog if you find them useful enough. I primarily use PaintShop Pro 10 to make my textures. Anyway lots of feedback, likes, +1’s keep me motivated so keep that up too. Thanks What can textures be used for? Video games Games require textures to cover 3d objects (such as characters, inanimate objects and worlds) to enable us to see them on screen. Film The movie industry uses a lot of special effects and 3d animation to make some spectacular movies. Photoshop There are many digital artists out there that use Photoshop and similar paint programs to create amazing digital art. Wallpaper Textures can be used as background wallpaper for your PC, tablet and phone.

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