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Concepting With Marvelous Designer & ZBrush. 5-Day Game Asset: MedicJacket. A new updated Marvelous Designer Demo. Behance. Autodesk Mudbox Sculpt & Paint Layers to 3ds Max (non-destructive interop) 3ds Max Export Multiple Render Passes (EXR) into Photoshop Extended. How to unwrap UV in 3Ds Max. RapidTools – v1.13 – rapidMXS. RapidTools Toolset is a package of tools created and designed for easy modeling!

rapidTools – v1.13 – rapidMXS

The list is not full, but feel free to take a look at the tools written in maxscript! Feel the unlimited power of maxscript! :) All the scripts are hoteky based, or at least I very recommend to put them on to shortcuts. Watch the tutorial videos to get know how they work. The package contains the following scripts: rapidMeshCleanUp is a pretty usefule mesh cleanup tool, that searches for the following: concave facesfaces with zero areaedges with zero legthtrianglesnGonsmid-edge vertices The script runs through the mesh, puts an Edit Poly modifier named from the anomaly and selects them. rapidNGonSolver has been designed to solve the hexagons, octagons and concave faces left behind by Quad Chamfer. rapidQuadConnect is a way of connecting edges properly.

Request - Sharp Cuts on a Cylinder. Render Mask - V-Ray 3.4 for 3ds Max - Chaos Group Help. Texture becomes blurry in different angles. I'm going to chime in for a sec to give you link w-hitch you are heading of this direction.

Texture becomes blurry in different angles

It is called Multiple uv's Tiles ( I was having the hardest time with my maps as you were now. this is a big key for you. :D Wow! I never thought the quadrant can be used this way. Leigh said it right and also you can keep your model as one whole piece instead of separate them into different meshes. Last time, I said I was going to post my work in progress and here it is. Wire Frame model in viewport: ( Full size image link:

Max tutorials simples

Wrap mesh or lines around sphere - Page 2. Obviously no one believes that two Bends make a globe, so here it is for the record.Start with your spline outline map.Add a Quadrift Mesh or a Subdivide modifier and set the Size to something suitable for deformation.Add your first Bend mod.This is where to be careful, the bend gizmo will fit to the bounds of the mesh, but we want it to fit the bounds of the whole earth map, but the mesh does not include the oceans.I turned on the reference plane I used to trace the map, then moved and scaled the gizmo to fit to that.

Wrap mesh or lines around sphere - Page 2

I then made a copy of the bend, to save having to do this twice.In the first bend, I bend the map backwards 180 degrees on a horizontal axis.In the second bend I bend it back 360 degrees on the vertical axis.Now it's spherical.You may now add a Shell mod to give thickness.You may want to centre the pivot too. Plastic jar 20cl capacity - STL,STEP / IGES. Escher - Recent models - GrabCAD - CAD Library. 'Relativity' Impossible Stairs - 3d model - .3ds, .obj, .max. Creating detailed 3D models with Code-Artist's AutoModeller Pro for 3ds Max by 3dtotal staff / 3ds Max Misc tutorial from AutoModeller Pro is a new plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max that allows you to texture your 3D meshes with 'geometry textures' - take a closer look...

Creating detailed 3D models with Code-Artist's AutoModeller Pro for 3ds Max by 3dtotal staff / 3ds Max Misc tutorial from

AutoModeller Pro is a brand new incredibly advanced, game-changing plugin for 3ds Max that allows you to apply or paint a group of meshes as "geometry-texture" onto your existing scene geometry. This is similar to displacement mapping; you can control tiling, positioning and so on using UV mapping, just as you would with a regular 2D texture. In this example you can see a brick wall geometry texture being applied to a box using a UVW map modifier. As you move, scale and even rotate the gizmo of the modifier, the results are automatically updated by the software.

SculptGL - A WebGL sculpting app. Trampoline - Recent models - GrabCAD - CAD Library. Copy and Paste Objects. Copitor. 15 things you need to know about texturing. Our experts Ian Spriggs, Arvin Villapando, Martin Teichmann, Mark Young, Jung Won Park, Germano Vieira, Reynante Martinez, Myriam Catrin, Nicolas Garilhe, Alexey Fanta, Joshua Marlow 01 – Texture portraits Usually when modelling a portrait you will be using a photo reference on an image plane.

15 things you need to know about texturing

A cool trick is to project that photo reference onto your model as a Diffuse map. Right away you will be able to check your proportions, your landmarks, and where more sculpting is needed. With the photo reference as a Diffuse map on top of your model, it will enable you to rotate and sculpt with multiple camera angles. 02 – Create chainmail in Substance To create a chain link pattern in Designer, I create a Tile Generator node on a new Substance graph and change the following parameters on the graph: Blending Mode to Max, Checker Mask to True, Quincunx Flip to True, Pattern Type to Image Input, and the Scale to 3. 3dsky. Convert SketchUP files to AutoCAD files. The Page You Requested Was Not Found. FBX Converter Transfer files from one file format to another quickly and easily with the FBX Converter.

The Page You Requested Was Not Found

This utility enables you to convert OBJ, DXF™, DAE, and 3DS files to or from multiple versions of the FBX format. New tools are now available with the FBX Converter 2012.1. You can view FBX animation files in real time with the FBX Viewer, explore and compare FBX file contents with the FBX Explorer, and manage animation takes with the FBX Take Manager. Previous Versions. Search for pallet chair. Upload Model Advanced Search Search Sign In Sort by Relevance.

Search for pallet chair

Tagged 'Poly' This script averages vertex normals at the borders (Open Edges).

Tagged 'Poly'

It allows you to smooth a surfaces after separating vertexs / edges / faces. (example: after detaching faces or splitting edges). It still keeping a hard Edges if the object have multiple Smoothing Group ID. 24 things you need to know about lighting. Research 01 – Observe how light works in the real world How it bounces, how coloured light affects coloured surfaces, and so on.

24 things you need to know about lighting

Sometimes it does what you least expect. Jason Scott 02 – Learn to read photographs Get books from great photographers like Jimmy Nelson, Roger Ballen or whoever’s style you fancy and have them laying around your work desk to pick up when you are lost, when your computer is rendering, or whenever you have a spare moment. Then start learning to read the photographs, as there is a lot of information you can get by really studying a picture. 03 – Get your shaders ready first Don’t rig your lights before you make sure all your shaders are ready – lighting a scene without shaders is a waste of time. 04 – Read photography magazines Aside from reading 3D-specific industry magazines, it is also a good idea to read up on other industry publications, like photography titles.

Lighting setup. ArtStation - Reynante Martinez. Ten24 - Photos du journal. Создание 3D-фото с помощью Camera Mapping и Element3D. Shop equipment - 3d model - .3ds, .3dm. 3ds Max Spiral Hose Modeling tutorial. Beeple - the work of mike winkelmann (cinema 4d project files, free vj loops etc.) Everydays [02.08.15]

MUDBOX 2015 HEAD and FACE sculpting, detailing, and painting tutorial. // - CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news // HDR Light Studio 4 and 3ds Max. NoEmotion HDRs. How to Make Realistic Rust. “Imperfection is the digital perfection” –unknown The CG world is so clean and artificial looking that you need to bring in the uglies of the real world to make it look real.

How to Make Realistic Rust

Stuff like dirt, grime, scratches and rust. All of which is covered in this tutorial :) It took me a couple of weeks of experimenting, but I finally nailed down the perfect method for creating rust in blender (without any extra software)! Final Image Downloads If you enjoyed the tutorial, be sure to check out the Secrets of Realistic Texturing, or The Architecture Academy for an even more in-depth look at what makes up a realistic material. Create something awesome using the tutorial? War Machine Tutorial. Houdini - Rapid River Whitewater. 3ds Max Rack & Pinion Gear joined to Sun & Planet Gear (Tutorial Part 1) Animating with Link Constraints. 3ds Max Constraints Physics.

Turntable Rendering in 3ds Max. The 5 best 3D tracking tools for CG artists. This article is produced in association with Masters of CG, a contest for creatives in partnership with HP, Nvidia, and 2000 AD. Check out the shortlisted entries here. Integrating CG and VFX into live action is one of the best ways to make your CG feel photoreal as well as allow the use of added content such as motion graphics to aid explanation. While a straightforward task if your working on a still, when working on animation tracking live footage to get enough data to allow you to correctly position the CG needs dedicated Tracking software. 3D tracking tools – not to be confused with production tracking tools – can be used for a range of tasks, such as footage stabilisation and to help with footage cleanup.

In the past couple of years a range of tracking tools have come to the market either as standalone or integrated into your compositing package. 01. VoroFrag 2.5a for 3ds Max 2015 - 3D Tutorials, Animation, Visual Effects, News, articles, free 3D models and architectural visualization tutorials — PROVIZ. PROVIZ team created free 3d models of Sundero full series using all photos and information that we were able to find on ikea webpage. We also textured in original color and prepared preview files in one PDF document so you will be able to use not only free but easy too. Read More PROVIZ team created free 3d models of Angso full series using all photos and information that we were able to find on ikea webpage.

We also textured in original color and prepared preview files in one PDF document so you will be able to use not only free but easy too. Read More. Free or Open Source Autodesk 3ds Max Alternatives. Py/Scripts/Import-Export/3DS MAX Scene Interchange. From BlenderWiki Purpose This script package consists of two components. An exporter extension for 3DS MAX, and an import plugin for Blender. The purpose is to export 3DS MAX scenes to Blender while retaining parameters such as render settings, materials, lights, camera (movements), armature and animation. Meshes are exported using the trusty old .obj format, while, instead of using a .MTL file, a custom file is used for describing all 3DS MAX specific properties. VISCORBEL – Support for 3D Artists. To begin creating beautiful materials, we must first understand how the VRay material works.

Let’s take a closer look at the VRayMtl, VRayFastSSS2, and VRayBlendMtl. These 3 are the main material types that are essential for realistic results, you can achieve almost anything with them. VRay offers even more material types, but those are meant for pretty specific tasks and will not be covered in this guide. Forget about using MAX Standard materials, they will give you slow, noisy and non-realistic results. Unwrapping. 26 Aug 2010 This is the second tutorial of my four part series dealing with character animation. HDR Light Studio 4 and 3ds Max. Opel Astra IV 5-door 3D Model - Squir. SMART Pure Free 3D Model 360 View. 3D Model Opel Astra (2010) - 24229. Blender 2.68 Tutorial - Outlining Text in Fluid. ShortcutMapper - Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular Apps. The Forgemaster - Game Character Masterclass. Antony Ward - Tuts+ Profile. 3ds Max Character Creation - Chapter 1 by Andrew Hickinbottom. Hands The next thing to tackle is the hands.

I make a box with four sections (one for each finger) and one length section to help place the thumb. An eight-sided cylinder forms the finger base. Next, I copy and position the four fingers as instances, so I only need to work on one of them. The thumb is a copy (not an instance), as it will be a different shape to the fingers. Edges are cut into the hand to form knuckles and accommodate the extra edges we will need to attach the fingers and thumb. Fig.08 Legs, Feet and Shoes The finished hands are attached to the arms and the edges are joined. Fig.09 The foot profile is extruded from the leg edges and built up by capping the polygons, and then cutting new edges on the sides.

Next, I spend some time fine-tuning the body with Soft Selection/Point Manipulation until I am happy with the shape of it. Blender 2.6 Tutorial 12 - UV Mapping (Image Textures) Blender Basics - 05 - Shading and Lighting. 3dsmax hotkey preset for Blender. Free Stuff - Viz-People. Concept Design: From Abstraction to Production. Workflows - HDR Light Studio. The Dark Rider ZBrush Concept Tutorial. Thanks go out to Jerad S. Marantz for this ZBrush and Photoshop tutorial. You can see more of his work at Aleksandr Kuskov on Behance. The Collection, Lincoln & Oliver Laric. Shortcut help : how to rotate polygon around edge.

Material examples. Vray HDR High Dynamic Range Tutorial. : HDR Source High Dynamic Range and 3d Panorama Photography. General Application Specific Tutorials: Vray HDR High Dynamic Range Tutorial. : HDR Source High Dynamic Range and 3d Panorama Photography. Blender Tutorial For Beginners: Ice text. The Art of Rafael Grassetti. Free Parasol 3D Model .max. Using Vector Displacement Maps Tutorial. 3ds Max/3ds Max Design 2012 - Iray Renderer. 3ds Max/3ds Max Design 2012 New Feature - Graphite Modeling. 3ds Max - Modeling. Meet The Experts: Freedom from UV's, Ptex Painting in Mudbox 2014. Mudbox 2014 New Features: Advanced Retopology. Using 3ds Max with Mudbox - Part 1. Creature Modeling & Sculpting Techniques with Autodesk® Mudbox® Meet The Experts: Freedom from UV's, Ptex Painting in Mudbox 2014.

T-Rex - Speed Sculpt in Mudbox [+ BF3 - Dino Mode?] TheConceptPainter.


Retopology workflow inside 3ds max using the Graphite Modeling Tools (Polyboost) ZBRUSH. Basics - Introduction to modeling (1/4) - Getting started in MODO. [VFX] Passes_00 - Vray Setup. Render Window vs V-ray Frame Buffer. 3Dean: How To Render Elements Using 3ds Max, Vray and After Effects. Creating Sources of Inspiration with Scott Robertson. Ship rendering from the book BLAST. Photoshop Mech Rendering tutorial. Using 3Ds Max rendered masks to speed up post-production time in Photoshop (or After Effects) Psd-manager 3 - Render Elements.