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How Interstellar completes Christopher Nolan's personal filmmaking trilogy. It’s often said that filmmaking is a battle between art and commerce.

How Interstellar completes Christopher Nolan's personal filmmaking trilogy

In his career so far, British director Christopher Nolan has managed to strike a balance between the two better than just about any filmmaker currently working. Batman Supercut: Watch the Best Of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. On June 15, 2005, exactly 10 years ago today, moviegoers were first treated to a groundbreaking new adaptation of an iconic franchise in Batman Begins.

Batman Supercut: Watch the Best Of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy

Christopher Nolan’s reimagining redefined what a comic book movie could become, kicking off one of the most celebrated comic book film trilogies of all time. Upon the anniversary of its launch, this new supercut effectively showcases the highlights of the epic Dark Knight Trilogy. Relive the excitement in the video below! As you can see, Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is effectively represented in Thomas Davidson’s spectacular supercut, showcasing the dramatic beats with brevity. The Dark Knight Trilogy - Epic Retrospective. Log In. Although many of Christopher Nolan’s movies happen simultaneously in the past, present and future, he almost never works on weekends.

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The Reason Christopher Nolan Films Look Like Christopher Nolan Films. With the The Dark Knight Rises' director's longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister stepping down, his movies' distinctive visual style could change.

The Reason Christopher Nolan Films Look Like Christopher Nolan Films

Christopher Nolan values consistency. The Dark Knight Rises is immediately identifiable as a Nolan film due in part to his habit of finding people that he likes to work with and sticking with them. He often writes with his brother Jonathan. Emma Thomas - Wikipedia. Early life[edit] Thomas was born in 1971 in London.

Emma Thomas - Wikipedia

She graduated from University College London,[1] where she met her future husband. Career[edit] Personal life[edit] Thomas married Christopher Nolan in 1997. Filmography[edit] Producer[edit] Matthew Kern. BRIAN HORNE. Jared Leto's 'Suicide Squad' Performance Proves Hollywood Has Ruined Method Acting. About — Film Lab Creative. We are a full service production company that can take your project from the ground level of its development, all the way to its polished finish.

About — Film Lab Creative

Formerly under the umbrella of 31Films, which was founded in 2002, we have grown and launched Film Lab Creative as its own venture in early 2012. Our collection of directors, cinematographers, editors and animators are all storytellers at heart, and we are passionate about every aspect of our art forms. That’s also how we best serve our clients – by staying true to ourselves and keeping their best interest in mind for every detail of their production. Whether you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your entire project or just need to source specific roles for production, from big-budget set production to run-and-gun small scale shoots, we can provide the craftsmen for the job. We Are Films. Andrew Ryan Shepherd on Vimeo. Welcome Back. Sypher on Vimeo. First 5 Things A Director Does On A Film Set by James Kicklighter. How John Cassavetes Uses Space & Expert Camera Work to Make You Feel Seduced. What can space, or the lack thereof, communicate to your audience?

How John Cassavetes Uses Space & Expert Camera Work to Make You Feel Seduced

5 Hitchcock Techniques You Might Want to Be Using in Your Films. Your audience isn’t obligated to watch your film!

5 Hitchcock Techniques You Might Want to Be Using in Your Films

So before you finalize that script, shot list, or edit, do everything you can to make it easy for them to keep watching. It’s common for beginners to get caught up in metaphors, character psychology, and symbolism -- those things that high school English teachers beat into us. Yes, intellectual complexity makes for a good story -- and good art. Cale Glendening. Newport Berra CCA Lance Edmands. TWDP 011: Director Christian Schultz from Music Bed - Bridging the Gap. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe to the Podcast: In this episode of The Wandering DP Podcast we chat with director Christian Schultz from Music Bed about what it takes to put together a Vimeo Staff Pick, how he gets projects done with a small team, and how he managed to brdige the taste/talent gap with his filmmaking.

TWDP 011: Director Christian Schultz from Music Bed - Bridging the Gap

What You’ll Hear in this Episode: We chat to Christian about how he got started in the film industry, his background in music, and how today’s tools are allowing filmmakers around the world to travel lighter and produce higher quality content then ever before. Inspiration Corner This week’s Inspiration Corner is a great Behind the Scenes video put out by Variety on the making of Birdman shot by none other than Emmanuel Lubezki, aka Chivo.

The video shows the challenges the post production team faced with the unique shooting style and how they managed to pull it all together by working closely with all the departments. Style Uncovered. The Art of Parallel Editing: From D.W. Griffith to Nolan's Inception. Editing is one of the main toolbox available for filmmakers to tell their story, and we often say that it is when the third draft of the film is written.

The Art of Parallel Editing: From D.W. Griffith to Nolan's Inception

Some of tools have become classics, others have different cycles of life, and we often fall into one of the six editing techniques developed by Vsevolod Pudovkin. In his video essay The Inception of Movie Editing: DW Griffith, Kevin B. Lee shows how the ‘father of narrative cinema‘, DW Griffith mastered the Parallel editing technique to tell more complex and ambitious stories, something he believes Christopher Nolan borrowed for his multi-layered dream induced Inception. Explore the Early Career of David Fincher, From His Music Videos Through 'Alien 3' How the Opening Sequence of David Fincher's 'Se7en' Perfectly Demonstrates Exposition. Exposition is one of those narrative conventions that requires a lot of finesse to do right.

One perfect example of a great expositional scene is the opening sequence from David Fincher's Se7en. Tyler Knudsen breaks down this scene in this Press Play video essay. Christopher Nolan on Aspiring Filmmaker's Responsibility and How Soderbergh Helped Him Figure Out How to Best Work Within a Studio System. During the Director Series that took place during Tribeca 2015, Christopher Nolan talked with Bennett Miller about many topics, including the challenges of becoming risk-averse as your career expands, and how he learned how to deal deal with the Studio System to keep his creative freedom all the while maintaining a sustainable relationship for all parties.

Nolan, whose roots come from the DIY/indie filmmaking philosophy had been in the past very generous about the lessons he had learned making his first feature film. This time, talking to Miller, he opens up about other aspects that are as interesting and insightful. N.A. Bowser on Vimeo. 26 of the Greatest Movies According to Director David Fincher. David Fincher's films are known for many things, but being traditional isn't one of them.

His grim themes, low-key lighting, and aversion to happy endings work in tandem with unusual subject matter, which makes for some bleak filmmaking. The genius of Fincher is found in his ability to tap into the beautiful dark side of humanity, evoking fear, anger, and intrigue with his audience. So, what kinds of films does a director of his caliber see as important pieces of cinema? In a hand-written note, Fincher lists 26 of what he considers the greatest movies, ranging from a seemingly obvious influence, Taxi Driver, to ones that seem to come out of left field, like Animal House. Wes Anderson introduces Rushmore. Christian Schultz. Rian Johnson Reveals How He Took First Feature 'Brick' from Script to Screen. If you saw the Internet in passing last week, you just might have caught wind of a small story about Rian Johnson joining a modestly successful sci-fi franchise to write and direct a future episode.

For his sake, I certainly hope the first movie in the announced trilogy doesn't tank, or Johnson may be out of a job. As I read that story, I was reminded of the Austin Film Festival Script-to-Screen panel I moderated with Johnson this past October to discuss his first feature film, the high school film noir Brick.

Now only days away from principal photography on my first feature film, this feels like the perfect time to revisit our conversation to learn from Johnson and his experiences making this original take on the film noir genre. What's an Auteur? Here's a Complete Breakdown of the Provocative Rebel Theory. Our most popular and treasured directors tend to have a signature style, that special touch that is all their own, that lets the audience know, right away, whose hands sculpted the films they're watching.